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Monday, 19 December 2011

December Update II

Just a week back got a colour doppler USG. That's some fancy way of checking the baby. :P Anyway, last time I mentioned Jr. was lying in oblique position, this time however, s/he is not. Jr. decided to play hopscotch with the long long umbilical cord and as a result has gotten it looped around his/ her neck (loosely), not once but twice. Yeah, Jr. seems to be naughty already!

Despite me hogging all day like a pig, my weight has not increased even by half a kg, which invited "You need to eat more" from the doc. I don't know how much more I can manage eating when I am reaching for the food plate very 15-20 mins. *And I am eating everything, from chicken to fish to veggies to yummies* Sigh!

Meanwhile, the doc has asked to wait until the 28th December... to take it lying down till then, which means total bed rest. And there would be a final USG to check for Jr. updates. I am most likely to have C-section.

So, am I scared or upset? I thought I would be, but I am not. In fact I am more irritated when I learnt the tailor lady has misplaced my saree blouse! I wanna blow her head off! I was planning to wear that saree for my best friend's reception which falls this Sunday!

Another Jr. news :: Since Friday night, s/he suddenly became lethargic and hence kicked and tumbled less.  That was enough to bring my heart in my throat. No amount of pushing and poking the bump made any difference. I made KK cancel his plan to attend office picnic and rushed to the doc.

As soon as we reached the hospital and Jr. heard doc's voice, s/he was back in action, showing his/ her favorite antics. The heartbeats were normal too. Phew!!!! !!!!! *Now I somehow understand mom's phone call whenever I came home late* 

Currently, night time has become like circus. I wake up at odd times, either to eat or to complain about my sciatic nerve pain or to pee or to drink water or I wake up just like that.

Though, I would love to update it after the next doc visit, I dunno if I will be able to. I have been advised to lie down as much as possible.

Ending note : I am terribly excited, now that the countdown has finally begun (and that there is uncertainty on when the doc's gonna get me delivered) and humongous amount of curiosity - baby boy or baby girl!

BTW, my best friend Shweta gave birth to a baby boy, AVI, C section. Both are doing well... and I am so excited for them too!!!!!!


  1. During the last month the activities tend to slow down due to decrease in space inside. What my doc has asked me to do was, to make sure she kicked every 5 hrs.. Number of kickings not imp now.. so chill

  2. aah..cord around the neck..common occurrence..sometimes, the baby comes off the loop too..but glad u r taking the C-section likelihood in your stride..i have heard of people losing their peace of mind over it and feeling unnecessarily guilty.
    Best of luck to you and jr..
    did u get the saree blouse? I would be mad at the tailor too!

  3. I was supposed to deliver on 28th but the One Who Is Not Named Yet decided to grace us with his presence earlier.

    all the best- and do update please.

  4. vanni : yeah... kicks that day seemed dramatically less... so wanted to make sure everything was fine since the doc had told abt the cord thing too.

    Uma : C section or otherwise, I just want my baby in my arms! God! 9 months I am guessing whether I'll have a son or a daughter!

    Don't ask abt the blouse episode. She lost it. and gave me rs. 500 as compensation. now when i look at the saree there are tears in my eyes! :'( and I went to my friend's reception wearing a tunic and maternity salwar. *sulk*

    Minal : My fnd was supposed to deliver in the new year, but he decided to come early too. and yes, update I will!


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