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Monday, 16 March 2009

Le Commencement

V and me had our first session of french lessons yesterday. :\

First, he wanted to check if the teacher, herself knew anything about french. So I was supposed to be honoured to be interviewed by this prestigeous student. Well, here I was saying "i-don't-know-what-this-word-means, i-have-not-heard-this-word-before" to all kinds of weird words that he was finding in the bilingual dictionary.

This is one student who's gonna keep me on my toes, asking me the history behind every word that is spelt wrong, pronounced wrong. :\ and this teacher's gonna whack him for every nonsensical questions. He won't even complain to his parents. ;)

Snippet from our comical class yesterday :

Me : ... fine now that we finished learning how to tell time... how will you tell when it'll be 10:36 AM?

V : no one will ask me 10:36 AM.

Me : why not? One can show you a digital clock which shows 10:36 and ask you to tell the time. what will you say? Now tell, Quelle heure est-il? (what time is it?)

V : After 4 mins, it'll be 10:40.

Me : WHAT?!

V : * triumphantly smiling at his witty answer *

After the class, when SIL asked me how the class was, I said "well, this must be the first time ever in history, and maybe, even in the future... the teacher was looking at the watch intently, waiting for the class to get over."


  1. i am guessing the teacher was so caught up in finding her handsfree and packing... that it didn't occur to her to refresh her french-speaking skills, eh? ;)

    never underestimate ur student! :D
    have fun!! :D
    but rber... u may forget the french u knew... after these classes! hahaha! :D

  2. Hey! no way! I did french matlab, one can't expect me to know the dictionary by-heart re. And my student's already givin me a big time inferiority complex. he learns things faster than I can explain! :D

  3. Haha!
    Smart students always give teachers a run for their euros ;-)

    Chanced upon your blog.
    Nice :)

  4. Hey Anish,
    Welcome to my blog and Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment too.

    I always manage to keep a step ahead of my smart students :) ... but this student also happens to be my blood-related, elder brother and I stand a very little chance to outsmart him... rather he knows how to twist my arm and make me agree to his ways.

  5. ROFLOL.... =)) =)) =))

    Kewl... outsmarted :P

  6. lol how cute!

    I wanna learn frech tooo, Purnima!

  7. @ Tj,
    you could say that and I won't take any offence there.

    @ Shaili,
    C'mon lazybones, I ain't got whole day to wait for you. Step up fassst! ;)

  8. Ha Ha Ha... witty answer!!!

  9. Waaaaah!!! No one's emphatized with the teacher!! How byaad!

  10. i think you shd be glad to get a student like him..
    atleast you wont be bored teaching with lack of response like what we are giving our lecturers in my clg.

  11. Hi Amal,

    Warm welcome, at first!

    u'kno, I'm more than glad to have him on my students' list. and u bet there isn't a single boring moment with him around. :) and I know how irritating it can be when students draw a blank face when I explain stuff. (not that I dint do it when I was a student myself)

  12. Hey Jagjit,

    welcome and thanks!


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