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Thursday, 5 February 2009

The Biiiig Fight!

'No.... pleeezz'

'C'mon, what no please?'

'I said please noooo, no!'

'where's your will-power? where's your stamina?'

'whaaa?!?... keep off... get lost... don't trouble'

'you have ZERO stamina, you get that?'

'oh for all I care - make it negative'

'Move it, what will she think?'


'She'll think you are a lazy, shameless, commitment phobic, selfish idiot who can't keep promises even to save her own life'

'so? Pall knows me since 7-8 yrs now and she knows how much I hate this job... no explanations needed there'

'she'll repent she ever knew you.'

'pall's too good a friend to do that'

'Now, OUT i say!!! NOW means N-O-W'

With that the bad Purnima won this time. She dragged the good Purnima out of her bed at 6:30 AM to go for a walk with her friend Pall.


  1. A HA HA HA HA :D

    you totally have your way man! :D

  2. i bow to thee!
    i can barely move my butt off this couch at 5 in the evng for a walk! :D
    morngs... well.. the less said the better :D

  3. hehehe!!!

    Very bad... bad Purnima... 6:30 AM????

  4. @ Jinu,
    guess who won today?? muhahahaa...

    @ Rayshma,
    bad gurl, bad gurl!! walking does you good. Let's talk about the morning part later, ahem!

    @ Tejaswini,
    thats what I said today. 'Bad Purnima!!! Don't behave this way!' :) and she actually had to listen to the good Purnima. :D :D :P

  5. ahahah this one was funny.. as i started reading it, i thot u're referin to something else :P
    there shud b a better way of starting a day than waking up in the morning yaah! :(

  6. @ Shaili,
    *raising an eyebrow*...
    You know, I hadn't it myself realised until you said it. ;) :P


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