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Saturday, 3 December 2011

The Day He Didn't Propose Me...

Every love marriage has a proposal day. Even we have our proposal day, but with a difference. He didn't "propose" me. He did it but didn't really do it. Confusing, isn't it?

That day for us was December 3rd, 2009. I expected it to be a normal working day for me at the office. And, it was. We both used to be online, working and chatting with a dozen people. However, my first priority and preference would always be KK. Yes, I nurtured a special place for him, but was still unsure myself. I hadn't yet acknowledged my feelings, let alone confessing it to KK. 

A light flirt that he was, he would warn me that he'll come and whisk me away for a candle light dinner. I crunched his hopes by saying - ask my parents, if they say yes, I might think about it. One day he declared that he would come to my office with a bouquet of roses, just so that my colleagues will start gossiping about me. Again I punched hole in his high hopes by saying you have to find out where I work. Such was our harmless teasing- flirting bit. Whatever we talked about, he was never indecent. He never teased too much, nor did he ever cross his limits. He was never desperate. It was pure friendship on the borderline of flirtism. * I make good words

This day that year, while chatting merrily, he suddenly went silent. I asked him if he ran away. 

"Nope, I am waiting for you to come at the train station. Just like SRK in DDLJ"

I knew the crazy streak in him had started playing. Somewhere there, my doubts got better of me and perhaps I was fed up of this chor-police chuppa chuppi; I asked him if he was serious. From there on, the conversation started taking a serious bend. He said he was never as serious and wanted to take all this ahead. I still find it hard to translate those feelings of mine in words. To talk freely, I asked him to give me a call. The moment he said "hello", I decided I am marrying this guy. He had a wonderful voice, which matched his personality. (We'd never talked before on phone)

We talked for half an hour, discussing how and what of everything. By the time I cut the call, I was shaking and my palms were sweating. He didn't say those words, he didn't ask me that question. Yet it was magical talking to him. We had reached a decision. A decision that we didn't know whether it was a wise one or not. A decision that would not only change our lives but our families lives too forever. It was just a beginning. I had to talk to my parents; he'd a lot of explanation to give to his parents. Getting parental approval seemed like a humongous task. The situation was impossible and logically no parents would say a yes to such a relationship, where the boy and the girl had never seen each other and still claimed mutual love. 

This will throw some light on why KK had to do some manao-ing to his parents (all because of me). 

That was 2 years back. And this is today. What has changed? Perhaps nothing, perhaps a lot. We have realised that our decision, though seemed doubtful and impulsive at that time, was the right one. We have never once regretted it. There are ups and downs, but we have managed them well. Love is deepening, friendship is deeper, respect remains intact. We are still discovering traits in each other. It is fun to find layers in myself and in him. Headiness of love with zing of responsibility, tempering of arguments and a lot of fun thrown in makes an intoxicating concoction. 

2 years later, my waist has become vast; my tummy, earlier size 0 is now shape 0. The weighing scale is screaming for mercy (47 kgs to 65 kgs, is no joke). The clothes shopwala salesman, who never dared to show me stuff above M, now smiles wickedly and says "This is the biggest size available, XXXL" Of course, there's a beautiful reason behind my explosion of size. And that's my Jr. Our Jr. - who brings us closer than where we are right now. 

This day is filled with small memories, surprises, fear, romantic illusions, dreams, ticklish feelings, and so many things that I have not mentioned here. It seems as fresh as everything happened today. I want this feeling to last forever. I may seem like a sappy, romantic lunatic with hearts in my eyes. That's what true love has brought out in me. One right person is all you need to make everything feel like heaven. I have found him and I am proud to have him. 

BTW, in case you are wondering, there's still no sign of candle light dinner, nor has he gone down on his knees, nor has he appeared at the doorstep with a bouquet of roses in his hand. :P (P.S. He did send me roses soon after this chapter, then again for my b'day and then again for V day which falls just 2 days after my b'day)

KK, do I have to tell you that I am in love with you, madly, deeply, immensely?!

I leave you with our romance song which was 


  1. Nice one Purni..Reminded me of our first talk which falls in the same month two years ago...those were the days..Anyway all the best dear:-) take care..

  2. oh what a romantic lovely much warmth and full from the heart..
    Wishing you guys lots of happiness, always..
    hmm..i did see the track update on FB, so this is the reason ;-)

  3. Sweet! :) Happy Spl Anniversary :) Interestingly, Tum Mile is a spl song for me too, it was my caller tune when I got engaged! :) :)

  4. Manjula & Nandita : It's an inexplicable feeling, being in love. I am glad you girls share the same feelings as mine!

    Uma : Thank u! :)

  5. Ah! a lovely post about love!!! Belated wishes and don't worry about the waist size it will turn to normal :)

  6. Smita : Thnx for the wishes and the reinforcement ki waist will be back to normal! :)

  7. Been a while since I visited your blog, and what a pleasant surprise. Congrats!! :)

  8. Good that some love stories have a happy ending. Falling in love without even seeing someone is quite risky. But then, instinct always guides us in the right direction. It was good to read this, wishing you a happy new year!

  9. ES : Falling in love with an unseen guy was indeed risky, I agree. But now that I see around me, i think every relationship is as risky and vulnerable, unless the two people involved in it take pro active steps to lead it in a right direction. :) Welcome here!

  10. Hi Purnima! Nice reading your story... It reminds me of mine...well... I feel head over heels in love with a person i never saw...and after about 2 and a half years of dating...of thinking, trying to convince parents and stuff, we got married recently... Sure instincts have their own way of showing us the right direction..
    And all the best to you.
    PS. I arrived here from Preeti shenoy's blog..and glad to visit you :)


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