Candid, not Candied

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Friendship is...

...when a friend will let her cell ring and not pick it up because she knows her dialer tone is your current favorite song.

... when 2 minute phone call stretches upto 20 mins because neither has the time to "meet".

... looking at each other, knowing what the other is thinking and laughing endlessly.

... pin pointing feelings through Gtalk n Ym.

... saying it's ok to feel bad once in a while.

... over-boiled maggie, undercooked veggies and futile talks over "suicide"

... when 2 people are in a mess and the third one sorts it out. just like that. and forces you to see the "bigger picture"

... fibbing about the movie timing because you don't want to miss the trailers.

... forcing friends to follow, read and comment on your blog.

... writing notes for each other on a hotel tissue paper and laminating it.

... feeling good and bad at the same time when a friend has a good news.

... receiving mail from a friend saying you were in her dreams yesterday.

... getting your leg pulled and laughing over it for years.

... trusting each other without batting an eyelid.

... feeling guilty for having felt betrayed, which obviously wasn't the case.

... not sleeping at sleepovers, spiced up with warnings from mother dearest.

... reminding for the n th time that the blog needs to be updated.

... forwarding pathetic Pjs over SMS even if it costs a fortune.

... fighting endlessly wherever and whenever you meet and still expect them to gift you for your wedding.

... chatting through Gtalk even when she sits in a cubicle next to you.

... writing one liner morbid testimonials on Orkut.

... flouting rules and turning innocent when caught.

... bitching about a person that you have never met... and will never meet.

... trying to keep up the conversation with "what else?" and "aur??" and knowing exactly what they mean.

... crank calling and SMS -ing and telling the tale to anyone who'll listen.

... grimacing when friends sing songs of glory about their addiction... lecturing... pestering... complaining... but still hanging out with them.

... fraandsheip! what else?!

To all my friends, a lot we have shared together and a lot is yet to be shared. Thanks for bearing me with all my eccentricities, mood swings, laughter and fights. I treasure every moment of our friendship.

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Current Status

Since past many days I have not been able to

- write a new blogpost
- comment on my favorite blogs... even though i did read them.
- think properly
- give time to myself
- talk to my friends
- change my faulty SIM
- think seriously about switching from vodafone to idea
- express myself openly
- voice my opinion against "people" i hate vehemently
- find answers to pricking questions.

Everything is fine.... except my physical health and my mood!


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