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Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Random Update

I'm still here. Fine and eating and  most importantly, sleeping! Jr.'s arrival is probably a week or ten days away. So this is real test of time. It is dragging and dragging.

Every time I sleep, I dream of my baby. Once I saw a boy, second time I saw a girl and third time I didn't know the gender. So I guess I really have no preference for a boy or a girl. I'll be happy with either of them. :) :)

I am due for a USG and doc appointment tomorrow and the day after, resp. I'll probably have something solid to say on when Jr. is planning his/ her arrival. hee!

BTW, I wonder if the preggyfection is getting to all my friends. Everyone's following the suit! :)

I am 90% gonna have a C-section. But then, you never know. Here I might be thinking about evading the labor pains and Jr. might just change his/her mind and position. :P I know I am impulsive; guess Jr.'s too!

We have baby names ready; well since a very long time. And I absolutely luuuuuv them! No, I am not revealing the alphabet. Keep guessing until I tell you.

I am reading blogs regularly like I did earlier. Just this time I am not commenting, because I feel terribly lazy to click on the link. Similarly there are a lot of blog posts in my head too that I wish I could do but I am not doing them.

I attended my best friend's reception and gathered a lot of attention and "all the bests" from many.  Ooooo... I loved being the center of attention! Every one said that I don't look fat. That creamed me.

That reminds me, last time I said I hadn't put on any weight. Taking the comment to heart my dear KK stuffed me with food for whole 7 days and that showed on the doc's weighing scale. I'd put on 2 kgs in one week! :O

KK had his birthday the previous week. And I didn't buy him a gift, neither had any surprise planned like I'd done last year.  It was quite family affair. My dad surprised us by getting a cake and flowers. It was followed by a family dinner in a nearby restaurant.

Well, that's about it for now. Will probably update once again day after.

:) :) :)

Monday, 19 December 2011

December Update II

Just a week back got a colour doppler USG. That's some fancy way of checking the baby. :P Anyway, last time I mentioned Jr. was lying in oblique position, this time however, s/he is not. Jr. decided to play hopscotch with the long long umbilical cord and as a result has gotten it looped around his/ her neck (loosely), not once but twice. Yeah, Jr. seems to be naughty already!

Despite me hogging all day like a pig, my weight has not increased even by half a kg, which invited "You need to eat more" from the doc. I don't know how much more I can manage eating when I am reaching for the food plate very 15-20 mins. *And I am eating everything, from chicken to fish to veggies to yummies* Sigh!

Meanwhile, the doc has asked to wait until the 28th December... to take it lying down till then, which means total bed rest. And there would be a final USG to check for Jr. updates. I am most likely to have C-section.

So, am I scared or upset? I thought I would be, but I am not. In fact I am more irritated when I learnt the tailor lady has misplaced my saree blouse! I wanna blow her head off! I was planning to wear that saree for my best friend's reception which falls this Sunday!

Another Jr. news :: Since Friday night, s/he suddenly became lethargic and hence kicked and tumbled less.  That was enough to bring my heart in my throat. No amount of pushing and poking the bump made any difference. I made KK cancel his plan to attend office picnic and rushed to the doc.

As soon as we reached the hospital and Jr. heard doc's voice, s/he was back in action, showing his/ her favorite antics. The heartbeats were normal too. Phew!!!! !!!!! *Now I somehow understand mom's phone call whenever I came home late* 

Currently, night time has become like circus. I wake up at odd times, either to eat or to complain about my sciatic nerve pain or to pee or to drink water or I wake up just like that.

Though, I would love to update it after the next doc visit, I dunno if I will be able to. I have been advised to lie down as much as possible.

Ending note : I am terribly excited, now that the countdown has finally begun (and that there is uncertainty on when the doc's gonna get me delivered) and humongous amount of curiosity - baby boy or baby girl!

BTW, my best friend Shweta gave birth to a baby boy, AVI, C section. Both are doing well... and I am so excited for them too!!!!!!

Saturday, 3 December 2011

The Day He Didn't Propose Me...

Every love marriage has a proposal day. Even we have our proposal day, but with a difference. He didn't "propose" me. He did it but didn't really do it. Confusing, isn't it?

That day for us was December 3rd, 2009. I expected it to be a normal working day for me at the office. And, it was. We both used to be online, working and chatting with a dozen people. However, my first priority and preference would always be KK. Yes, I nurtured a special place for him, but was still unsure myself. I hadn't yet acknowledged my feelings, let alone confessing it to KK. 

A light flirt that he was, he would warn me that he'll come and whisk me away for a candle light dinner. I crunched his hopes by saying - ask my parents, if they say yes, I might think about it. One day he declared that he would come to my office with a bouquet of roses, just so that my colleagues will start gossiping about me. Again I punched hole in his high hopes by saying you have to find out where I work. Such was our harmless teasing- flirting bit. Whatever we talked about, he was never indecent. He never teased too much, nor did he ever cross his limits. He was never desperate. It was pure friendship on the borderline of flirtism. * I make good words

This day that year, while chatting merrily, he suddenly went silent. I asked him if he ran away. 

"Nope, I am waiting for you to come at the train station. Just like SRK in DDLJ"

I knew the crazy streak in him had started playing. Somewhere there, my doubts got better of me and perhaps I was fed up of this chor-police chuppa chuppi; I asked him if he was serious. From there on, the conversation started taking a serious bend. He said he was never as serious and wanted to take all this ahead. I still find it hard to translate those feelings of mine in words. To talk freely, I asked him to give me a call. The moment he said "hello", I decided I am marrying this guy. He had a wonderful voice, which matched his personality. (We'd never talked before on phone)

We talked for half an hour, discussing how and what of everything. By the time I cut the call, I was shaking and my palms were sweating. He didn't say those words, he didn't ask me that question. Yet it was magical talking to him. We had reached a decision. A decision that we didn't know whether it was a wise one or not. A decision that would not only change our lives but our families lives too forever. It was just a beginning. I had to talk to my parents; he'd a lot of explanation to give to his parents. Getting parental approval seemed like a humongous task. The situation was impossible and logically no parents would say a yes to such a relationship, where the boy and the girl had never seen each other and still claimed mutual love. 

This will throw some light on why KK had to do some manao-ing to his parents (all because of me). 

That was 2 years back. And this is today. What has changed? Perhaps nothing, perhaps a lot. We have realised that our decision, though seemed doubtful and impulsive at that time, was the right one. We have never once regretted it. There are ups and downs, but we have managed them well. Love is deepening, friendship is deeper, respect remains intact. We are still discovering traits in each other. It is fun to find layers in myself and in him. Headiness of love with zing of responsibility, tempering of arguments and a lot of fun thrown in makes an intoxicating concoction. 

2 years later, my waist has become vast; my tummy, earlier size 0 is now shape 0. The weighing scale is screaming for mercy (47 kgs to 65 kgs, is no joke). The clothes shopwala salesman, who never dared to show me stuff above M, now smiles wickedly and says "This is the biggest size available, XXXL" Of course, there's a beautiful reason behind my explosion of size. And that's my Jr. Our Jr. - who brings us closer than where we are right now. 

This day is filled with small memories, surprises, fear, romantic illusions, dreams, ticklish feelings, and so many things that I have not mentioned here. It seems as fresh as everything happened today. I want this feeling to last forever. I may seem like a sappy, romantic lunatic with hearts in my eyes. That's what true love has brought out in me. One right person is all you need to make everything feel like heaven. I have found him and I am proud to have him. 

BTW, in case you are wondering, there's still no sign of candle light dinner, nor has he gone down on his knees, nor has he appeared at the doorstep with a bouquet of roses in his hand. :P (P.S. He did send me roses soon after this chapter, then again for my b'day and then again for V day which falls just 2 days after my b'day)

KK, do I have to tell you that I am in love with you, madly, deeply, immensely?!

I leave you with our romance song which was 

December Update

Yeah, the last month of preggyness!

The doc visit was as usual. She was pretty happy with my baby's weight gain. I am heavy at 65 kgs now :D But seriously, I don't feel that heavy. My blood pressure and Jr's heartbeats are normal and healthy.

Jr is currently lying in head down, but oblique position. So gyn has asked me to continue with the exercises and try to coax the baby into current position. I have started scolding telling Jr. that s/he needs to move else it could be C-section.

Of course, there is in fact nothing to be worried about yet, as it seems there are still 15 days left for the baby to actually settle in to a final position. Nevertheless, docs will be docs and warn, they will. :)

Other than that, how am I you ask? I am fine, except for the massive physical discomfort that comes along with 9th month. Twisting and turning at night is a HUGE headache. I feel broken in half a dozen places with bones rattling and Jr. merrily kicking from inside. Thankfully, I am still away from exhaustion. Walking has now started to become a duck waddle. Yeah, despite the fact that I don't have a bump that's gigantic, I look funny when I walk! Have I mentioned that the girl who had to be told to walk slow, now tells others to walk like grandmas?

My stomach is somewhere in the throat and, is full within a few grains of food. Gravity is working overtime. Anything and everything that I hold falls on the ground and I am not even allowed to crib about it!!! X(

I sleep on my left, Jr. tumbles to the left and starts tickling me. I sleep on my right and Jr. tumbles to the right and starts tickling me. I sleep on my back; back starts complaining. Jr. still kicks. While I try to attain a balance between what Jr. wants and my comfort, I am thirsty. I have to haul myself in a sitting position and drink water. With immense effort,  lot of aah, ooohs later when I finally manage lie down, the bladder starts talking. Repeat, Repeat, Repeat and wonder "When did I become like this?"!

Amidst all this nocturnal drama, concerned husband asks, "Anything wrong?!" to which I answer, "Nothing, I am just pregnant!"


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