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Friday, 13 March 2009

At the Airport,

after the security check, getting bored in the waiting area, blogging thru' my lappy, showing-off, trying to look important like the five others. :) I'm zapped at the beautification of the Chatrapati Shivaji Airport, Mumbai. Its quite good, going by the look it had, just the previous year. Impressed! There's stuff to see around... like just see... Gucci, Swarowski, and some perfume shops... (no biiiiig book shop though :( )... and places where u can eat, KFC, Pizza Hut, CCD...

Had to shell Rs. 130 for a cheese sandwich and rs 100 for coffee and idli!!! I think I shud chuck off the 3 !, since I should have seen that coming, innit?

We sailed through the check-in, immigration and the security check smoothly. The staff was courteous too! Guess they finally have learnt their etiquettes while communicating to the passengers. :D

Lotsa passengers, whiling their time. And one that caught my attention was an Indian female donning an "I Love NY" T-shirt, heading for Sg. Why couldn't she buy 'I love my India' T, is out of my comprehension... and fortunately, I don't see any children, that means I can have a peaceful flight, without the stupid brats running in the aisle area. Me is positively beaming!!!

Some Parag fellow has given his pre- boarding speech. so i better get ready to pack my lappy and leave. Will blog when in Sg. :)


  1. yenjaaaaaiiii! and dont forget to stand somewhere and stare at the ground!

  2. my wishes for a children filled flight and shopping filled Sg trip :P :P

    come soon.... online, i mean! :P

  3. I'm guessing that SG = Singapore...
    In which case you will DIE seeing the Changi airport.. DIE...
    Its 3 and a half frigging kilometres of dutyfree.. so long that you cant walk - so you have translocators (horizontal escalators) to aid you!!!

    Im sorry to say that your famous CST will be made to look like Dharavi when compared to Cuff-parade (wrt housing ofcourse)

  4. hehe... hope u have a peaceful flight... and have some good in-flight entertainment. movies & games... not humans!

    i LOVE airports. i always reach early for my flights coz i love spending time at the airport.

    see u soon from SG! :D

  5. Who's Parag? And why'd he making pre-boarding speeches? And why're you listening to them?! :D

    Man I detest the prices at airports now... bleddy expensive food has become :(

    Lucky you that the staff have learbed etiquette... I seem to get saddled with the grumpiest of the lot every single time!!!

    Have fun! Blog from Sg real soon and post photus too!

  6. He He!!! I can understand!!! One always wants to feel important, especially when waiting at an airport, more so at an international airport!!!

    Anyways have a nice trip!! Take care!!!

  7. @ Jinu,
    Nopes can't do that here. I might end up in jail... :) It might be illegal here u'know? :D

    @ Rachana,
    :P :P ppphhhbbtt... No childraans on flight. and am online already. But this isn't free!! :(

    @ Jayded,
    Sg here, indeed means Singapore. Everytym when I enter Sg, aiyyem so keen to meet my brother n family, that I tend to ignore the sights n sounds of the airport... and while leaving, aiyyem in no mood to even look left n right.

    @ Rayshma,
    Well, this tym there wasn't any good in-flight entertainment. :(... otherwise the journey was uneventful and peaceful. As predicted and desperately hoped, No childraans. :)

    @ DDD,
    :D, My ears perked up as soon as Mr. Parag announced our flight numero. As for burning a hole in my pocket, I rilly dint have a choice, u'kno? Pune se 6 AM ko nikal ke, waiting long hours at the airport w/o any food was un-thinkable.

    And finally, speaking of courtesy, yes, I was shocked myself. They did not treat any of us like cheap dirt... no rude comebacks or making faces at requests... they even SMILED. hehehehe...

  8. @ Nitin,
    yes! Laptop Zindabad!!

  9. Oh :D Good to hear! Yeah when I go home to Mysore I have like four hour stop-overs and spending on food is always a guaranteed put-outer. Just as well that I can't eat much when I'm travelling then :P

    @Jayded: The duty-free area at Changi might be that long but it really lacks variety la ... I rather like London airport for duty-free shopping :D


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