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Friday, 30 October 2009

Look n Laff

I won't blab much here. Just look at the snaps (Courtesy: my Sony Ericsson W580i) and decide whether to laugh or to cry.

Picture number 1

This paati (board, to all you angrezi understanding people) is put up on my building gate.

Nothing great, but I loved the audacious way of saying "Worries not allowed inside". If only things could be as easy as saying that!!!

Picture Number 2

Let this talk for itself.

This was a poster put up near my library. Couldn't help but capture this beauty!

Morya Aluminium, Manufacturing and Reappearing... eh?

Picture Number 3

Now this!!!! was at more. supermarket. So what does this mean? Any Guesses? Guesses should pour in at the comments section please. and my office people who have already seen this pic and have got the explanation from me, are not eligible for the guessing thingy. Let the others answer.

Picture number 4

God save the Flate selesman!

Picture number 5

I won't say where this was. But this is the latest LOL. And don't you people forget to "While Exiting Please Swith Off All Switches"! he he he he he he....

Picture number 6

This snap has been bothering me since it has been put up in the parking place in our office building. Take a good look at it and then look at what I have to say about it.

1. I have heard "Fire exit" and "Emergency Exit" but never "Fire Staircase". If it is really used anywhere, then I do not know about it. *Yeah right! It is used here! DUH!*

2. If it is a FIRE EXIT, then why the hell is the man climbing stairs?? Why would anyone in his right senses run upstairs in case of fire??

3. Look what's written above! TOILET! So when you are looking at it from far away, the "Fire Staircase" is hardly seen due to light angles. *Just like in this snap, the "CASE" part is not seen. So, doesn't it look like This person is running towards the toilet because he's facing an emergency situation???


Monday, 5 October 2009

How do I say?

He was scared. How would he face her? How was he going to say those three words to her? It is going to be difficult, he concluded, kicking the stones while heading back home.

He couldn't think straight. All his concentration was gulped down by the realisation that he would have to look into her eyes and speak the ultimate truth. He was sure she loved him, but how would she react once she heard him out? Will she scream? shout? call him names? or just say...

Siiigh! he was going crazy with questions zooming in and out of his brain. He tried to think of something else... someone else... Yet again, he was haunted by her face. Her beautiful, luminous face that would contort with anger and resentment. 'No!, he thought forcefully, things won't be that bad.'

Then again, he considered hiding it from her for a few more days. A few more days to gather courage. A few more days to prevent the outbursts from her, if any. Why not see her smiling for just a few more days? Why not?

'NO!' his brain screamed... 'No, delaying this will not help... and what if she comes to know from someone else? that would be worse' he chided himself for having thought of this option. Now he had reached his frustration point. 'Shit! shit! shit!' he kicked the gravel off his path. There was nothing he could do now... his insides felt like he'd swallowed shards of glass.

He remembered his mom's words "You have to face fear to get over it" Now was the time to try it out. He would tell her... no matter what... he was as determined as a dutiful soldier. He'd now made the resolution. By now, he'd almost reached home. He saw her, standing by the rose bed in the garden. He marched up to her, forcing all the thoughts out of his mind. She looked at him and smiled... that soul stirring smile. He couldn't. He just stretched his hands and thrust the papers in her hand.

He took a deep breath and said 'Mom, I flunked!'


P.S. Plz no chappals!

Thursday, 1 October 2009

Reality... Really?

I gagged on my milk a few days back when I saw apni Rakhi sans make up, with mushroom for a hairstyle, all bloated and shapeless(not that she had any earlier, but still), clutching her stomach as though she was suffering from stomach ringworms. And, she was excitedly calling her 'baby' Elesh, to feel the baby moving inside her. I was like !!!!!!!!!! So fast?? Just 2 months back, (or is it 4?) she was engaged to Elesh, or rather committed to engage to marry later (with its ifs and buts) to Elesh... and pregnant already??!! This was exactly why I gagged... I was thinking it takes 9 months... my knowledge is definitely outdated, I surmised.

Eventually, I came to know it was a wonder caused by "empathy belly". Whatever! Seems that the mothers-to-be-or-not-to-be were not really sporting, and complained of claustrophobia, back aches and many other "inconveniences" of "carrying". From the snippets that I was watching, Shilpa (of Ganga fame, KSBKBT), simply passed on the pregnancto her husband, Apurva(back ache, was it?) If only life was that easy, I thought! Siggh!!

The next episode floored me! Totally! Ladies were now unpregnant (I cannot say they had undergone successful delivery, can i?) and were trying to handle the real babies (in flesh and blood), literally. Babies were clueless and so were the psuedo-parents. The scene was hardly entertaining. It was down right cruel! I do empathize with the pseudo-parents for not having the know-how of being around a baby. I mean, how would anyone without being a parent?

Agreed, kids cry... but, it was a torture to see the babies cry their lungs out. Were they crying out of hunger? of not finding familiar faces of their parents? or what? Whatever it was, it was a gruesome scene. I was more awestruck by the fact that the kids' parents had willfully handed over their kids to be toyed around with. Of course, parents' dutiful tears followed when the human toys had exhausted themselves.

Ever wondered how, in the name of entertainment, there is an exploitation of humanity? of basic sense? of culture? and society in general? Let me not get into a debate by adding stuff like tradition and culture. For, it has been evolving since ages and it sounds too hypocritical and one sided to launch a parole on that. Moreover, defending what is right or wrong seems to have taken a back seat in today's world, where entertainment solely rules the roost.

An influx of desi version of reality shows like Big Brother, The Moment Of Truth, Fear Factor and even Baby Borrowers, have unceremoniously pulled the throne from underneath our reigning "K" queen. Who wants to waste their time watching the glycerine flow when odds are against labelling a virtual stranger on screen a serial liar on Sach ka Saamna?

Coming back to the episode that I watched the other day.... I had tears in my eyes seeing the children suffer. They are too delicate to be manhandled in such a way. Maybe it was unintentional... but why do they have to suffer? These kids were not more than, I guess, 6-7 months old. Aren't they wholly, solely and totally dependent on their parents for every big/ small needs?

Thankfully, there have been complaints regarding this show and the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights have (supposedly) issued notice to the channel to discontinue airing it. The channel however clears its stand saying that PPaW is a foolproof show, where they have ensured that children are in "good hands" and "taken good care of". The channel's claim, whether genuine or not, is still hard to believe. I personally, did not like this concept of manhandling the babies, even if it is for four days. I find these shows ridiculously absurd and unfitting to Indian minds and mentalities.

And, if you are wondering, why inspite of all these arguments I was watching it... I was plain curious, like everyone is.


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