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Friday, 27 May 2011

Times when he was


Scene 1 : Watching "America's Next Top Model"

She : oooooh! Look at that shade of her purple evening gown!! I would die for that color.... oooooh!!!

He : (puppy face) Don't die, please? I will buy you something in that exact shade of purple.

Scene 2 : Bedtime - me checking emails in the hall; he ready to hit the sack. 

He : Are you planning to leave me?

She : (realizes what got his eye and rolls her eyes)

He : Are you leaving me? Why are you reading this book called "Dump'em - Ways to dump everyone from your hairdresser to your boyfriend"?

She : I am not dumping you. I found it funny. I got it.

He : No more library trips for you! It gives you ideas.



Scene 1 : Morning - She making dosa. He ready for office, munching dosa with chutney (which is almost over)

She : You finished the chutney in the bowl? I had poured it for the both of us.

He : (stops eating. makes a face) You should tell me beforehand no? I wouldn't have finished it all.

She : That's ok. Now don't make saddy faces. Else, I'll make you grind chutney for me right now.

He : I know. That's why I made the face!

Scene 2 : Watching the Tanishq ad featuring Big B gifting Diamond necklace to Jaya Bachchan.

She : oooooh! Look he's gifting his wife a diamond necklace.

He : (no answer)

She : I said "he is gifting his wife a diamond necklace."

He : (no answer)

She : (decides there is no point in trying discretion) When are you gonna gift me a nice diamond necklace, just like that?

He : (without skipping a beat) When we become as old as them, just like that!



She : Why did you marry me?

He : Because you were nice.

She : No, real reason. What made you marry me? Kya dekha mujhme?

He : Because you were good to talk to.

She : No. No re baba. Like real real reason. Why? Now tell me.

He : I just took a chance and asked you, phir tu toh piche hi pad gayi.

Monday, 16 May 2011

Day 30 : Blogathon Ends

Its that day today! Its been a month since I started this blogathon and I am glad that I have done my 30 posts.

I have to say, it wasn't easy. It sounded the other way when I decided to jump in the blogathon bandwagon. How difficult could be 30 posts, I thought. I admit, it was way too tough to think everyday for a new post. There were times when I was really enthu about writing something and times when I stared at the blank screen for as long as an hour. Those were the times when lame posts came into being. I would excuse myself on that, for this was my first blogathon. Maybe I'll get better next year when I do this blogathon again.

I want to thank each and everyone who has been kind enough to write a few words of encouragement and suggestions. Even those who did not, have approached me personally to say they are quite keeping up with my blogathon and are looking forward to my posts. How encouraging was that. All that appreciation, all those prep up words are really special and close to my heart. :) Thank you soooo much! And you know who you are!

Its been a long month; I am gonna take a break from blogging, that is until I find something really amazing to blog about, which I hope wouldn't be long.

until then, stay happy.

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Day 29 : Roadies = Life?

Thinking of the show Roadies, don't you think it is a mini model of life? If you are familiar with it, you'll know what I am talking about.

There is a bigger controller,who stirs up interesting twists and turns in the whole game. The contestants have to perform tasks and excel at it to go ahead and stay in the game. And that is not all. They have to continuously come up with plans to make themselves immune from vote outs. Survival till the end is their biggest motive. There are no fixed rules to the game. They can be changed any time by the controller. Thus, whatever strategies the participants may have, are usually dismissed without a thought. There are friends, open enmity, indifference, attitude problems between participants. There is back stabbing, plans, fights, betrayals and sometimes love even.

I see so many similarities here. How many times do we plan our lives just to find ourselves slapped in our face with a new plan (perhaps for the good, or for the bad). We try and chalk out every small details and make rough attempts to predict obstacles in the way. It doesn't work every time, but the thing is, we can never call it unfair.

There are so many people we interact with. We never know which one is our real friend, or who wants to see you go down. While there will be some instances where you will feel like giving it all; there will also be times when being selfish is the only option available. You need to survive the worst of conditions. And survival becomes brutal.

As for the tasks, we perform them too. In everyday life, we are performing them. Some do it grudgingly, some do it willingly. Everyone does it though to go ahead. Sometimes we fail and sometimes we excel in it to such extent that we are immune to failures.

As for winning or losing, each one defines it in a different manner.

On a personal note, though I like the show, i would prefer they mind thier languages. It has become like an open sewer tank.

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Day 28 : What happens when...

it is already 11 45 in the PM and you don't have a clue what to write?

Write something like this and call it legit. 

No one calls unfair. 

My blog! ;)

Friday, 13 May 2011

Day 27 : Love-ination

A while back I read this and I couldn't agree more.

Love is so mis-defined nowadays. It is a must-have trend and time pass for many young people. I sound old and aunty-ish when I say this. But love, certainly has lost its meaning and is easily replaceable.

I have always interpreted love as commitment, honor, respect, trust and communication. I have also believed throughout my teenage and later that I can love only one person. For me, it was never so fickle to be played around with. Love, for me, holds many emotions.

People take foolish steps in name of love. And then they conveniently call it blind. In my opinion, love is never blind. Its you who categorically ignore all the defects and pot holes only to dig them up later and regret. I know couple who fell in love, got married and had had problems. Not just adjustment hitches. They were big time problems that created a rift between the two of them. When you actually see what went wrong, you can see the problem lay much before the matrimonial ties.

Love is never bringing flowers and chocolates. It is not hugs and kisses and tons of I love you notes. It is not remembering birthdays and anniversaries only for bringing gifts. It is all that too, but in the back drop. Mainly, when you say you love someone, you should be capable enough to make it work through difficulties, which requires commitment and responsible attitude. If you want to take your love to marriage and kids and further lifelong togetherness then it is your responsibility to stock take your abilities to get through thick and thin.

The word "love" has become so shallow. Everyone uses it and throws it around. All you need is a boy to give a girl a red rose and they think they are "in love". Not that they may not be, but hardly a few of them stick to each other and mature their love. Most cases, one fight and it all starts falling apart like a house of cards. Today, we see many college students with arm candies, feeding chocolates to each other, looking deeply into each others eyes, pushing and pulling lovingly - I wonder how many of them do really understand "love". Or maybe it is just a fling that they never intended to take further. I, for one, have never been comfortable to play around with emotions and let it go as if nothing happened at all.

I am not saying everything is rosy good with a couple in love. There are times when we don't see eye to eye. There are times when mistakes are made and there is some resentment. All that stays for sometime, but you always got to keep the bigger picture in mind. It is necessary to know that you are answerable to your other half and vice versa. Its not my ego v/s yours. It is about taking the correct route out of the mess, be it mine, be it yours.

It is cute to be serenaded once in a while. It is cuter to get an expensive gift. But only once in a while. Love is not made up of superficial things like these, though they add to its glamor.

Many a times, I used to be asked "What is your idea of romance?"

Today, I say small gestures are romantic enough. You don't need the ambience, nor do you require a date that is super expensive. I find it really romantic when after a pot luck party at our house, KK pitches in to clean the kitchen without me having to ask him to do so.

It is romantic when he tells me, in response to my "what to make for dinner?", "Let's just grab whatever's left in the fridge."

It is up to you to see the romance in daily life instead of seeking it in surprise dates and gifts. It lies in understanding the difficulties your partner must be going through. Romance shows up in least expected situations. It is our duty to keep our eyes and hearts open to receive it.

No one teaches you this stuff, a little common sense, a little maturity and a little patience takes you a long way.

Day 26 : Blogger error

This was displayed for the whole day yesterday, which is the reason I could not update my blog. Another blogpost coming up.

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Day 24 : Goofed up song dedications

 He calls her. It was his night, her morning.

He : Hey honey... this song just for you!

"Naa hai yeh paana, naa khona hi hai", from Jab We Met plays from his end.

Among all the background noise of people talking and chattering, she listens to the song and goes all weak in her knees.

Next morning he calls her again.

She : I didn't know you were romantic and all. Song dedication eh?

He : umm-hmm...

She : I was in my office having a stupid grin on my face.

He : ummm-hmm...

She : I loooove the song so much...

He : umm-hmm...

She : What happened? Why aren't you saying anything?

He : Nothing. Kuch nahi.

She : kya kuch nahi. something something.

He : I don't remember the song which I dedicated.

She : What??!

He : Tell me na, which song was it.

She : No. Find it out yourself. how can you not know which song it was... meaning mann se nahi dedicate kiya.

He : Please tell na. There were a lot of people talking and distracting me. Wait, I will run the playlist again tell me which song...

Dil ne yeh kahaa hai dil se.... plays

Kuch kuch hota hai.... plays

Dil hai tumhara.... plays

Aaao naa, aaoo naa.... plays

You are my sonia.... plays

Chot dil pe lagi.... plays

She : !!!!

He calls her yet again. This time it was her night, his morning.

He : This is for both of us.

Yeh dooriyaan from Love Aaj Kal starts playing...

"Yeh Dooriyaan, inn raahon k..."

He : Hey, I got a call. Will TTYL.


She : !!!!!!!!!!

Monday, 9 May 2011

Day 23 : I wanna be myself

As much as I try, I cannot change my core nature. It is something I was born with and changing that is not possible. In fact I feel, altering that would alter my personality.

Talking about the negative side of my nature; I tend to be ever complaining, irascible, impatient, non adjusting human being. I can also be blunt, rude, crude, straight talker and tongue lashing. Because of all these traits in me, I was the target for amma's "with-that-nature-you-will-be-in-deep-trouble" talks. Despite many of those talk sessions, I am the same. Perhaps a case of dog's tail.

It is not that one does it purposely. It is ingrained in so much, that it happens more out of reflex than reflecting. There are people born with humongous amount of patience. They could probably wait a million years and see a mountain forming. Not for people like me, who'll just bail out if that doesn't happen within the promised time limit.

I cannot see everything as "OK" when obviously everything is not. I find it easier to vent out, complain to myself and look at it in a negative manner, than pretend that everything is fine and gonna work itself out. This venting cools me down and helps me focus and reassess the situation better. I cannot be patient, and I cannot be collected.

I get angry when I feel people take advantage of me. However, I stand up for myself and defend my stance. People blessed with a kinder heart probably find it difficult to say a "NO" and stop taking shit from others. I cannot see the point of letting people walk all over you while you talk it out to someone but do nothing about it. What hurts me the most is this happens with people who are so good natured that they think it will be wrong of them to fight for what's theirs.

There's more. I cannot forgive anyone who has hurt me emotionally. It is said forgiving is the most selfless deed to do. But I prefer being selfish and happy about it. Why should my forgiveness be so cheap that I hand it over to any moron not even seeking it? Forgive and forget seem good in philosophical worlds where the real world does not exist. If I forgave someone for hurting me badly, I'd lose my self respect. I love me more than the person who has not been kind to me. So where should my loyalty lie?

The biggest courage one could ever show would be to put his foot down, believe and defend himself from any obstacle. I do not believe in being spineless and accepting everything as it is given to us. Keeping opinions to oneself is one thing but remaining mum in times when you need to speak out boldly is sheer cowardice.

It is human to express. It is perfectly normal to feel angry, upset and depressed as long as it is not getting too much. Why is it necessary to make everyone happy around you? Why do you want to keep everyone thinking that it's ok for them to do anything with you? Why give others the freedom to play with you and your emotions?

I know this post is a bit cynical, but so am I!

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Day 22 : Source Code

Disclaimer : This is not a movie review; this is a movie"MY view'. If you take my word and spend a lot to watch this movie and do not like it, I am not to be blamed.

Following many FB status messages praising the movie Source Code, we went to watch it today evening. Well, yes, the movie is praise worthy and I give it a thumbs up.

I suggest a must watch for those who like to see a movie, which keeps you thinking about the logic and makes you want to sort out the ending confusion. I am not saying that the movie is illogical or chaotic in anyway. It does take around the first 15-20 minutes to get a sense of what is happening around there. Once that happens, it has a smooth flow and consistent intensity. 

Source Code is not all computers here. It is somewhat like Inception, only better. Concept wise perhaps people may have liked Inception better than this, however I am rooting for this one because it did not take much time for me to understand the movie. For Inception, I couldn't make the head or tail of it till almost the very end.

My rating would be a 4/5. 

Friday, 6 May 2011

Day 20 : You Freak Me

Some people just freak me. I don't have to know them or even talk to them. I can be at a safe distance and yet feel their creepiness injecting into me. Don't why or even how; I feel very repelled by these people and no matter what they do, I can never feel comfortable around them.

Its not the way they look or dress or talk or behave, its just there - that creepiness. The moment I set my eyes on them I am like 'ewww!' Call it my intuition or whatever; I have never been wrong about feeling that way. When I finally get to talk to them or know them better, I find out that they are disgusting. They are not disturbing in the same manner, they differ. They can be extra haughty, perverts, over bearing, intrusive, criminal minded, cranky, whatever. The moment I look at such people, I have this uneasy feeling in me which tells me to stay far, far away from them.

1. There was this new joinee in the office. Let's call him Mr. W. While we waited in the parking for the office to open, Mr. W was walking towards us. I don't know if it was the way he walked or the look on his face; I immediately felt repelled by him and had no intentions of being introduced to him. Though that was tough to happen, considering we were supposed to be working in the same office.

Days passed and he used to try to 'fit in' the crowd. He'd call me from his desk during coffee time etc. That was pretty normal for anyone to ask during break times, but still he'd freak me completely. I avoided him as much as possible. Eventually he realized I was not even being social towards him and he slowly stopped interacting with me. Only after some female employees had a bad experience with him, did they know he was not to be entertained.

My initial feelings towards him were not wrong and it saved me from having any incidence with that fella.

2. As soon as I came here, I met many people that I was supposed to meet. There was this one female among them. Let's call her Ms. Y. When I met her at a get together, Ms. Y was all chirpy, laughy and loud. One would probably like her. I didn't. I have no clue why. I just did not want to stay in the same room as she. I got introduced and I could see it all over her face. Fake smile, fake talk, fake everything.

I never wanted to see her again. However, sometimes, people do have to meet once in a while and it so happened, we did. And this time there was no fake-ness. There was utter ignorance as if I wasn't anywhere in the periphery of her vision. This happens nonetheless, when she is invited to our house for dinner (with other friends). Of course, no points for guessing there was no reciprocal gestures either.

Oh, maybe she didn't like me either, like I didn't in the first place. Fair enough. I overlooked that, thinking I must be over reacting. But for the third time, when she looked through KK even and did not even try to make an eye contact while sitting right across us at a table, that was it She was supposedly his friend and I see no reason why there should be such animosity when there has been no provocation for it.

Since that day, I have made it clear to KK. I do not want that female any where near me and certainly not in my house if she cannot even acknowledge the host.

3. There is this another guy that makes me feel uncomfortable. Let's call him Mr. E. Though he hasn't done anything yet to prove me right, I get this uneasy feeling around him. He looks total tharrqi, and he scares me too. I am gonna avoid him as much as I can.

I don't know if I am the only such blessed with this divya shakti or is it the famous women's intuition that has started showing up way too frequently than before. I can't explain it well to anyone. There are these negative feelings that just do not go away as much as I try to think otherwise. And till date, people towards whom I have felt negative to this extent have always been in my bad books.

I am forever gonna listen to that inner voice of mine even though others might think I am a bit jumpy. I have always believed in being safe than sorry.

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Day 19 : Nagpal Miss

We had a teacher in school that most students dreaded.  Nagpal Miss! She used to teach the secondary school students. V being in the secondary school, I knew most of the things she was famous for.

She was queer although she wasn't the punishing type. She had a typical way of scolding students when they misbehaved or didn't do their homework. The manner in which she said anything used to be funny for others and deeply embarrassing for the recipient.

She first taught us English in 6th class. When we came to know she was gonna be our teacher, everyone was shivering. Like if you talked during her period she would make you stand up in the class and say 'tumhara mooh toh cello tape se chipkana hoga' and when the talking got better of her patience, she actually sent the class monitor to bring a cello tape and do the needful.

Some more famous dialogues of hers.

'Hang him upside down out of the window.'

'tumhara naam toh simran hona chahiye, ladki jaise rote ho.'

'baal jungli jaise badh gaye hai. Girls give me your rubber bands. I am going to tie pony tails for him.'

'teri chuddi itni tight hai ki baithne par phatt jayegi.'

'Wipe that perpetual grin off your face. You are not a dolphin.'

'Why didn't you do your homework? Haath pe mehendi hai kya?'

'Dabba lana bhulte nahi toh homework karne kaise bhulte ho?'

And on top of it, she had a booming voice, which intimidated us further. No wonder, for her class, the students used to be most sincere and the quietest.

She was one of my favorite and best teachers in the school. She taught with utter sincerity and dedication. The only problem with her was that she made herself look so tough that students never dared to raise their hands to clear their doubts. Later, when we were in 10th, our previous principal retired and she sat in the headmistress' chair. The whole school looked like a graveyard for some days. Not many were happy with the choice of their principal.

As it so happened, she was also our class teacher and she taught us not one or two but five subjects in all, History, Civics, Geography, Economics and English. This was the time we saw her closely as she used to spend a maximum of periods with us. At times, we had 3 of her lectures back to back. She still had the comic way of shouting at students, but this time it was more playful, and somewhere even we saw her wonderful teaching skills behind the terror.

If there's one teacher I truly respect and admire, it is our Nagpal Miss. She was true to her profession, and passionate about "educating" students. There were a few teachers who were rude, biased and cheap. One told us during our class, 'I am not here to teach you. I take my salary and go home. You can join other coaching classes and pass your board exams. I am least bothered about completing your syllabus.'

Nagpal Miss, though she said all these things, there was never a hint of curtness in it. One moment she shouted at you and the very next if you asked for some doubt, she'd take pains to explain and make you understand.

Last I heard from a friend that Nagpal Miss had survived a heart attack. I just wish she keeps in good health.

There are a few people who are genuine and really care for what they do. It is, however, very difficult to find to such people nowadays. We hardly take efforts to approach people who seem harsh and rigid. Not that everyone turns out like her though.

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Day 18 : Digging up the past

I am in no mood to write something great today. Great is subjective as well as relative, mind you. Instead of digging in my mind, I thought of  unearthing some previous blogposts that I love (and wonder, for some of them, did I really write all that?)

Frankly, though I am in some royal mood to, I do not want to rant nonsense like this one which I didn't know how to name or this one, again which I was not sure what to call it

Here are some of my *personally personal* favorite posts that I love reading time and again. Listed as and how I found them, not by priority.

11. Dilemma

I believe, this manner of blogvertising is legit. ;)

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Day 17: Water, water everywhere!

'KK, wake up!!! WATER!!' I literally screamed as I woke up in the morning at 6 AM. Sleepy eyed KK was wondering what got into his newly wed wife.

'What?' he asked.

'OMG, wake up, wake up!! Our house is flooded' said I while looking down at the water level which had covered my ankles. 

This was the time when we had not even completed a month of wedded bliss. We had rented a huge two bedroom house in Vallabh Nagar, which was gonna be (relatively) closer to KK's office. 

'What happened? Where's the water coming from?' he was asking as I dashed to the kitchen to find the water flowing from the tap at full force. The sink lock had jammed and as a result the water did not find the outlet. It continued flowing till it managed to reach every corner of the house. 

Now, ours was a two bedroom house with a kitchen that had a dry area and a terrace. Our bedroom had a terrace too. By modern standards, the house was HUGE! 

First, I shut the tap and was relieved that water was no longer adding to the pool. Then I looked around. I was standing there wondering what I should do, what I should say. After all, it was a naya-naya basaya sansaar. I just didn't want KK to think I was a goose-head. I was not trained in disaster management because such disasters never occurred at mom's place. And even if it did, mom knew what to do. 

How did I leave the tap open? Well, there was this 'paani aane ka time' and obviously at around 11 PM the water supply used to be off. I must have left it on and forgotten about it. 

I was panicky, I was shivering. Oh! Did I mention, it was supposed to be KK's day to resume his desk? Breakfast was yet to be done, dabba was yet to be done and the water... SIGH!!!

'What to do?' I asked him.

'We clear this ASAP.' he said coolly as if I had just spilled a glass of water. 


'You take care of the breakfast, I'll do it. I will push the water in the balcony where it'll drain out.'

'But, if I do it too, it'll clear out fast.' 

'No. You are just out of your illness, I don't want you to take physical strain. Else, let's call Mr. B for his help.'

(Mr. B used to do all petty work at my father's office and he had helped a lot with the shifting stuff. He used to be close-by.)

'Nooooooooooooo, not him... he's a newspaper. He'll tell my dad the moment he sets his foot in the office.'

(Mr. B is a motor mouth. I didn't want my dad to know all this kaand that I'd done. And then the lectures that would ensue, I wanted to avoid them. ;) )

It was 6:30 by then. I walked into the other bedroom and almost fainted. Our 4 unpacked bags lay on the floor, swimming in the pool of water.

'KK, baaags.' I wailed.

'Don't worry, they are water proof. So there are no chances of clothes getting wet. Anyway, lets move them.'

We hauled the water soaked bags (at least from the outside) and kept them on tables. And KK got down to work. Now, the slopes in the house were really weird. It wasn't sloping toward the balconies, but away from them. So he had to drag the water up-slope and then the water would go in the balcony. This was taking a lot more time than expected.

'What about your office?' I asked sheepishly.

'I have to go. Can't stay home.'

'But how will I manage? I HAVE to clear the house before the maid comes in. Nahi toh, she'll tell the whole building and everyone will curse me.'

'Call Mr. B.'

'Nooooooooooooooooooooo... piliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiz noooooooo...' 

'Ok. Ok. We won't call him. Then what are we gonna do? I'll go at 11 then.'

Thankfully, mom had let me borrow her vacuum cleaner which could be used to swab floor. That meant I could take off the excess water with that. After one and half hour of manually throwing the water out, I brought out the vacuum cleaner and dried the house off the remainder water. 

By this time, KK was dead tired and he retired to bed with an instruction to wake him at 10. 

Just 2 minutes later, someone rang the door bell. I was petrified to find two men standing in front of me. One was the watchman, I recognized. 

'Hello, I live on the first floor, just below your house. We have some leakage in our bedroom. I just wanted to  see if the leakage was from here?'

I was petrified. I asked them to wait outside, while I ran in to 'KK, two men have come saying there's leakage. What to do? What to do?'

'We'll tell them the truth.'

'No, no, no, no, noooooooo, please, please, please nooooooo. I know how touchy society women are when it comes to wasting water... pleaseeeeeeee....'

'Ok. But at least let them in. We can't keep them standing outside forever.'

They came into the bedroom and the watchman cum plumber said 'Paani yahaan se leak hua hai' (The water has leaked from here) pointing to one corner in the bedroom which was sharing the balcony.

'Haan, actually aaj subah humne balcony dhoya tha. Shayad uske wajah se leak hua hoga.'(Yes, actually we just washed the balcony today morning. The leakage could have been because of that.) said KK, my HERO!

'Haan, ho sakta hai... lekin ab thode dinon ke liye yahaan paani mat daalna.' (Yes, maybe... but for a few days don't wash the balcony.)

I felt a wave of relief wash over me. 

'Look, everything's fine. Now, don't worry!' said KK with a smiling face. 'BTW, I missed my bus, you know that. That means you will have to drop me to the office.'

This happened on May 3rd, 2010. A year after that incident, many would think I am laughing it off, but no, it still gives me goose bumps.

As for telling my parents about it; they came visiting in the evening and I was feeling so guilty that I narrated the whole incident myself. :)

Monday, 2 May 2011

Day 16 : I baked

this today. Of course, it was a cake mix and not made from the scratch, But I am still proud of it! :) and it tastes yummm!!

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Day 15 : That night...

She woke up in the dead of the night. She'd had too much of wine during the party previous evening, which was making her thirsty. It was 2:45 AM. She was still feeling drowsy, when she noticed faint blue light streaming from below the door.

'Shucks! I forgot to switch off the laptop.' she thought. Grudgingly, she threw her long legs out of the bed. She did not switch the lights on; she knew the way around her one bedroom apartment without bumping into any furniture. She opened the laptop and started at the screen for several minutes. Although she was tired, she was no longer feeling sleepy. She decided to complete some pending office work while she was at it. She pulled out a cigarette of a pack that was lying by the table and lit it. She breathed long, heavy puffs. Instantly she felt relaxed and calm.

By the time it was 4 AM, she'd smoked 5 cigarettes and her work was almost done. She smiled at her efficiency; she'd have a pretty laid back day at the office. Her thoughts were stirred by a soft rap on her door. She stopped her work and listened intently, waiting for another rap. There was none. She continued with her business when she heard another rap, a bit louder this time. She literally jumped out of her skin. Who could it be at this hour? She did not move from her place. Whoever it was, will probably go away. Or maybe not... should she shout out loud waiting for someone to come and see what was wrong?

'Hey, you in there? You awake? Its me! Open the door, quick!'

She recognized the voice instantly. It was her boyfriend. Perhaps he was out till late night, partying, she thought and she was not wrong. When she opened the door for him, she saw he was heavily drunk.

'Sorry, babe... was nearby, so instead of driving home, thought I'd spend the night with you.'

'It is almost morning, honey.' she reminded him. 'Anyway, you are so drunk I am amazed how you even reached here... do you know you scared me?' But he had not heard a single word from her. He was out cold on her futon. She let him lie there. She placed some anti hangover pills for him at the table like many times before and went to the bedroom to catch some sleep. Next day, while she went about her busy schedule, he'd loaf around her house till she came back. This wasn't so unusual of him to come to her place unannounced after a heavy drinking party.

She was jarred awake by some heavy banging on the main door. With bleary eyes and heavy head she sauntered to the main door. It was 7:30 AM.

'Who is this?' she asked.

'Ma'am, this is the police. We need to talk to you, it is important.'

What could be important so early? she wondered. Carefully, she opened the door to three uniformed, burly officers.

'Ma'am, early morning today we got a tip off that a murder suspect was seen coming into your house. We'd like to take a look around.'

'WHAT?? But no one came here.' She said that and instantly realized that her boyfriend was over. 'Sorry, I forgot. My boyfriend had come over... he was attending a party nearby and he just stopped over. They must have seen him. They were mistaken about the identity, of course'

'May we see him? May we talk to him?' said one of the three of them.

As far as they could see, he was no where in sight. She said maybe he was using the restroom. But when she checked that was empty too. He wasn't anywhere in the house.

'Ma'am, we hate to break the news to you. Your boyfriend is suspected to have been in a brawl that broke out at the nearby bar, and as the sources go, he was the one, who under the  influence of alcohol, beat the bartender to death. We are sorry, but if you have any information about him, we suggest you contact us at your earliest.'

'And ma'am, may I suggest, you may be in danger too. Do take care and let you know anything you hear about him.'

She looked at the futon, where just a few hours before, her murderer boyfriend lay. She looked at the untouched pills. She imagined his face in drunken stupor. He was brazen and wild, but could he have been inhuman enough to beat someone to death?

The roller coaster in her life was just about to begin...


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