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Tuesday, 30 September 2008

My comeback

Hiya people, I am back... after a short disappearing stint that I attempted in May, I am back. Do not ask why I went - reasons are insignificant.

But, I must admit that during this time I did miss my blogging activity. So much so that I'm blogging right now, even when my eyes are drooping... and it feels heavenly to be able to get back to business! I was planning to keep my old blog id, but blogger doesn't allow the same one... so this is the new address ::
:) Hope you do visit and yes, I am still the same comment hungry woman.. so "Comment" is what I want.

And now the major part, the one who inspired me to get back... Rayshma .... well... she hasn't got anything personally to do with my blogging.. but reading her blogs made me realise what I missed... so Yo! Rayshma..

Anyways, I have one huge complaint to make... I stopped blogging alright... BUT WHY DID MY BLOGGER FRIENDS STOP TOO?? Yeah people, I snooped on your blogs... just one or two blogs here and there... and I am taking names ::
1. Rachana
2. Tejaswini
3. Nitin and etc. etc.

So you three, be ready... I am already planning a tag to jerk up ur blog lives.

Thus, I end my come back speech... Thanks for... err... reading it patiently.


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