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Sunday, 17 July 2011

What's new? Here's what!!!!

I am back! Not just to the blogging world but I am back home!!! :) :) :) It feels incredible! Excruciatingly incredible! I just cannot stop smiling.

Well, there's another reason why I cannot stop smiling. A bigger reason. And the biggest reason behind me coming back home is, soon

in January. :D

So me is a mixed bag of all emotions right now. Elation, nervousness, scared, jumpy.... every imaginable emotions I have gone through since we found out that a new chapter in our life is gonna unfold. Am I prepared? Am I well equipped to handle everything that comes along with it? Don't know! But sure as hell we are over the moon, not to mention the ever waiting set of grandparents!!!

FYI, a few weeks in the first trimester, made us go through hell. Like many others, I had my bouts of nausea, weepiness, crankiness, vomiting etc. KK became my godmother during that entire period. It was certainly a bigger hell for him, having to balance me with my bizzare hormones , the entire household - complete with cooking, cleaning, laundry and his ever demanding work. I am not sure what he ate or didn't during that time. I was so selfishly self involved!

I love him for being so patient, caring and most of all understanding my situation, even though it was first time for him to handle a major, inexplicable situation. One moment I was laughy, next I was screaming and in a while I had tear soaked cheeks. Every time I was met with hugs and "don't worry, everything's gonna be fine". And eventually everything is fine.

Currently, it is lambi judaai for both of us. He will be coming back to India in December. I am not very happy with the prospect of staying away from him for such a long period of time, but I had to give in to the demands of the situation. :( Still 20 weeks for KK to come here!

Yenniway, the highlights up to date.

We got to hear our baby's heartbeat during my last checkup in America! There are 160 doog doog doog heart beats per minute. It is healthy and normal. Whew!

And, during the first checkup here, I had an ultrasound and me and KK got first glimpse of our little one. Kk Jr. is 8 cms long :D!!!  Kk Jr. was actively somersaulting and tumbling merry. I had tears in my eyes. We also saw a tiny part on the left go dhak dhak dhak. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! I can still hardly believe all this is true. Small arms and legs, not very distinct, were still moving ... and aaaaahhh!! I cannot explain my feelings further!

For now, I am at my in laws place, enjoying all the attention and lovely food prepared by my incredibly sweet MIL. (Now, I know where KK gets all his kindness from... its genetic). I will be going to Pune (YAY!!) in October to eat all mom made food!

Indeed! Pregnancy is the time to get pampered and loved and send orders in every direction. No one says anything. hehehehe...

Please flood the comment section and make this preggy gal happy! I like congratulatory messages and take care advices too! :)

P.S. Dare anyone calls me "pregnant woman", I prefer (and demand) "preggy gal".

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  1. Hi PP.. (Preggy Purni) ... Heartiest Congratulations!!!!! darling.. this was a wonderful news that you gave :) truly a new feeling..! Girl .. miss our chats and skyping man.. wish we could continue with you there..would have loved to see you.. :)

  2. OMG OMG OMG!!!! congratulationsssssssss!!!! wasnt it just yesterday that you got married!! hehehehe muaaaaaaaaaaahhh lots and lots of love! :)


    welcome to the mommy club...
    hope the days of nausea is all over now and you are enjoying this time. DO savour the pre-baby never know when u'll get time for yourself yet again later...:-)
    take loads of care..and say hi to little KK jr..

  4. Hey, Congrats !!!!
    Take care and post your experiences as they happen :)
    Its Awesome news!!

  5. Congratulations!!! You know whatever you read, nothing really prepares you for parenthood. You just have to learn to deal with it yourself. In the meanwhile enjoy all the spoiling by hubby, MIL and parents and do keep blogging

  6. Shrads: :) Love sharing every bit of this new world with you! :)

    Jinu: What "seems" like yesterday was 1.4 months ago! and I know, it does feel like yesterday! time flies! :)

    Uma: Thank you so so much for your enthusiastic comment! :) Jr. sends his/ her love to my blog readers too! ;)

    Aparna: Thanks, Aparna! I now have topics to write. Just hope I will pen them down. :)

    Meera: I think Jr. will give me my tutions in parenthood; I am not worried... :P And I am being pampered like a baby... loving every bit of all the extra attention, love and care! :)

  7. Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!
    Simply fabulous news. Take care girl. And enjoy a lot! Congratulations indeed :D

  8. congratulations!! preggy gal :) all the best for the coming weeks. all will indeed be fine!

  9. Raam Pyari: thankee!! i am indeed very happy and all geared up for the coming weeks!

  10. Oh, I jusht saw this post.. I got to know frm nivi the other day n sent congos thru her unaware that you had already shared the news :)

    Anyway, CONGRATULATIONSSS... and have a wonderful pregnancy n a painless delivery (yeah I know its a long way but anyway...) Keep us all posted :) Take care.

  11. congratulations:)Purnima.. Came across your blog and commenting for the first time.Enjoy all the attention and give birth to a healthy baby!

  12. Preggy girl!!..i have been waiting for your posts...
    since you have not complied, I have tagged you...

    Now you have to write...

  13. wow, great news...congrats Purnima

  14. Hey Namratha! Thanks a lot, girl! haven't been able to talk to my own vanni. I come to know abt her thru my amma!!! since she has her hands-ful :) I can imagine what she must be gng thru!

    Sagarika: Welcome here! and thanks a lot for your wishes! (u don't know how happy this preggy gal is when new new people come and comment!) Keep coming back and commenting....

    Uma: Thanks a lot. I was at my aunt's place for some days and hence could not pay attention to blogsville. will do the tag soon. Muaaah for such a wonderful tag!

    Thank you, Varsha! Hope you are doing well! Haven't read your blog for quite some time now!

  15. Hi
    We dun know each other but i just came accidently
    Onto ur blog and started reading it!
    I just cudnt hekp but wishing you all the best
    And welcome to the mommy club!
    Take care!

  16. That's awesome news Purnima! I am so happy for you. Yes this is the time for getting pampered. Enjoy being lazy because once the baby arrives you will not have much time to spare. All the best to you and your family. Hugs.

  17. Sirisha: What a nice name you got!!! Welcome here and thanks for the wishes! :)

    Aparna: I knowwww! Isn't it a wonderrrrful news?! I am having a time of my life now that all my evening sickness is behind me! :)

  18. Congratulations. I am due in December. We are just a few weeks apart. Dont worry I was also not showing till a few weeks ago but then sudddenly one day the belly popped out. Or maybe, since I was on bed rest and dressed in huge T shirts of the Husband I never noticed. Now, when I have to walk and fit into my old work clothes- I feel huge. But is fun :)

  19. This is awesome news! Congratulations girl! :)

  20. Thanks Minal, for the wishes and the reassurance. :) nd all the best to u too!

    Tamanna: Thanks gal!!! :)

  21. Hey Purnima... just read abt ur wonderful news! Congratulations! :)

  22. Thanks Nandita! :) Hws u and Praveen doing?


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