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Thursday, 26 February 2009

25 I, Me, Myself

25 things about me! This was Jinu's idea on Fb. She'd long "tagged" me... and it took Shaili's this post to remind me about this one. Why am I taking it up? you ask... Clearly because I want to boast about the 25 lovable qualities in me. :D

1. I love to laugh till I gasp for breath and have tears in my eyes and others' eyes too (out of embarrassment). I know, I have mentioned this atleast a thousand times, but I cannot live without laughter. A silly tv ad or even over an incident which may have taken place years back, but which I remembered suddenly, can crack me up, irrespective of time/ place/ situation/ necessity.

2. There's one thing I cannot absolutely live without, and that is my family. I'm totally a family girl. So given a choice between anything and family, I choose my family. I cannot survive w/o my people. I have to come back home to my people.

3. I can make people laugh. Like even when they might be having a bad time. My tawdy sense of humour can make someone's day. And me loves it.

4. I can listen and am very trustworthy. So much so that I sometimes even surprise myself. If I'm confided in, you can be sure, I won't blab about it to anyone. Not even to those who do not know you personally. I can't think of betraying someone who's placed trust in me.

5. I cannot remember faces that I haven't talked to. So even if he/ she was a regular person at the bus stop, I still won't be able to recall his/ her face, in case I haven't spoken to him/ her.

6. I cannot stand guys who are incapable of speaking decently to girls. And those who think 'all-girls-are-born-flirts-so-I-can-hit-on-them-all-I-want' are permanently on my hate list.

7. Contrary to my earlier point, I adore guys who make you feel comfortable, right from the first conversation. Maybe this is because I have an elder brother is an absolute GOD when he speaks, to girls/ guys equally. So all my guy friends, with whom I chat/ talk, this is why.

8. I love food. But that doesn't mean I can stuff myself with it. People always get me wrong on this one and think I can manage putting down a whole plateful of chicken biryani, just because I am a chicken biryani fan.

9. I get turned off easily by bad English; be it grammar or spellings. So " I does...." or " I didn't saw..." is like THE crime of the century. Yes, I agree, I twist my English.... but I do know what is wrong. That means if I say "this was badder than that" then I'm excused. :D

10. I behave exactly the way you behave with me. If you are nice, I'm nice.... If you are bad, I am wait, make that horrible... and if you are an introvert, I'm an introvert too.

11. I can chatter non-stop like the world's gonna come to an end in 15 seconds and I can be dead silent that can even question my existence.

12. I, still, jumble up numbers. As in, if its written 1975... 99% chances that I read it 1957 and not even realise it. I've had bad time reading history... So many times I've post-poned our Independence yr to 1974.

13. I'm very well known for my "Listen, I'm hungry" ...anyone who's been in my company for more than one hr has been the victim of my continuous "I'm hungry" status.

14. Even though I'm a straight-talker, no nonsense, I-give-a-damn, type girl, I'm ultra sensitive. It's a different thing that I hardly show it... but you never know what may hurt me. I hate really, really, really do.

15. I proudly state this .. "I can cook a decent Konkani meal which tastes as nice as my mom makes it" .... Though true is the fact that I'm not sucha fan of cooking. Not that I do not enjoy the process, but you won't find me voluntarily entering the kitchen to make something.

16. I'm a seasoned procrastinator. I'll write about this some other time.

17. I'm a very moody person. This is the ruling party of my life. I need mood to chat, to blog, to eat, to talk, to study, to go out.... for anything literally. And that means, I get lectured most of the times for this trait of mine.

18. As against the popular belief regarding my hatred for animals.... Here's what I have to say :I love animals.... some on my plate and the rest of them in zoos. PERIOD.

19. For anything in my life, I'll never smoke. Ya I know this has come up un-asked for. But still that is one thing in life that I'm never, never, never, NEVER EVER, gonna do. My dad/maternal uncles/ paternal uncles, all smoke and that's why, me and my brother have grown up to HATE smoking and vowed never to touch the death stick. And I may not be vocal about this, but I do not like my friends/ acquaintances doing that either. Anyways trying to talk them out of it is useless... so I sincerely hope they just stop it themselves, without having me to cringe within.

20. People have wrong notions about me; that I have or rather should have a boyfriend. I'm always asked/ teased about my non-existent boyfriend. FYI, I do not have one, I've never had one, and future tense mein, I do not know. I have friends who are guys; but NO boyfriend. And I'm perfectly happy with the lack of one.

21. I can sometimes be very thick-headed and maybe you have to explain me over and over again why 2+2=4, since my brain will go in a switch off mode and will refuse to get the logic behind it. (P.S. this occurs when I'm hungry, so avoid trying to tell me something during that time)

22. I love people who smile a lot. Infact, lotsa my friends are my friends because they've smiled at me even before we were formally introduced to each other. Jinu and Pallavi being some examples.

23. I feel verrrry jittery when I have to go get my snap clicked. In all my passport/ visa snaps, I look like a murderess-on-the-loose.

24. I'm 24 yr old. hehehehehe... ;)

25. Next year I shall be 25 yr old at this time. LOL... enough!! too much strain on my brain. so this is gonna be it.


  1. OMG! there are so many similarities there! :D

  2. 3. Tell me about it!
    4. yes, I was starting to believe that anyway. :)
    6 7 9 11. TOTALLY with you!!
    14, 18 - me too!
    19 - :)
    20 - :O (you r too pretty for that!)
    22 - you love me for this, i know! :)
    24, 25 - little more strain would have helped us know you a bit better! :)

    very very nice!

  3. @ Rayshma,

    @ Jinu,
    I'd to read the whole post again to relate to them. hehe... and blv me 25 things abt me is too less.. there are lots and you know me is lazee?!

  4. @ Rayshma,
    inspirations not happening these days! :D

  5. hmph! so u hv a list here on ur blog finally! interestin! :)

    when u plannin to change ur template though?

  6. Declarations about self .. Hmm iska trigger kidhar ho sakta hai ????

  7. @ Shaili,
    kya karen ya..karna padta hai. :P and haan... i know template chg is due... but me not feelin like it. will see...suggestions welcome tho.

    @ Aparna,
    ye sab facebook ka kamaal hai, dost. '25 things abt me' is the most 'IN' thing there.

  8. 1,2,3 and 4--you could have been describing me!
    Faces--i remember very well--even after 20 years! :)
    I too can cook a great konkani meal :)
    Cheers and thanks for stopping by.

  9. @ Preeti akka,
    Welcome to my blog! good to know I've ppl around me who can relate to my traits. :)

  10. @ Nitin,
    :) well, not totally... these are just 25 things... ;)


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