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Monday, 27 May 2013

Award From Aparna

Look who's writing! :) Me!

Although there is a lot to update, I had to prioritize and get this done. Aparna, a fellow blogger has been real kind and awarded me with

I am so over the moon. It is wonderful to be acknowledged and given a nice award for all that intermittent blogging. Thank you so much Aparna, for following my blog and liking it enough to bestow me with this Liebster Award!

Here go the rules

1. 10 random facts about yourself
2. Answer the questions please
3. Nominate 10 bloggers with less than 200 followers and;
4. Write 10 questions for them to answer

Ten random facts about moi

1. I can dress very well. (Past year and a half should be excused) I have a good sense of what looks good and what doesn't. I can even accessorize. Conversely, I cannot put on make up or do my hair. So if you looked at me from toe to neck, I look good and then I am a total disaster. 

2. I do not like too many people at a time. Never liked big friend gang, never liked family reunions. I like being on one to one basis, where there is real conversation and less chaos. 

3. Keeping in mind the 2nd point, I hate partying. I prefer sitting alone at home (or close family) with a pizza for New Year's eve than drown the night in heavy dancing/ hanging out/ boozing (whatever comes with it all)

4. I love crafts. I am a crafty person. :) Glitter, sparkle, ribbons, markers, scissors - bring them on!

5. Probably you know this already, but again; I hate to cook! X-( I feel like I waste my time in kitchen.

6. I am not a morning person at all. Given a chance, I love sleeping till 10 AM. 

7. I love riding pillion on bikes. LOVE!

8. I hate being asked which city I prefer living. I like Pune and Chicago equally. I love them both for different reasons. Mentally, I punch them in the face when they ask me this!

9. I still cannot believe that I am a mother now! :O

10. Hmm... what else?! I have terrible upper back ache.

Now to answer the questions that are asked 

1. What is the first thing you do when you wake up?
 - Look at my sleeping kid and then pray that she sleeps some more! :ss

2. How do you express your anger?
- Depends on who I am angry at. Keeping mum, banging stuff, arguing back and grinding teeth are common ways. People come to know when I am upset.

3. If you had to live on a lonely island and take only one book with you, which one would that be?
- Isn't that a difficult thing to ask. I'd probably take an Archie's comic. Never got tired of reading that one.

4. An embarrassing moment/ fact about you.
- I have had many. The one which I can never forget is being knocked down by two fighting dogs in full p[ublic.

5. How much do you let your academic success/ failure affect you life?
- Earlier, I did wish I had better academic qualifications. But I realise life requires other qualifications than just academic. We should learn to free ourselves from focusing solely on academic and monetary success.

6. Do you believe in first impressions?
- No. First impressions may or may not be the right one.

7. What period of your life do you think was best?
- College time, but I';d like to believe the best is yet to come.

8. Do you live in the present more or brood in the past and fantasize about the future?
- I daydream about my future.

9. Your favourite cartoon and why?
- Tom and Jerry. Never ask why!

10. Finally Harry Potter or Twilight?
- Harry Potter, all the way! Twilight, No, Please no!

I nominate

1. Meera - Love her so grown up perspective! 
2. Divya - A mixed bag of posts. Her style of writing appeals to me.
3. Nibedita - She is the latest one I started reading. Being a mom now, I can so relate to some of her posts. 
4. Nivedita - My sis-in-law who blogs once in a blue moon. She definitely has a lot of potential. Why doesn't she update her food blog so often? Well, this should encourage her. 
5. Manjula - This one's a food blog too. And how she makes me drool!
6. Nandita - Yet another food blog that makes me go crazy when I see the pics! 
7. Preeti - A friend of a friend; her thoughts are so in tune with mine. I like her blog for what she writes. 
8. Aarthy - I have read her blog on and off and liked. Would like to be more regular on her page.
9. Shaili - She writes her journal online. I often read but hardly comment. Her's is a direct dil se blog post (as she would put it probably) I like her bubbly, vivacious way of putting everything.

Well, those are all I can think of right now, who haven't already got this award. Hope you all take it up. 

Questions for the nominees to answer

1. It takes a lot of commitment to keep blogging. What keeps you going?
2. If you had just an extra hour in a day, how would you spend it?
3. Have you ever cheated to get something your way? If so, how?
4. How would it be to live in a world free of men?
5. If you had to punish a person who's betrayed you, how would that be?
6. What special talent can you boast of? (Except preparing yummy stuff, you food bloggers)
7. Bungee jumping or scuba diving?
8. Which Bollywood actor/actress do you think should retire? and why?
9. Who can make you smile despite rough situations?
10. Do you believe in celebrating Women's Day? Why?


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