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Friday, 6 May 2011

Day 20 : You Freak Me

Some people just freak me. I don't have to know them or even talk to them. I can be at a safe distance and yet feel their creepiness injecting into me. Don't why or even how; I feel very repelled by these people and no matter what they do, I can never feel comfortable around them.

Its not the way they look or dress or talk or behave, its just there - that creepiness. The moment I set my eyes on them I am like 'ewww!' Call it my intuition or whatever; I have never been wrong about feeling that way. When I finally get to talk to them or know them better, I find out that they are disgusting. They are not disturbing in the same manner, they differ. They can be extra haughty, perverts, over bearing, intrusive, criminal minded, cranky, whatever. The moment I look at such people, I have this uneasy feeling in me which tells me to stay far, far away from them.

1. There was this new joinee in the office. Let's call him Mr. W. While we waited in the parking for the office to open, Mr. W was walking towards us. I don't know if it was the way he walked or the look on his face; I immediately felt repelled by him and had no intentions of being introduced to him. Though that was tough to happen, considering we were supposed to be working in the same office.

Days passed and he used to try to 'fit in' the crowd. He'd call me from his desk during coffee time etc. That was pretty normal for anyone to ask during break times, but still he'd freak me completely. I avoided him as much as possible. Eventually he realized I was not even being social towards him and he slowly stopped interacting with me. Only after some female employees had a bad experience with him, did they know he was not to be entertained.

My initial feelings towards him were not wrong and it saved me from having any incidence with that fella.

2. As soon as I came here, I met many people that I was supposed to meet. There was this one female among them. Let's call her Ms. Y. When I met her at a get together, Ms. Y was all chirpy, laughy and loud. One would probably like her. I didn't. I have no clue why. I just did not want to stay in the same room as she. I got introduced and I could see it all over her face. Fake smile, fake talk, fake everything.

I never wanted to see her again. However, sometimes, people do have to meet once in a while and it so happened, we did. And this time there was no fake-ness. There was utter ignorance as if I wasn't anywhere in the periphery of her vision. This happens nonetheless, when she is invited to our house for dinner (with other friends). Of course, no points for guessing there was no reciprocal gestures either.

Oh, maybe she didn't like me either, like I didn't in the first place. Fair enough. I overlooked that, thinking I must be over reacting. But for the third time, when she looked through KK even and did not even try to make an eye contact while sitting right across us at a table, that was it She was supposedly his friend and I see no reason why there should be such animosity when there has been no provocation for it.

Since that day, I have made it clear to KK. I do not want that female any where near me and certainly not in my house if she cannot even acknowledge the host.

3. There is this another guy that makes me feel uncomfortable. Let's call him Mr. E. Though he hasn't done anything yet to prove me right, I get this uneasy feeling around him. He looks total tharrqi, and he scares me too. I am gonna avoid him as much as I can.

I don't know if I am the only such blessed with this divya shakti or is it the famous women's intuition that has started showing up way too frequently than before. I can't explain it well to anyone. There are these negative feelings that just do not go away as much as I try to think otherwise. And till date, people towards whom I have felt negative to this extent have always been in my bad books.

I am forever gonna listen to that inner voice of mine even though others might think I am a bit jumpy. I have always believed in being safe than sorry.


  1. i like the backset of the blog and the way its placed. gives me a feeling of "lost in thoughts" :)

    notsure every girl has these intuitions or else there wud be less crime around! bless ur intutions and bless u :)

  2. hey, me too...I get these vibes that tell me to stay clear of certain people..

  3. I get these ALL the time n sometimes at a bunch of ppl simultaneously. I avoid and ignore n ignore while I can. Only to realize in the little interaction we have later how shallow n fake they are. And then the ones around me tell me I have communication probs cz I dont talk to them. Hell, I tell them to keep their opinions abt me with themselves n let me live my life as I want it, filled with ppl I like. I can't help it if I am repelled abt someone.

  4. Thnx Sawan! I like the template too!I guess some women's gut feelings are louder than that of others. I am truly blessed to be like this.

    Uma: Then you know exactly what I have said in the post. It is very difficult for me to interpret these feelings to my husband. He finds everyone equal. :)

    Namratha: Bang on, girl!


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