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Thursday, 26 February 2009

25 I, Me, Myself

25 things about me! This was Jinu's idea on Fb. She'd long "tagged" me... and it took Shaili's this post to remind me about this one. Why am I taking it up? you ask... Clearly because I want to boast about the 25 lovable qualities in me. :D

1. I love to laugh till I gasp for breath and have tears in my eyes and others' eyes too (out of embarrassment). I know, I have mentioned this atleast a thousand times, but I cannot live without laughter. A silly tv ad or even over an incident which may have taken place years back, but which I remembered suddenly, can crack me up, irrespective of time/ place/ situation/ necessity.

2. There's one thing I cannot absolutely live without, and that is my family. I'm totally a family girl. So given a choice between anything and family, I choose my family. I cannot survive w/o my people. I have to come back home to my people.

3. I can make people laugh. Like even when they might be having a bad time. My tawdy sense of humour can make someone's day. And me loves it.

4. I can listen and am very trustworthy. So much so that I sometimes even surprise myself. If I'm confided in, you can be sure, I won't blab about it to anyone. Not even to those who do not know you personally. I can't think of betraying someone who's placed trust in me.

5. I cannot remember faces that I haven't talked to. So even if he/ she was a regular person at the bus stop, I still won't be able to recall his/ her face, in case I haven't spoken to him/ her.

6. I cannot stand guys who are incapable of speaking decently to girls. And those who think 'all-girls-are-born-flirts-so-I-can-hit-on-them-all-I-want' are permanently on my hate list.

7. Contrary to my earlier point, I adore guys who make you feel comfortable, right from the first conversation. Maybe this is because I have an elder brother is an absolute GOD when he speaks, to girls/ guys equally. So all my guy friends, with whom I chat/ talk, this is why.

8. I love food. But that doesn't mean I can stuff myself with it. People always get me wrong on this one and think I can manage putting down a whole plateful of chicken biryani, just because I am a chicken biryani fan.

9. I get turned off easily by bad English; be it grammar or spellings. So " I does...." or " I didn't saw..." is like THE crime of the century. Yes, I agree, I twist my English.... but I do know what is wrong. That means if I say "this was badder than that" then I'm excused. :D

10. I behave exactly the way you behave with me. If you are nice, I'm nice.... If you are bad, I am wait, make that horrible... and if you are an introvert, I'm an introvert too.

11. I can chatter non-stop like the world's gonna come to an end in 15 seconds and I can be dead silent that can even question my existence.

12. I, still, jumble up numbers. As in, if its written 1975... 99% chances that I read it 1957 and not even realise it. I've had bad time reading history... So many times I've post-poned our Independence yr to 1974.

13. I'm very well known for my "Listen, I'm hungry" ...anyone who's been in my company for more than one hr has been the victim of my continuous "I'm hungry" status.

14. Even though I'm a straight-talker, no nonsense, I-give-a-damn, type girl, I'm ultra sensitive. It's a different thing that I hardly show it... but you never know what may hurt me. I hate really, really, really do.

15. I proudly state this .. "I can cook a decent Konkani meal which tastes as nice as my mom makes it" .... Though true is the fact that I'm not sucha fan of cooking. Not that I do not enjoy the process, but you won't find me voluntarily entering the kitchen to make something.

16. I'm a seasoned procrastinator. I'll write about this some other time.

17. I'm a very moody person. This is the ruling party of my life. I need mood to chat, to blog, to eat, to talk, to study, to go out.... for anything literally. And that means, I get lectured most of the times for this trait of mine.

18. As against the popular belief regarding my hatred for animals.... Here's what I have to say :I love animals.... some on my plate and the rest of them in zoos. PERIOD.

19. For anything in my life, I'll never smoke. Ya I know this has come up un-asked for. But still that is one thing in life that I'm never, never, never, NEVER EVER, gonna do. My dad/maternal uncles/ paternal uncles, all smoke and that's why, me and my brother have grown up to HATE smoking and vowed never to touch the death stick. And I may not be vocal about this, but I do not like my friends/ acquaintances doing that either. Anyways trying to talk them out of it is useless... so I sincerely hope they just stop it themselves, without having me to cringe within.

20. People have wrong notions about me; that I have or rather should have a boyfriend. I'm always asked/ teased about my non-existent boyfriend. FYI, I do not have one, I've never had one, and future tense mein, I do not know. I have friends who are guys; but NO boyfriend. And I'm perfectly happy with the lack of one.

21. I can sometimes be very thick-headed and maybe you have to explain me over and over again why 2+2=4, since my brain will go in a switch off mode and will refuse to get the logic behind it. (P.S. this occurs when I'm hungry, so avoid trying to tell me something during that time)

22. I love people who smile a lot. Infact, lotsa my friends are my friends because they've smiled at me even before we were formally introduced to each other. Jinu and Pallavi being some examples.

23. I feel verrrry jittery when I have to go get my snap clicked. In all my passport/ visa snaps, I look like a murderess-on-the-loose.

24. I'm 24 yr old. hehehehehe... ;)

25. Next year I shall be 25 yr old at this time. LOL... enough!! too much strain on my brain. so this is gonna be it.

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Tagging RULES!

Tag is in the air. And seems like every friend, not-so-friend, blogger, not-so-commenter, would love to throw tags my way; even email tags; given a chance... when they fancy. Hey! I'm not against tags at all... Infact I love doing them. Its just like a star being interviewed. hehehe.... But blog filled with tags one after the other, kills the bloggers' creativity (atleast mine) and the blog's likeablility. Really, tell me, who reads tags? Except the person who has tagged you... and the person whom you tag. The latter will read only after he/ she has done the tag, for the fear of suffering a mental block in case he/ she reads the answers before answering them him/ herself.

In order to avoid the above complications arising therein and to avoid running a risk of losing readers/ blogger friends; I have decided to define 'tags' by setting certain rules for them, for myself.

Tag Rules :

1. 'A month, A tag' :: As most of you are already aware, I shall do a minimum of zero tag, and a maximum of one tag per month. Period. All my blogger friends are equally important, so Emomails; (emotional blackmails) like, 'I'm your phrend, no? do this one too'; will never really work.
Secondly, tags will not have tagger's name... they shall be titled according to the month they fall in. Eg. 'Feb tag', 'March tag' etc.
Thirdly, if in a month, I do not do a single tag, that does not mean the next month shall be entitled to do 2 tags. So I won't carry forward the number of tags.
*In rarest of rare cases, if I do 2 tags in a month, no one can show me point number 1 and confront me* muhahahahahaha

3. My blog is not an Inventory Works sheet... therefore no LIFO/ FIFO system will be used. Doing the tags, which one first, which one next, will solely depend on whether and how I like the tag (and NOT the tagger), my mood pattern, my ready-ness of answers, bloggers' block, etc.

4. Bloggers are free to tag me, but not to nag me. So anyone can tag me, any number of times... though when I'll take it up will depend completely on me. So nagging def won't help.

5. The above point is reciprocative. That means, after I do tags, I shall only name the person(s) whose answers I'd prefer to read. There shall not be any compulsion on the bloggers to absolutely take it up. You are free to do it or let it go. I will not NAG you. There, Nitin's given me a Thumbs up, already! :) and those who want to flick the tag can do that too.

6. Except pnt 5 & pnt 6, I may change the rules, without prior intimation. :P

Note : If anyone wants to flick my rules as well, I have no probs with that. I won't sue you. I haven't sued Rayshma for 'a month, a tag'.

Sunday, 15 February 2009

Valentine capers

Strange things happen to me. So make it a habit to read it here every now n then. And what happened yesterday, left me with mixed feelings; I was scared, amused, bewildered, irritated and amazed all the the same time.

I received a call on my cell from an unknown number. When I picked it, it was a female voice, but I couldn't make out whatever she said due to a lot of commotion from the other end. I cut the call, expecting the caller to get back to me; if it was all that important. And call she did, again, only to give in to network congestion. Since, I could no longer stand the suspense, I decided to send an sms which went like :

"May I know who this is?"

To which I get a reply saying :

"Happy Valentine day! Your best friend"

Wondering if this might be a prankster friend of mine I wrote back :

"I hope this best friend of mine has a name?"

Reply was :

"I hope this best friend of mine has a name. My name is Anuj."

Now, I know no Anuj, whether from school/ college/ friends/ enemies/ bloggers/ students; none at all. Thus I politely sent him :

"Then I guess you have got the wrong person. I do not know anyone by that name."

Thinking that was the end of the issue, I go back to my job, which was watching TV. But this guy had better plan. He followed it by another one :


and that doesn't just end there. Even before I reply to this or think of ignoring it totally, this comes :

"Subah ka har pal zindagi de aapko,
Din ka har lamha khushi de aapko,
jahaan ghum ki hawa chuu ke bhi naa guzare,
Khuda woh jannat si zamin de aapko."

By this time I was beginning to feel the anger in me. I called this Anuj fellow.

Me : who is this?

Male Voice : *lots of commotion again with female voices at the background* Anuj *buzz* *buzz* ....Annuujj...

Me : whom do you want to speak? *decible rising*

Male Voice : *buzz* *buzz* *commotion* ...... *beep* *beep*

Call phir se cut! But this guy had all the nerve to send me THIS :

"you dont no who i am but i know who you are so please frindsheep with me please replay me."

Ok four things here - A. he had the guts to continue smsing me. B. He was clearly trying his luck, marring a chance and testing my patience. C. he had written this w/o comma, fullstop and horrible spelling mistakes. D. I really thought it could have been Rachana at this point when I saw "frindsheep" spelling; coz thats how we make kachra of the word "fraandsheip" and secondly, I had done this crank sms business to her some time back. So I was wondering if she was seeking a revenge.

Coming back...
Apparently, I don't NO him. But he knows me. And he's my best friend. I'm not sure about this logic, but according to him it is correct. I am really clueless on "how to FRINDSHEEP with anyone" and lastly, I do not know " how to REPLAY guys"!!!!!!!!

Note : I swear on myself, I'm not making it all up. I showed these messages to Tejaswini, my friend, and she choked on laughter in midst of a busy road. Tj, please comment to verify what I said.

For all the reasons mentioned above, I was seething with rage. I had better things to do than chase away this romantically inclined, demented, retard at 10 at night! Finally I said this to him via sms :

"Now listen here. This is the first and the last time that I'm warning you to stop troubling me. If not, be prepared to face the music. And this, you better not take it lightly."

Romeo was adamant, I got a call yet again and I took this one too preparing a huge verbal battle :


Surprisingly a female voice : I'm sorry. (in marathi)

Me : But who is this? and whom do you want to talk to?

Female voice : I'm sorry to disturb you.

Me : Who is speaking?

Female voice : Anuj here.

Me : *flabbergasted* !!!!! Why did you call?

Female Voice : To say sorry.

Me : and the messages?

Female Voice : I said I'm sorry. Why can't you forgive me?

Why can't you forgive me; she asks!!! I just cut it once again not wanting to take this any further.

As I said, I was amused, amazed, confused, irritated all at the same time when this drama unfolded yesterday. I'm sure it was some Juliet deprived, chance maroing Romeo who, god knows, was expecting what when he sent me smses.

It was just too irresistible not to put it on my blog. As for Anuj fellow, whoever you are, male or female, wherever you are; I made you infamous!

Thursday, 12 February 2009

Feb Tag

Rayshma tagged me to pick the 6th pic from the 6th folder from my PC. Display it here and write a short story behind that pic. So here goes :

Yup... so that is a beeeeeautiiful rose in my dad's factory wala garden. It was recently clicked when we had been there with some family friends. My dad's love for plants, flowers (specially roses) is evident once you are at the factory premises. There are like hundreds of roses; singles and in bunches, but this particular one caught our attention - It had a colour that wasn't exactly pink/ red/ maroon; it was somewhere in between. And that is my hand positioning the rose towards the camera. (and that is my FAVORITE Swatch ka watch; gifted by Vinanna for rakhi a few years back) Behind the lens is my best friend, Pallavi.

That done, now is the time for me to pass on the tag to others. So I tag, Ajan, Mithun, Shaili, Dewdrop and Aparna and anyone who wants to do this, please feel free to flick it.

P.S. I already see Nitin, Rachana and Tejaswini smiling that I have NOT tagged them! :) :D

P.P.S. Ok, btw, it IS my budday today. and I'm expecting wishes. ;) and gifts too are welcome! :P

Friday, 6 February 2009

My very first Contacts

In school days, I was totally taken by this famous blind belief that wearing spectacles make one look scholar, irrespective of marks he/ she gets. So here was I praying to god every single day that I be blessed with bad eyes and get my wish fulfilled. It seems, god finally got bored of my incessant pleas, and thus within a year, I had the Dexter look.

Only when I got into college did I realise how uncool it is for a girl to be four eyed. And soon, I started begging for a pair of contact lenses.... not to god this time, to amma, only to be riff-raffed at the very first request. 'First you say its 'in', then you say its 'out' ... I know you well.' was her verdict. And with that; was the end of all probable further deliberations.

Three years later, Bausch & Lomb had this free '15 days lens' trial in college.

'Pallavi, look... 15 days disposable lens wala FREE trial. I'll go?? You'll come with me?'

And the dear friend that she is since college did not say no to me. And in we went into the grand hall where there were batteries like me trying out this new accessory for their eyes.

As soon as it was my turn, I handed over my spectacles for checking the number. And I was called. This was "THE MOMENT'.

I looked at Pallavi. 'You will be staying with me no?' I asked sounding like a patient who's about to undergo Bypass surgery and kidney transplant at the same time.

The volunteer smiled up at me and all I could manage was something between a smile and a grimace.

'Ready?' she asked.

'yes' and I took a deep breathe.

The operation began. She was trying to keep my eye open and insert the lens, just as a mother would try pouring the bitter medicine down her kid's throat. But the expert that she was.....!
After floods of tears and plenty of 'wait...wait...waiiiiiit's, I was yelling 'owww this pains... its stinging... it hurts... its pricking.... it burns...' I still wonder if it was genuine, or I wanted to be a bollywood actress.

'First time, this happens.. now open your eyes'

'You mean, Slowly?'

'Anyhow you want to, lady'

Now this was real, Nirupa Roy film, climax scene. I opened my eyes slowly, and I was screaming once again.

' I can seeeee, Pallavi.... I can see... this is amazing...WOW.....THIS IS BRILLIA....'

'Now, we'll remove it' she, rudely, cut me off short.

'Wha?! Why?!.. I thought you give them to us.'

'Y E S, but we are also supposed to show you how to get them out. You possibly don't think you'll sleep with your lenses on, do you?' stressing on each word, she retorted with visible irritation.

'ohh, sure.. sorry.' I apologized.

Then after 2 minutes break where we waited for my eyes to stop tearing, she said 'Now you try to put them on, yourself.'

My hands shook, I missed my eyes for a couple of times and then finally I shook with laughter.

'Why are you laughing?' she was amused to see tears and peels of laughter both coming from me.

'I keep missing... this way I'll never be able to use lenses' I managed to say in between.

'Keep trying.... you'll get there eventually' she stated with stark seriousness. She didn't get the joke, I guess.

After what seemed like ages, I succeeded.

'Now take it out. Pinch your eye.' this was an order. She'd had enough of me already.

'Pinch-my-eye?? I can't pinch my eyes. How can I pinch my eyes??'

She sighed. Another why-me? evidence.

'Alright, I'll try'

She sighed again and this time it was louder. This offended me... I agree, offence got to me a bit late. Yet again I succeeded.

'Can I put it again?' I asked, hoping she wouldn't sigh once more.

'Ya sure. If you want to.' she replied totally ripped of energy AND she did NOT sigh.

This time the process was faster, and I decided I'd had enough of this volunteer, so I said 'Can I leave?'

'Of course' she would have even added 'with pleasure. And do me a favor, Do Not come back again' if not for the immense drain of energy. All this while, do not forget, Pallavi was the silent, bemused spectator.

Looking back at it all, I feel I owe this volunteer a lot. Dear Girl, wherever you are; First, a magnanimous SORRY, for making you go through all this. But you see, it was the question of my precious eyes. Second, THANK YOU, for since then I have been using contact lenses. Bausch & Lomb wala. ;)

Thursday, 5 February 2009

The Biiiig Fight!

'No.... pleeezz'

'C'mon, what no please?'

'I said please noooo, no!'

'where's your will-power? where's your stamina?'

'whaaa?!?... keep off... get lost... don't trouble'

'you have ZERO stamina, you get that?'

'oh for all I care - make it negative'

'Move it, what will she think?'


'She'll think you are a lazy, shameless, commitment phobic, selfish idiot who can't keep promises even to save her own life'

'so? Pall knows me since 7-8 yrs now and she knows how much I hate this job... no explanations needed there'

'she'll repent she ever knew you.'

'pall's too good a friend to do that'

'Now, OUT i say!!! NOW means N-O-W'

With that the bad Purnima won this time. She dragged the good Purnima out of her bed at 6:30 AM to go for a walk with her friend Pall.


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