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Saturday, 3 December 2011

December Update

Yeah, the last month of preggyness!

The doc visit was as usual. She was pretty happy with my baby's weight gain. I am heavy at 65 kgs now :D But seriously, I don't feel that heavy. My blood pressure and Jr's heartbeats are normal and healthy.

Jr is currently lying in head down, but oblique position. So gyn has asked me to continue with the exercises and try to coax the baby into current position. I have started scolding telling Jr. that s/he needs to move else it could be C-section.

Of course, there is in fact nothing to be worried about yet, as it seems there are still 15 days left for the baby to actually settle in to a final position. Nevertheless, docs will be docs and warn, they will. :)

Other than that, how am I you ask? I am fine, except for the massive physical discomfort that comes along with 9th month. Twisting and turning at night is a HUGE headache. I feel broken in half a dozen places with bones rattling and Jr. merrily kicking from inside. Thankfully, I am still away from exhaustion. Walking has now started to become a duck waddle. Yeah, despite the fact that I don't have a bump that's gigantic, I look funny when I walk! Have I mentioned that the girl who had to be told to walk slow, now tells others to walk like grandmas?

My stomach is somewhere in the throat and, is full within a few grains of food. Gravity is working overtime. Anything and everything that I hold falls on the ground and I am not even allowed to crib about it!!! X(

I sleep on my left, Jr. tumbles to the left and starts tickling me. I sleep on my right and Jr. tumbles to the right and starts tickling me. I sleep on my back; back starts complaining. Jr. still kicks. While I try to attain a balance between what Jr. wants and my comfort, I am thirsty. I have to haul myself in a sitting position and drink water. With immense effort,  lot of aah, ooohs later when I finally manage lie down, the bladder starts talking. Repeat, Repeat, Repeat and wonder "When did I become like this?"!

Amidst all this nocturnal drama, concerned husband asks, "Anything wrong?!" to which I answer, "Nothing, I am just pregnant!"


  1. LOL!!! You know once I delivered and the trips to loo decreased I started feeling as if am not doing something hehehe...

    So the Baby is in a breach position haan? I too was in similar situation & thus had planned C- Sec :)

    Enjoy this last month of peace & be ready for sudden spurts of heave hungriness :)

  2. Smita : well, thanks! although physically my body can be hardly described as peaceful! Night time is a nightmare for me. :P Sometimes Jr. jams his/ her legs in my rib cage making it difficult for me to breathe! Lekin maa toh maa hoti hai, I walk up and down and knock him/ her off balance. :)

  3. hahaha..loved the last line!
    last few weeks are so painfully slow..just feel like pushing the baby out right then! :-)

  4. I love your honest, sincere and heartfelt! What's more... I am very happy to read about you and your baby's health. I would love to come meet you and the lil' one if I happen to visit Pune in January. Take care!

  5. Uma : You can say that again... and again!

    Jemima : Thnx Jem! Would love it if u could make it in Jan and come maro a visit. it's been really long!

  6. Lovely blog Purnima..n pls dont scold Jr :-)
    All the best...God bless.

  7. Hahahahaha.... No Mahi, won't scold him/ her. :) Welcome here!


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