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Monday, 9 March 2009

Update - 9th March '09

Hi all,

Some update from my side.

I'm gng to Sg to my brother's place this Saturday for it is Baby J's 2nd birthday and V needs some help with his french. That extends my stay for a full month and half. As much as I'm gonna enjoy it there, I'll miss my stuff back home. There's still a whoop of joy that I can manage there, since I'll be carrying my lappy... that means I'll stay connected. :) Yet, I cannot promise you when my next post will make its appearance. :( DDD, Rayshma and Rasna, patience dearies.

I have a lot of blog posts happening in my tiny brain, right now. Lekin time constraints, people!! Can hardly find time to sit with a peaceful mind that doesn't wander around even without provocation. There are Baby J tales, Bagga tales and a very emotional post that HAS to be put up here. Do bug me for them. Else they'll stay forever in my mind.

I've resolved things NOT to do at Sg, throughout my stay :

1. Be lured by the amazing palate of food the food-courts offer.
2. Buy clothes even if they are free.
3. Think of buying stilettos even when I know I can't walk in them. :
4. Give in to V's and my SIL's pampering; for anything; literally.

Siiiigh! gotta go back to packing, unpacking, repacking, super-packing, hyper-packing and finance management.

Will see you people soon enough.

Truly, yours truly,



  1. OMG!!! I LOVE Sg!!!! Lucky you! Have loads of fun there and DO hose posts, on the plane if you have to but write them out :D

    Take care and enjoy your semi-vacation!

  2. i'll miss u

    have fun


    (wails, bawls, cries, mumbles incoherently and faints)

  3. arre?? WHY will you not eat, shop???
    as for the stilletos... u can buy for me!! i can walk.. and look good in them! :D
    hehehehee!!! :D
    have a wonderful time!!!
    and DO those posts.

  4. @ DDD,
    thanks for the plane wala suggestion. Will show-off to those "plastic-smiles" air hostesses! :) and will DO the posts.

    @ Rachana,
    ok. we have discussed this on chat. But still, I shall certainly MRS you! ;)

    @ Dewdrop,
    I've done the tag already, dear. :) anyways, thanks for thinking about me to do the tag! *huggss*

    @ Rayshma,
    I will refrain from eating b'coz I don't wanna come home as an all rounder. :P and I won't shop, coz mere cupboard main no space. looking at my last time's shopping, mum's given me an ultimatum. She's gonna take a look at my bags and then decide whether I come home or go back to Singapore. :P *not that I mind really*

  5. guess is singapore, though singnapur also has sg as its abbr :P). In keeping with my guess, here's wishing you a happy trip. Have funs(notice usage of plural version). See, i want you to have fun many times over in sg :D

  6. @ Mithun,
    Thankses!!! See, even I used the plural form of "Thanks". :) and I'm gng to Singapore :). as far as I know, there are no flights available from Pune to Singnapur!?

    @ Shaili,
    You bet, I will! :)

  7. Hey babe... have fun enjoy... Maybe u cud buy stillettos for me.. u know i have always wanted to learn to walk in them :P See ya soon

  8. Ahem... Baby J!!!... thats what they call me you know!!!

  9. @ Tejaswini,
    I think I'll answer to your comment personally. ;) Remind me.

    @ Jayded,
    :| :| :| D-U-H! Aiyyem speechless!


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