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Monday, 5 October 2009

How do I say?

He was scared. How would he face her? How was he going to say those three words to her? It is going to be difficult, he concluded, kicking the stones while heading back home.

He couldn't think straight. All his concentration was gulped down by the realisation that he would have to look into her eyes and speak the ultimate truth. He was sure she loved him, but how would she react once she heard him out? Will she scream? shout? call him names? or just say...

Siiigh! he was going crazy with questions zooming in and out of his brain. He tried to think of something else... someone else... Yet again, he was haunted by her face. Her beautiful, luminous face that would contort with anger and resentment. 'No!, he thought forcefully, things won't be that bad.'

Then again, he considered hiding it from her for a few more days. A few more days to gather courage. A few more days to prevent the outbursts from her, if any. Why not see her smiling for just a few more days? Why not?

'NO!' his brain screamed... 'No, delaying this will not help... and what if she comes to know from someone else? that would be worse' he chided himself for having thought of this option. Now he had reached his frustration point. 'Shit! shit! shit!' he kicked the gravel off his path. There was nothing he could do now... his insides felt like he'd swallowed shards of glass.

He remembered his mom's words "You have to face fear to get over it" Now was the time to try it out. He would tell her... no matter what... he was as determined as a dutiful soldier. He'd now made the resolution. By now, he'd almost reached home. He saw her, standing by the rose bed in the garden. He marched up to her, forcing all the thoughts out of his mind. She looked at him and smiled... that soul stirring smile. He couldn't. He just stretched his hands and thrust the papers in her hand.

He took a deep breath and said 'Mom, I flunked!'


P.S. Plz no chappals!


  1. :) quite unexpected way to end it!

  2. AHAHAHAHA gud one Purnima! :)

  3. great one, i was thinking all sorts of things..beautiful luminous face indeed!!!!

  4. Wish to applaud by saying:

     Nice one
     Fully enthralled
     Outstanding anti climax
     Blown away by it
     :p

  5. @ Sands,
    *bows down* thanks!

    @ Mukta,
    sure sure. when my brain runs in the similar direction! :)

    @ Sawan,
    yes, no? :)

    @ Shaili,
    Thx ya! where have you disappeared? post likho!

    @ Sujata,
    hehehehe... three words were deceiving, eh?

    @ Firoz,
    yeah. I expect applause from you when I re-enter the office on friday! :)

    @ Tejaswini,
    :| you could be less obvious no? This wasn't the comment I'd asked for !!!

  6. Your attempts at writing fiction is improving by the day!! No doubts about that!! Keep it up!! :)

  7. That was one major deception you threw at your readers.
    Was imagining all sorts of things.

  8. Kewl and Cute!! Reminds me of that forward mail (a gal writes a letter to her dad about running away with a guy who has HIV)

  9. I thought I posted a comment. Where did it go?

  10. @ phatichar,
    glad you liked it. :)

    @ Nitin,
    he he he..thnx ya!

    @ Aparna,
    your comment went into moderation box, I guess. ;) Thk god! it made u think of all sorts of things. that was the intention! ;)

    @ Ajan,
    Naaahhhhhhhhiiiiiii!! ye original uninspired maal hai, bhai. apne khud ke brain main ka post hai. aisa kuch bhi yaad karte mat jaao. :D

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  12. Nice one! Enjoyed this story!

  13. @ Basanta, Rachana n DDD,

    Thanks, Public! m glad you liked it! :)

    @ Shaili,

    acchi bacchi! :)

  14. The end was unexpected.

    Nice one! :)

  15. Hi Gkam! Welcome here! glad u liked it!

    @ phatichar,
    m on the road to recovery! :) thx!

  16. that was very good! :)
    and i love the new template! :)

  17. Thanks gal! do post not tag! :)

  18. :) Very good! You are really good at creating drama!

  19. @ Nona,
    Thnx! I'm not called Drama Queen for nuthing! :) ;)

  20. wonderfull..., amazing,fantastic, mindblowing... HISTORY!!! Jai mata di let's rock..... oops, got carried away being Hiamce fan....

    I will give u Booker prize, if u write like this...

    And NOBEL "PEACE" PRIZE if u STOP writing.... choice is urs....B-)

    just kiddin, good one!! you need to improve a lil bit with your vocabs, and english/grammar/sentence making etc.. U need training!!!... simply put, YOU NEED A "GURU" like me... B-) ... but for ur age, you writing good. when u grow up, u will write even better.. After all LKG student's shouldn't burdened.. duhh...


  21. @ AJ,
    rehna hai naa tujhe Pune main one piece??

  22. that was good!

    and no, u dont deserve chappals for this :P

    keep writing!

  23. @ oRange*,
    Hey! Welcome here. and n very very very - thank you very much! :D :P that's for saying I don't deserve chappals for this!! (tho ev1 liked it, no one sed tht, u'know?)

  24. Thanks Shrads! apke aashirwad se aate rahenge! :P

  25. purnima!!
    u have done a good job. waiting to see some more stuff.......

  26. tum maar khaogi ;) hehe
    awesome work...i have tried something similar in 55er :D

  27. @ Vrushali,
    Welcome to mah blog~! :P

    "BACHAAOOOOOOO" *runs for cover before aniruddha throws his Reeboks at her* :) thanks ya!

  28. Oh gawd!! What a twist!!
    The ending just made me look blankly at the screen.. Brilliant story :) loved the narration.

  29. @ Rajlakshmi,
    hey! welcome here! he he he... thanks for liking it and staring blankly at the screen. :D

  30. wat i was thnkng... those 3 magical words.. "PAY THE BILL...".. hehhe..neways gud 1... longg time k baad me reading ur blog... keep it cmg...

  31. @ amit,
    why will he be nervous if he wants to ask her to "PAY THE BILL". anyway, glad u liked it. :)

  32. u plannin' to do all future posts in this comment box itself? C'mon girl...! :-)

  33. heh heh, phatichar ji! very pretty tarika to get my fingers bk on the kb! Thinking of many things, but nothing too good to write on :( :( will pakka do soon. and will pakka chk out ur blog too. long overdue hai! :)

  34. agar uski date koi tere jaisi hogi to wo toh pakka nervous hoga.. :D!!! jst kidding...

  35. i like the picture at the top!

  36. @ Amit,
    :| no comments baba.. tu great ich hai!!

    @ Junius,
    denk yew! and welcome here! :)


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