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Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Sibling Power

I have an elder brother. And my elder brother has a younger sister, which is; intelligently; me. :) Rather, we both have each other.

We've shared maggie, tv channels, pens, Archies and many other uncountable things, not without getting into a fight for each one of them. He teased me and I have pulled his hair. He laughed at my first crush and I created a scene for being hurt at his comments. And yet, we have equally covered up each others' mistakes for the fear of being found out by parents. This, I'm sure, is the scene everywhere.
Siblings have their own territory that they allow absolutely no one to trespass. Their bond goes much beyond inane teasing, pillow fighting and crying. They are rightfully yours forever... no matter who comes in your life, or theirs...after-all blood is thicker than water. Certain feelings like fears, excitement, anxiety can be confided in only to them without the fear of being ridiculed at. They are your god-gifted pillars of support at times when you are most distressed. Even if the whole world labels you as a shrink, s/he will be the one who'll prep up your mood. A small reassurance from them makes you feel so secure, so safe. Sometimes they are the only reason why you want to live.

I don't say that everything about your other half should be lovable. You hate them for some reasons too. (In fact you should.) All this is included in the package. It is about accepting, adopting and adapting to their ways and outlook, while making them accept, adopt and adapt to yours. A constant inspiration, stress-buster, emotional trampoline, call them whatever pleases you. Sibling relation calls for sharing, compromising, adjusting, accepting defeat, letting off your pride; plastered along with jealousy, competitiveness and bitter feelings at times. Yet it is one connection that you don't want to give up at any cost. The entire equation between a blood related brothers and/or sisters is totally different from what one shares with cousins. It is completely the "we" thing and it is severely defended by them.

This is what sometimes I feel, single kids miss. I see 2 groups around me - the one who have them and the other who lack them. Where on one hand people can go on and on about a gruesome fist fights they've had with their bro/ sis and laugh it all off, the other can just be indifferent towards all this and ask "what's such a big deal about bickering with your brother and crying... isn't it a mess?" Well, sorry to contradict you, but it is a big deal. Breaking a chocolate bar into 2 which you absolutely adore, is a big deal. Saying a timid sorry after a volcanic breakout is a big deal. Staying up half the night, planning the whole diwali vacation, is a big deal.
My life would be so incomplete without my brother... without his insults, stupid jokes that he cracks at midnight, boring extravagant travel tales that he tells me. It would be so incomplete for him too... without me to turn his arm black n blue, without me to laugh at his silly remarks, without me to pick out the right coloured shirt!! So this is kinda testimonial for him and all the brothers-sisters in this world.

Vinanna, I laav you! :D What gift you getting me for my budday?


Reproducing one of the insultingly howlarious emails he sent to me (w/o asking his permission, of course), which, obviously, he must have conveniently forgotten by now.


Blah blah blah,....... blah blah.... blah!

You are truly a gifted child... Parents, anyways wouldn't have paid for you!

Blah blah......





  1. hey! liked the post! its like there shall never ever be anyone else in the world more special than my sister for me :) inspite of the enormous fights we had, there is a kind of "shall always be there" kinda feeling!

  2. i have an elder bro too.. and i LOOOVVVEEE this post! :D
    psst: hope my bro never gets here. he'll start calling me gifted as well! :D

  3. kewl post... I have a bro... But there was a phase when I thought that it would've been better if I had a sister..(coz she would've helped me get some GF's....hehehe teenage rey...c'mon) but now, i feel its real awsome since I have a bro...

  4. awww... i so agree...
    but they can b a pin in the a** at times, hehe
    and they understand everything ur parents don't!
    they r friends God himself chooses 4 us!

  5. Apparently, there is another set of groups which have a bro/sis and cant live with them. In my case, my sister left abroad to study when I was in 5th std. Of course, I do still love her, but obviously there is a difference.

    Anyways, Lovely blog! :-)

  6. @ Mukta,
    Very true.

    @ Rayshma,
    He he hope so too. And my budday is round the corner... In feb. ;-) i believe in reminding him throughout the year.

    @ Shaili,
    Oh well... But my life w/o my brother is unimaginable. Its more pleasure than pain for me.

    @ Ajan,
    LOL! So selfish of you to wish for a sister. Anyways let me enlighten you that it would do you no good if you had a sister like me. I kept all my good looking gal friends at a safe distance. He he he.

  7. @ Ram,
    Agreed! My cousins too have such differences between then that we can't help wondering if the are even distantly related. Also there are exceptions that can't stand each other and can rip their necks apart. I choose not to write abt them though.
    Thanx for liking my blog. Keep visiting. :-)

  8. heya.... wonderful post! :)

    i see, u have really taken the pains and made your blog into quite a pretty little page, it does scream YOU!!!... hehehhee

    and really really really SORRY for not being in touch or replying to sms and all, bad health and studies have left me a li'l less sane! Hope to be mad again by Jan! ;)

    So long then, take care and keep rocking \m/

  9. @ Rach,

    you finally made an appearance!! Get back to normal... umm abnormal?... I'm currently deprived of any stupidity, so make a come back soon! :)

  10. hey there! i hv jus tagged ya… u might wanna check this out…

  11. Aww...such a lovely touching post. I have younger sis :) I loved reading your posts & have will be in touch with your posts here:


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