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Sunday, 8 May 2011

Day 22 : Source Code

Disclaimer : This is not a movie review; this is a movie"MY view'. If you take my word and spend a lot to watch this movie and do not like it, I am not to be blamed.

Following many FB status messages praising the movie Source Code, we went to watch it today evening. Well, yes, the movie is praise worthy and I give it a thumbs up.

I suggest a must watch for those who like to see a movie, which keeps you thinking about the logic and makes you want to sort out the ending confusion. I am not saying that the movie is illogical or chaotic in anyway. It does take around the first 15-20 minutes to get a sense of what is happening around there. Once that happens, it has a smooth flow and consistent intensity. 

Source Code is not all computers here. It is somewhat like Inception, only better. Concept wise perhaps people may have liked Inception better than this, however I am rooting for this one because it did not take much time for me to understand the movie. For Inception, I couldn't make the head or tail of it till almost the very end.

My rating would be a 4/5. 

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  1. oh man.. you also watched it!! Someone needs to throw me a rope (read tickets) here...


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