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Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Freeing From Clutter

As childish as it may seem, crying helps a lot! It eases the mind like anything. In fact, I realize that venting helps to start afresh. A few days ago, I found my mind cluttered with all kinds of things - hurtful comments, bad fights, wrong accusations. These things have a way of creeping into your mind and growing like a crazy weed. I was thinking in a loop . These thoughts just wouldn't go away. They played and replayed till it hurt me anew. And there was no one at the moment to hear me out. Nor was I sure if I wanted to let someone else see these personal ghosts.

I got a book and a pen and I wrote and wrote till my hand ached. The words just came out. It was like taking dictations from somebody. I did not pause for even a second to collect my thoughts. I was so brimming with these emotions that they came oozing out. I had filled up six sides and when my hand stopped receiving signals naturally, all my worries were on the paper.

When I re read them, I was amazed at how much I was holding back. The pain, the hurt, the stress slipped away and I was feeling lighter. I haven't looked back at that writing again.

Some say scribbling hard helps, some say destroying something helps, and some more say screaming helps. Dealing with it in this manner, transforms your discomfort into something tangible. They just give you a temporary outlet to your current emotions; they do not free you from them. To truly cleanse your mind, that bad stuff needs to be out of your system, transferred onto/ into something that goes away. Cry it out. Let the steam out. Let your worries dissolve in tears or words and see them off.

Try it. It might succeed in taking some miseries off your life.


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