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Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Random Update

I'm still here. Fine and eating and  most importantly, sleeping! Jr.'s arrival is probably a week or ten days away. So this is real test of time. It is dragging and dragging.

Every time I sleep, I dream of my baby. Once I saw a boy, second time I saw a girl and third time I didn't know the gender. So I guess I really have no preference for a boy or a girl. I'll be happy with either of them. :) :)

I am due for a USG and doc appointment tomorrow and the day after, resp. I'll probably have something solid to say on when Jr. is planning his/ her arrival. hee!

BTW, I wonder if the preggyfection is getting to all my friends. Everyone's following the suit! :)

I am 90% gonna have a C-section. But then, you never know. Here I might be thinking about evading the labor pains and Jr. might just change his/her mind and position. :P I know I am impulsive; guess Jr.'s too!

We have baby names ready; well since a very long time. And I absolutely luuuuuv them! No, I am not revealing the alphabet. Keep guessing until I tell you.

I am reading blogs regularly like I did earlier. Just this time I am not commenting, because I feel terribly lazy to click on the link. Similarly there are a lot of blog posts in my head too that I wish I could do but I am not doing them.

I attended my best friend's reception and gathered a lot of attention and "all the bests" from many.  Ooooo... I loved being the center of attention! Every one said that I don't look fat. That creamed me.

That reminds me, last time I said I hadn't put on any weight. Taking the comment to heart my dear KK stuffed me with food for whole 7 days and that showed on the doc's weighing scale. I'd put on 2 kgs in one week! :O

KK had his birthday the previous week. And I didn't buy him a gift, neither had any surprise planned like I'd done last year.  It was quite family affair. My dad surprised us by getting a cake and flowers. It was followed by a family dinner in a nearby restaurant.

Well, that's about it for now. Will probably update once again day after.

:) :) :)


  1. hey all the very best!!!
    hope to hear the good news very soon. Take care..

  2. yeyy naam bathao na :P aur suno, agar normal delivery ka koi bhi chance ho tho go for it teek hein? dont think of the pain, it wud be good for you in the long term. all the very best. bless u.

  3. all the best purnima....
    again a nice post :)

  4. all the best purnima....
    lovely post :)

  5. Thanks to each one of you for all the wishes and encouragement!

    Sawan : not until 12 days after Jr. is born will you come to know Jr.'s name. :) and yeah, I am not rooting for C section either. Currently however, that seems the safest way to deliver my breech baby. :)


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