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Thursday, 8 January 2009

Never Meant to be Practical!

Mithun's latest post gave my memory a kick and Voila! I have a post ready.

When I say "practical", I mean my school and college practicals, that I have consistently screwed up, mostly to my benefit.

Archimedes Principal : Class V, Practical exam (finals). *Please go to the site, not to read but to see Archimedes where he'd had this lightbulb-in-the-brain moment. He gives complex to SRK.*

I measured the volume of the cube and then suspended it into the water. Naturally, the water was displaced and I collected it into the beaker. Since "the volume of the immersed object will be exactly equal to the volume of the displaced fluid", it should have been equal. But this was MY experiment and the water displaced was more than the cube's volume. APPLAUSE!

For the fear of flunking my practs, I was pouring the water back into the vessel when the teacher came and stood near me to test my exp. To cut the long story short, she measured the cube *my calculations were correct* and she measured the water in the beaker *after I had managed to pour back a little bit of it in order to redo*, that surprisingly, equalled the volume as the cube. She said "good, very good" and till date I'm speechless.

Reflection of light experiment : Class VII

It was definitely a task to look into the mirror to and place pins in such a way that when you look at it from an angle, it looks like one single straight line.

I was *and am continually so* terribly lazy that I marked both the sides by taking proper angles on the protractor and drew a faint line. Later pinned the pins onto the line, not without forgetting to rub my drawn line and not without making stray pin marks here and there to make believe the teacher my efforts. *Mukta, go do chugli =))*

I thought 10th class was the end of all practicals. I thought wrong. They followed me till the end of my college.

Business Communication Viva :, Finals

My dad had gifted me my first ever cell in S.Y B.Com and I was proud to show it off. Mine was the only colour phone among friends. My pride didn't stop me from taking cell with me during the viva.

It was finally my turn for the oral and my cell sang just when I was about to sit! And I faced the music from the prof. "Don't you know you are not allowed to take cell phones with you during practical exams??" That shook my every bit of confidence that I'd had in me for the orals. Though it was soon restored. Prof asked me " what are the modern forms of communications? Give me examples"

Costing, Taxation & Law Practice : S.Y.B.Com, Finals

Bhonde Sir, the one who was considered the terror of B.M.C.C. and whose name alone made one tour the universe in 5 seconds flat, was my professor and also my viva internal prof. The first question he asked me was "Why did you take CTLP for specialization? Why not Busi. Admin.?
Me : *already so nervous that my body was even scared to tremble* Huh??!
Sir : What huh? Why did you take CTLP?
Me : uhhh... *not sure if he wanted an honest one, or the one that would please him* Sir, frankly because I did not want to do an entire theory subject...
(I blurted my honesty out and was quick to pray that I would not have offended him by not buttering him like others did)
Bhonde sir : *smiled and turned towards external prof* She's one of my regular students and very sincere.
.... and he let me off, not a single question about CTLP and I got 19/20 for that viva.

and there are 2-3 more where I misunderstood the profs' questions and provided goofy answers much to the examiners' surprise and amusement. But I stop here, fingers aching.


  1. :) made me remember my school / college days!

  2. nice post...though am hurt! when have i ever gone and done any "chugli'??? not that there were not umpteen opportunities :D :D but am an expert at resisting temptations!

  3. LOLOLOLOL and i thought i was the only 'practical' one! :)

  4. hahaha! the bhonde episode sounds amazingly familiar! heheheh.. he loved us who attended his classes man!

    and no it doesnt scare me when you say you love me. hehehe :)

  5. @ Dewdrop,
    :) m glad, I did!

    @ Mukta,
    why are you hurt, muli??! I know you never did any chugli. That's exactly why this time I'm asking you to do it. :D

    @ Shaili,
    So you realised that you aren't the only one. :)

    @ Jinu,
    Bhonde, my favorite prof, girl, and u'kno why, isn't it? Yes he loved us for attending his classes and doing his homework. LOL!

  6. hahaa...
    i've heard SO much abt bhonde sir! my bro was at BM... i'm a symbi alumnus... :D
    and well, practicals was one of the only time i went to class! :D

  7. hehe...i'm not the only fudger around then :P

  8. @ Rayshma,
    :) I dint know we were so closely related! Waiting for your next post.

    @ Mithun,
    Welgum do da glub! :)

  9. hehehehehehehehe... Sounds so like you... not too surprised to read any of the stuff... Ultra funny nonetheless

  10. Those 2-3 events would have made ppl roflol ing!!!!!

  11. @ Tj,
    Thats what you know abt me. I surprise my family each time I reveal my "karnamas" in school , mostly in college. LOL

    @ Nitin,
    Yeah, why not? all at my cost! :D

  12. lol lol lol lol!! Good ones rey!
    MAkes me think of my practicals.. guess i shall do a post about it sometime!!
    btw, no practicals in kitchen??

  13. Oh don't ask. I reigned the kitchen for whole two months last year when mum wasn't arnd. I managed well, cept breakfast items. They were a disaster!

  14. yesss,dear... i do remember u purnimasss.. :) i agree, its the same with me... the mental faculties have always refused to work in pratical matters.
    And may be we could know each other now. :)

  15. @ Mayulee,
    :) am so glad that you have faint remembrance of our periodic hi's n bye's. and def we'll get to know each other beter through blogs. :) Welcome aboard!


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