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Thursday, 2 July 2009


Well, ironically, I lay a red carpet for this tag since after I put up my rules for tags, no one tagged me. Sheesh!So, Aparna has been kind enough to pass on the tag that came her way to me and wants to know what are the few things that annoy me.

Annoyance for me are those few things that bring my two eyebrows together and an audible 'tsk tsk'. Doesn't anger me... though it dents my mood for a few seconds to a few minutes. My list here in a random order:

1. Bad Hair days:

I'm a finicky person when it comes to how I look. And the major contributor or should I say the trouble-maker is my hair. I believe in being presentable if not made-up. I don't favour 'just-out-of-the-bed' look at all. And since I have a combination of frizzy and curly hair, having my coiffure as I like it is a herculean task. Grrr!

*And anyone who asks me where I perm my hair - double, triple Grrrrr!*

2. Driving a four-wheeler on one and half-lane-ed road:

In Pune, rickshawalas are the kings of the roads. They own it. But I still can't accept it. The one and half lane-ed road that I talk about is wider than single lane and narrower than double lane. The Emperors will ride their chariots in such a way that it feels forever. Moreover, if I were to overtake from the right, I'd risk a head-on collision from the on-coming traffic.... and if I were to overtake from the left (which I generally avoid), I'd run over a pedestrian.

3. Drawn curtains:

A major issue at home. It annoys me to no end if I see drawn curtains. And my mom likes them otherwise. According to me, curtains should be drawn only while sleeping. Thats it. I like our house fully-lit, fresh and crisp. Mom draws, I undraw!

4. Certain ads:

That Hussein-wala lurid Harpic ad that shows a filthy loo, pops up each time I'm having my lunch. And I go 'PIIIIILEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES SWITCH IT OFF'
And the only thing that beats it is Amway ad and its pathetic "isse saaf karo" WC. 'Ewwwww....YUCK! Thats gross!

5. Over-enthu hosts:

I dread them. Those who enquire about the inane details of my life. They make it their concern if I don't have a boyfriend or if I've changed my shampoo recently!
And I'm even more petrified when they invite for lunch/ dinner. They keep on adding to the already existing pile of food mountain on my plate. 'Enough' and 'no more, thank you.' is naturally unheard of. And since I'm taught not to waste food, I'm often caught between the devil and the deep sea.

6. Snoopers on my blog:

People come, people read and they leave...just like that. It annoys me with a tinge of sadness. Let me confess, I write for others and for me... and in that order only. If I were to write for a preset group of people, I'd make my blog private, wouldn't I? Blog hoppers I somehow excuse, but there are those who'll come here time and again and leave w/o a single comment. Yes you. You! And you too!!

7. Parasitical NRIs:

Those who live off India and live-off India - They search for Indian stores abroad and hoard Maggies, ask their dutiful parents to pack Alphanso mangoes, find Indian, homely girls.... and they'll repay it by condemning everything that's related to India. In their fake accents, they'll narrate how their reality shows are superior than the desi version here. I do not disagree totally but the furour in which they defend their country is irritable.

and a few more....

8. Unclean Bathrooms Grrr!

9. Eternally D-U-H behaviour Grrrr!

10. Loud talkers Grrrr!

I'd love to know what annoys Nitin, Jayded and Shaili. Guys, time to visit the 'create post' once again!


  1. LOL!! Parasitical NRIs that is SO SO good loved that!I know quite a few of them abhaa the make me S.I.C.K. Blog hoppers, donnu how noone would want to leave a comment in your blog- you write so good! plus funny!

  2. ditto for the Harpic ad... eeeyuuuuu it is.

  3. i always draw the curtain and my mom before and now my daughter keeps undrawing it..sheeesh, I hate the can do the grrr on me now!! ditto abt the ads though pathetic totally and unclean bathrooms I second you completely!!

  4. big time cribbing challay huh? :) nice to read back to back posts from you... after quite some time...

  5. Yeah, so, where DO you perm your hair? :D

    Your ma and I would get along... we have the same ideas about curtains hehe.

    Oh and add feedjit or the flag counter.... you'll at least know who these blogsnoopers are.

  6. totally empathize on the bad hair days!!! i have identical hair... and yeah, i HATE being asked "where do u perm them?" WHY would anyone want hair like that!!! :D

    - i love drawing curtains...
    - neither of us is a parasitical NRI :D
    - there are a few ads here like that too.. but infrequent tv helps!
    - i feel bad abt lurkers/snoopers. it's like what they read isn't good enough to comment! :( and since i got that flag counter and feedjit... i'm obsessed! :(

    since u didn't tag me... i almost did the tag here! :D

  7. Aaarrghh!!! This has to stop!!! I am not gonna answer this one!!!!

  8. Sorry for arriving a day late. I was counting all those comments on my post. Uff, such a tiring job I tell you.
    So here I am ma'am.Indian flag. Bombay. India.(Is the blasted Feedjit showing it?).
    I never draw my curtains, even at night. I like the romantic moonlight. As hubby starts snoring as soon as his head hits the pillow, moon is my only source of romance.
    That awful Harpic ad should be taken off air. I am planning to file a PIL in Delhi high court. That court seems to be the only sane one in the country right now.
    Frizzy hair? You should see mine. It is an absolute fashion disaster.Once a crow mistook it for a nest and almost sat on it. I ducked on time.
    You already know my views on those snoopers.
    And those NRIs? Less said the better.
    I sincerely hope you forgive my long comment. I am still suffering from that bad annoyance tag virus.

  9. @ SJ,
    Hehehe.. thank you soo SO much! I guess the blog hoppers just don't get the humour. :D

    @ Jinu,
    Total, total eeeeeeyuuuu, it is!!

    @ Sujata,
    I won't grrr on you... but I'll join your ma and daughter's team. :D And ya, ditto on your point, word to word abt unclean bathrooms.

    @ Mukta,
    I'm a born cribber! :D Where are your posts btw?

    @ DDD,
    grrrrrrr! grrrrr! grrrrr! I'm not telling. secret hai!! :PPP

    everyone who asks us that question should be blessed with our type hair for the remaining 6 janams! besssht punishment, I tell you!
    - grrr!
    -ya ya, u rnt one of them. but there are others. :D
    -infrequent TV here too. but when it plays in the background while I'm having lunch or dinner, harpic ad will hamkhas play!!!
    -so am I obsessed with Feedjit. People from Japan and France come and read, pata hai?
    - I thought u'd done the tag. anyways, your a month a tag is already done. :P

    @ Nitin,
    I knew it! I knew it! anyways, I respect your decision, given the valid reason. so chill no issues.

    @ Aparna,
    ROFLOL!!! Lady, your comments leave me in spilts everytime!!!

    I guess we're gonna be divided in 2teams- one which likes the curtains drawn and the remaining in the other. And in my room along with the moonlight, the street light also enters. Not just that the light falls on the mirror and reflects in the whole room. Therefore, night time curtains MUST be drawn. Otherwise baaju main. :)

    And ya, I do not mind pages and pages long comments! I love them!

    The blasted Feedjit also shows Pune, Maharashtra, India everytime I stalk my own blog searching for comments. hehehehehhee....

    See my reply to your comment is as long. :)

  10. Well.. you have your "Ashton Kutcher" hat(in the pic). Then why do you worry about hair. Wear it on a bad hair day. :)

    Traffic can be terrible in Pune especially on road like Karve Road and MG Road. But Pune is the most laidback city. I love Pune! (me not a Punaikar).

    Agree with you on the Hussain ad. That guy should stop cleaning toilets!

  11. @ Nona,
    Thats my fav hat u'kno. But somehow my mom hates me wearing hats!! It's still got its limitations, though. I can't wear them at social functions *thse most special occasions where I'll necessarily have bad hair day*

  12. oops....logged on to my blog just now(after many many many days)...
    Shall take up this tag in some time.. :)

    P.S. I LOVE TOILET KOMODE ADS... yummmm(licks lips)

  13. ohisit? If that makes you a happy person; I genuinely hope it keeps playing on your tv endlessly!!!

    and yes ake up the tag. I'm curious to know what annoys you, if not the Harpic ad!

  14. HI PURNIMA i reached ur blog as i was luking for a pic of rajma rice for my daughter >> jinu's blog>> ur blog and was abt to leave after reading ur wonderful thoughts then i just saw dat it annoys you wen u c ppl leavng w/o comments ........
    so i thouht of writing so dat i m not frm d ones who annoys u ..... keep blogging ...

  15. @ Paruma,
    LOL. thanks for the comment. whats the use of writing if i don't get feedback?
    and yes, annoys me all the more as feedjit catches every visitor. even today i dunno who comes lurking on my blog from France and Japan!! :)

  16. I happened to read your blog. Very nice and heart warming..

  17. Hi Sreekumar!
    Thank you very much. :) welcome here :)

  18. Hi from a "snooper" from B'lore :D I have been following your blog ever since I stumbled across it sometime ago while I was googling for some french content. insightful posts. continuez ecrire!!

  19. Hi Snooper Rajat,
    :) welcome here! I hope u soon stop being a snooper n continue to comment as u have here. :) thanks again for reading my blog.

  20. :-)..loved the annoy-ing list.esp the Harpic one-it somehow plays exactly during meal times-and the snooper one-its discouraging when readers take the snooper route..

  21. Uma,

    thankfully i no longer have to go through the torture of watching it now! >:P

    and snoopers, arrrgh!


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