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Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Tagging RULES!

Tag is in the air. And seems like every friend, not-so-friend, blogger, not-so-commenter, would love to throw tags my way; even email tags; given a chance... when they fancy. Hey! I'm not against tags at all... Infact I love doing them. Its just like a star being interviewed. hehehe.... But blog filled with tags one after the other, kills the bloggers' creativity (atleast mine) and the blog's likeablility. Really, tell me, who reads tags? Except the person who has tagged you... and the person whom you tag. The latter will read only after he/ she has done the tag, for the fear of suffering a mental block in case he/ she reads the answers before answering them him/ herself.

In order to avoid the above complications arising therein and to avoid running a risk of losing readers/ blogger friends; I have decided to define 'tags' by setting certain rules for them, for myself.

Tag Rules :

1. 'A month, A tag' :: As most of you are already aware, I shall do a minimum of zero tag, and a maximum of one tag per month. Period. All my blogger friends are equally important, so Emomails; (emotional blackmails) like, 'I'm your phrend, no? do this one too'; will never really work.
Secondly, tags will not have tagger's name... they shall be titled according to the month they fall in. Eg. 'Feb tag', 'March tag' etc.
Thirdly, if in a month, I do not do a single tag, that does not mean the next month shall be entitled to do 2 tags. So I won't carry forward the number of tags.
*In rarest of rare cases, if I do 2 tags in a month, no one can show me point number 1 and confront me* muhahahahahaha

3. My blog is not an Inventory Works sheet... therefore no LIFO/ FIFO system will be used. Doing the tags, which one first, which one next, will solely depend on whether and how I like the tag (and NOT the tagger), my mood pattern, my ready-ness of answers, bloggers' block, etc.

4. Bloggers are free to tag me, but not to nag me. So anyone can tag me, any number of times... though when I'll take it up will depend completely on me. So nagging def won't help.

5. The above point is reciprocative. That means, after I do tags, I shall only name the person(s) whose answers I'd prefer to read. There shall not be any compulsion on the bloggers to absolutely take it up. You are free to do it or let it go. I will not NAG you. There, Nitin's given me a Thumbs up, already! :) and those who want to flick the tag can do that too.

6. Except pnt 5 & pnt 6, I may change the rules, without prior intimation. :P

Note : If anyone wants to flick my rules as well, I have no probs with that. I won't sue you. I haven't sued Rayshma for 'a month, a tag'.


  1. wow... u are sooo intalligant gerl.. u makses rules too!!

    (looks in awe!)


  2. hahaha!!! :D
    nice... me like!
    i thanks the yous for not the suing me! :D

    and i only nag galadriel and DDD to do my tags! :D

  3. This has reference to point no 5.

    By saying there wont be any conpulsion, are you including all the "emotional atyachaar's" like "there wont be comments on your pasts", "there wont be visitors for your blog for next 7 years", "bad luck will doom your blogging life" etc etc ?????

  4. @ Rachana,
    I no, I no. :) 2 bad u can't think of such things! :P *am i sounding meano already?*

    @ Rayshma,
    :D :D Lawyer was charging me a fortune, that cheat. thats why i decided not to. :D

    @ Nitin,
    That depends entirely on your beliefs regarding black magic/ bad/ good luck, lucky charm etc. I just give warnings... if not heeded to, I do not entertain complaints. :D There, "haanve haathu phaponu ghetle" :P

  5. hahahaha!! well well! we get the point PP!! :) and i owe u a loooong explanation, i know :(

    i am hoping i will be forgiven (even b4 i justify)


  6. ye tumne kya kar diya, Jinu! Main apne doston se aankhein nahi mila paa rahi!! nahiiii...
    tis ok gal, Infact tis me who shud be saying a sorry to you for cutting you short the other day! I, too, owe you an explanation, short one though! :) muuahh!

  7. Ja udat... me not sending u tag requests.... kattttttttttttttiiiii hmmff...

  8. aww, Come now! how long can we NOT chat with each other??

  9. I don see any tag here!!

  10. @ Ajan,
    there is no tag here!! these are my rules.
    tag is here,


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