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Saturday, 27 December 2008

Tagged by Ji.

I had actually made a rule for myself, "a tag a month". And this is the second one in this month. I just realised that I have created a monster in Jinu by introducing her the ways of torture through TAGs. hehhehee.... Nevertheless, I'm all for tags and considering that this chubby lill' girl is an adorable friend, I shall relent this time. :)

1. The love potion you made tastes terrible. How will you drink it?
A. Pinch my nose, take a deep breathe and tilt the goblet into the sink!

2. You can punch a hole in an apple using a straw. How do you think that makes your milkshake feel?
A. All shake-n-up!

3. You've been entered in a shadow puppet contest. What's your best pose?
A. Behind the curtains.

4. Do you believe that forks are evolved from spoons?
A. Yes! Darwin proved so. The nitrogen combined with hydrochloric acid in the air mixed up with phosphorous and minerals in water eroded the spoon and it became the fork.

5. Your people want to make a statue in your honor. What will it be made out of and what victory will it commemorate?
A. It will be made of sugar, spice and everything nice. And it will commemorate my ability to accept tags and do them. heheheee

6. In the dream where you show up to school naked, why do you never go swimming?
A. B'coz I would drown, as simple as that.

7. The children are waiting! Please tell them the story about the bald frog with the wig:
A. OUAT, there was a bald frog who wore a wig so that he looks handsome. And suddenly, he saw a bald frogini across the road who also wore a wig to look beautiful. In feverish excitement he started hopping towards her, when a huge truck came and ironed it flat against the road. Frog died, frogini cried. Inky Pinky Ponky!

8. You have to dig a hole to China. Where do you start?
A. with buying a monstrously huge AXE!

I pass on this tag to Rachana, Shaili, Rayshma, Tejaswini and Nitin .

Rach - exams soon over and you fit the crazy eligibilty for this tag. Hence the tag.
Shaili - tagging her for the first time. Hence the tag.
Rayshma - gathered courage to tag my gurini. Hence the tag.
Tejaswini - is in a major galat phaimi that she's been granted the immunity to do all the tags in the world. Forgotten that I am back to blogging, eh? Hence the tag.
Nitin - hasn't yet done my earlier tag. But promised me he will. so you might do even this one. Hence the tag.


  1. Woohooo! You win the first prize for getting the tag on Day 1!!! Your gift of Eclairs will be delivered to you shortly. ;-)

    And very well done on the tag girl! :D

  2. Sorry about that babe... Anyway... I'll pay the royalty don't worry... As soon as I find a suitable tag for you (Evil frog laugh... hihahahahahahahahawhaw cough cough ahem)

  3. @ Ajan,
    Cute isn't exactly the way I would describe my post... but yea, cute in a way. U must be soooo glad I didn't take your name for the tag no?

    @ Jinu,
    I'll wait near the door for the delivery man. :D

    @ Tj,
    WOW!! I'm being paid!! hehehe whatte gr8 day for me!

  4. hahahaa... will do. pucca! and i like ur one tag a month rule.. i think i shall adopt it. am on chutti right now.. will do the tag soon as i'm back! :)

  5. thy wish has been granted Purnima. Sorry, m extremely busy aaj-kal, hardly get a minute to myself, so hvnt been able to do justice to the blog world.

  6. @ Rayshma,
    1. I deleted your comment on my earlier post. :) see whatte good girl I am? do you see the Halo? huh? huh?
    2. You are a dear! Enjoy your Holiday.

    @ Shaili,
    my tags remain undone for months on the end... so chill. and u have already done it, innit??

  7. @ TE,

    you actually rated my tag?? hehehe..
    I is against no way am I gonna flick your post! Say good-bye to your Rs 1000, already. I flick resolutions.. too lazy to make up my own, u see!

  8. Oh! Thats pretty bad!

    How about Rs.500?

  9. wow rey! layout looks yummmmmmyyyyy...terrific..chocolaty type

  10. @ TE,
    Wha??!!! No! Nothin doin..year over Resolutions bhi over!

    @ Ajan,
    It reminded me of a tree bark more than chocolate. you got some cool templte too, with wordpress n all!

  11. oh damn! hadn't realized u don't have comment moderation! HAHAHAHAH!!!

    thenks medem for deleeting commaynt. :D


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