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Friday, 27 May 2011

Times when he was


Scene 1 : Watching "America's Next Top Model"

She : oooooh! Look at that shade of her purple evening gown!! I would die for that color.... oooooh!!!

He : (puppy face) Don't die, please? I will buy you something in that exact shade of purple.

Scene 2 : Bedtime - me checking emails in the hall; he ready to hit the sack. 

He : Are you planning to leave me?

She : (realizes what got his eye and rolls her eyes)

He : Are you leaving me? Why are you reading this book called "Dump'em - Ways to dump everyone from your hairdresser to your boyfriend"?

She : I am not dumping you. I found it funny. I got it.

He : No more library trips for you! It gives you ideas.



Scene 1 : Morning - She making dosa. He ready for office, munching dosa with chutney (which is almost over)

She : You finished the chutney in the bowl? I had poured it for the both of us.

He : (stops eating. makes a face) You should tell me beforehand no? I wouldn't have finished it all.

She : That's ok. Now don't make saddy faces. Else, I'll make you grind chutney for me right now.

He : I know. That's why I made the face!

Scene 2 : Watching the Tanishq ad featuring Big B gifting Diamond necklace to Jaya Bachchan.

She : oooooh! Look he's gifting his wife a diamond necklace.

He : (no answer)

She : I said "he is gifting his wife a diamond necklace."

He : (no answer)

She : (decides there is no point in trying discretion) When are you gonna gift me a nice diamond necklace, just like that?

He : (without skipping a beat) When we become as old as them, just like that!



She : Why did you marry me?

He : Because you were nice.

She : No, real reason. What made you marry me? Kya dekha mujhme?

He : Because you were good to talk to.

She : No. No re baba. Like real real reason. Why? Now tell me.

He : I just took a chance and asked you, phir tu toh piche hi pad gayi.


  1. Cute!..wish you many such moments..:-)

  2. GREAT!!! Enjoyed it. Some of them ( particularly the chutney one) seems to be straight out of my life...!!

  3. Especially liked the last one- Phir tu picche hi pad gayi:)

  4. loved it.. :) totally loved it !! :)

  5. where are you ma'm...missing from the scene for soo long...all ok?

  6. yes Uma! everything ok. :) Thank you so much for asking. will blog the reason abt absence soon! :) gimme 10- 15 more days (read: India trip)

  7. in India..thts gr8!!!...have a blast! blore on the cards??

  8. hey.. jus bumped into this one... this is cute! hehe :)


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