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Friday, 12 February 2016

A Birthday "Cake" Post

It's my birthday today and yet this post is about the cake and not me. Over a few years now the birthday excitement is all fizzed out - I think from the time I stopped receiving many many gifts from many many people. :)) ;)

Anyway, that's not the point. The point is I baked my own birthday cake. Successfully. Without screw ups (ok, one little screw up. what's the fun without me going wrong somewhere?!). And it tastes good too!

Before I indulge you with the pics, I have to, HAVE TO mention where I got this recipe from. Since the day I saw this cake feature on Nandita's blog, I had to try it. However the day never saw light until today. It's super simple, super tasty, super fun and super eye candy to make Choco Vanilla Zebra cake. The simplicity of the recipe is what made me want to try my hand at it.

With the given measurements I was able to bake two cakes, One is the original form and one in a loaf pan, since , my pan size was smaller than what Nandita might have used.

Freshly baked
The Loaf Cake

How I decorated it!
How she helped me display it!
How he fought for it!
Reminded me of marble cake amma had made many years back


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