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Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Sibling Power

I have an elder brother. And my elder brother has a younger sister, which is; intelligently; me. :) Rather, we both have each other.

We've shared maggie, tv channels, pens, Archies and many other uncountable things, not without getting into a fight for each one of them. He teased me and I have pulled his hair. He laughed at my first crush and I created a scene for being hurt at his comments. And yet, we have equally covered up each others' mistakes for the fear of being found out by parents. This, I'm sure, is the scene everywhere.
Siblings have their own territory that they allow absolutely no one to trespass. Their bond goes much beyond inane teasing, pillow fighting and crying. They are rightfully yours forever... no matter who comes in your life, or theirs...after-all blood is thicker than water. Certain feelings like fears, excitement, anxiety can be confided in only to them without the fear of being ridiculed at. They are your god-gifted pillars of support at times when you are most distressed. Even if the whole world labels you as a shrink, s/he will be the one who'll prep up your mood. A small reassurance from them makes you feel so secure, so safe. Sometimes they are the only reason why you want to live.

I don't say that everything about your other half should be lovable. You hate them for some reasons too. (In fact you should.) All this is included in the package. It is about accepting, adopting and adapting to their ways and outlook, while making them accept, adopt and adapt to yours. A constant inspiration, stress-buster, emotional trampoline, call them whatever pleases you. Sibling relation calls for sharing, compromising, adjusting, accepting defeat, letting off your pride; plastered along with jealousy, competitiveness and bitter feelings at times. Yet it is one connection that you don't want to give up at any cost. The entire equation between a blood related brothers and/or sisters is totally different from what one shares with cousins. It is completely the "we" thing and it is severely defended by them.

This is what sometimes I feel, single kids miss. I see 2 groups around me - the one who have them and the other who lack them. Where on one hand people can go on and on about a gruesome fist fights they've had with their bro/ sis and laugh it all off, the other can just be indifferent towards all this and ask "what's such a big deal about bickering with your brother and crying... isn't it a mess?" Well, sorry to contradict you, but it is a big deal. Breaking a chocolate bar into 2 which you absolutely adore, is a big deal. Saying a timid sorry after a volcanic breakout is a big deal. Staying up half the night, planning the whole diwali vacation, is a big deal.
My life would be so incomplete without my brother... without his insults, stupid jokes that he cracks at midnight, boring extravagant travel tales that he tells me. It would be so incomplete for him too... without me to turn his arm black n blue, without me to laugh at his silly remarks, without me to pick out the right coloured shirt!! So this is kinda testimonial for him and all the brothers-sisters in this world.

Vinanna, I laav you! :D What gift you getting me for my budday?


Reproducing one of the insultingly howlarious emails he sent to me (w/o asking his permission, of course), which, obviously, he must have conveniently forgotten by now.


Blah blah blah,....... blah blah.... blah!

You are truly a gifted child... Parents, anyways wouldn't have paid for you!

Blah blah......




Thursday, 13 November 2008

I have emerged VICTORIOUS...

in the battle between me and Dish TV. They relented at my outburst, which happened over the telephone, directly at their Noida offices. :) All at the cost of my blood pressure which rose with every passing second.

I WON! Talk about the sweet smell of victory.

P.S. I'm sure this joy is really short - lived.

Monday, 3 November 2008

Thoda aur wish karo, Dish khareed ke roz roz maro!

I'm at my wit's end with this whole Dish TV ruckus!!!! It's been a hell of a problem since the day we got it installed. Apparently, to save ourselves from the greedy dogs, infamously known as cable agents, we'd decided to act really smart and install Dish TV. And this was during the days when Tata Sky, Airtel, Reliance etc. biggies were no where in sight. We didn't buy a service... we just bought ourselves a punishment, a very costly punishment.

Yes, I am ranting and this is seemingly, visibly a fire spitting, angry, post. so you may stop reading right here, if you choose to.

I won't get into details but their payment mode positively sucks!!! Having paid the annual subscription, they have the guts to cut off my connection saying it was due in October. No, it wasn't. I made the annual payment in MAY and it should work till MAY 2009, unless their year ends in 4 months flat!!!! Yes, I have tried keeping my cool by first trying to call them at their ever busy customer care. Never connects... unless they expect me to sit by the telephone 24*7 just to insert my complaint into their permenantly zapped zombies' brains. Then I also sent an email to the CC along with a polite reminder that in case no action is taken, I shall seek help from Consumer Forum. Yes, I received an apology, alright... saying they would "do the needful". Now, it has been 10 days of not receiving a ny communication from them, about what they'll do about it. And the obvious fact that needn't be mentioned here is that "There is no signal from Dish". Blood suckers!!

Seriously, these guys are challenging every management institute in this world who claim that "Customers are kings". In their case it is just the reverse. No, not "Kings are customers"...!!!

The TV still has the cable connection YET when I have paid Rs. 3240, I WANT THE SERVICE AT ANY COST! I have a very good reason to fume...this is not the 1st or the 2nd time I'm encountering problem with DISH TV. Damn! It is the 4th time!!!

Nevr mind which Bollywood star comes to your house selling you this piece of crap, DO NOT BUY IT! You might as well set afloat your money in the nearby river. I am sooo angry!

I have decided. If I do not get any reply and action from these guys, I am going to the Consumer Forum. Before that I would love to send them another mail. People please help me out with some nasty insults that u can think for Dish. Perhaps I should scream and send the audio across too, so that they know the amount of frustration that's built up in me.

This post cooled me down a bit. Thankfully. Will update on my updates.

P.S. No keyboard was made to bear the brunt of my anger by pounding into it. Though the temptation was too difficult to resist.

P.P.S. To those who have read this entire thing; You have a hell lot of patience!!!


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