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Thursday, 20 August 2009

Friendship is...

...when a friend will let her cell ring and not pick it up because she knows her dialer tone is your current favorite song.

... when 2 minute phone call stretches upto 20 mins because neither has the time to "meet".

... looking at each other, knowing what the other is thinking and laughing endlessly.

... pin pointing feelings through Gtalk n Ym.

... saying it's ok to feel bad once in a while.

... over-boiled maggie, undercooked veggies and futile talks over "suicide"

... when 2 people are in a mess and the third one sorts it out. just like that. and forces you to see the "bigger picture"

... fibbing about the movie timing because you don't want to miss the trailers.

... forcing friends to follow, read and comment on your blog.

... writing notes for each other on a hotel tissue paper and laminating it.

... feeling good and bad at the same time when a friend has a good news.

... receiving mail from a friend saying you were in her dreams yesterday.

... getting your leg pulled and laughing over it for years.

... trusting each other without batting an eyelid.

... feeling guilty for having felt betrayed, which obviously wasn't the case.

... not sleeping at sleepovers, spiced up with warnings from mother dearest.

... reminding for the n th time that the blog needs to be updated.

... forwarding pathetic Pjs over SMS even if it costs a fortune.

... fighting endlessly wherever and whenever you meet and still expect them to gift you for your wedding.

... chatting through Gtalk even when she sits in a cubicle next to you.

... writing one liner morbid testimonials on Orkut.

... flouting rules and turning innocent when caught.

... bitching about a person that you have never met... and will never meet.

... trying to keep up the conversation with "what else?" and "aur??" and knowing exactly what they mean.

... crank calling and SMS -ing and telling the tale to anyone who'll listen.

... grimacing when friends sing songs of glory about their addiction... lecturing... pestering... complaining... but still hanging out with them.

... fraandsheip! what else?!

To all my friends, a lot we have shared together and a lot is yet to be shared. Thanks for bearing me with all my eccentricities, mood swings, laughter and fights. I treasure every moment of our friendship.


  1. friendship is also when you compete endlessly over scores and boys, but feel good even on losing!Where were you girl?Welcome back!!

  2. hehe... cool... bahut kuch purani yaadein tazaa ho gayi.... usme se 1-2 ka expenc haali me hi hua hai... if u knw wat i mean.... :P

  3. Bitching about people we have never met- definitely, what's life without that!?

    "... forcing friends to follow, read and comment on your blog." Totally didn't work. They send me emails *slaps forehead*

  4. it is when you finish the sentence your friend begins and constantly bitching about other people in this universe.
    Hope you are sufficiently recharged and will be back with your regular posts.

  5. wow! a perfect list of all the different moods and shades of friendship :)

  6. Accurate and precise to the core!!! Well compiled...

  7. happy friendship day post jhaali hi tar!

    and pliss to keep up with the blogging ok? so what if i'm on break... i can't help it! i'll be back to nag you soon! :D
    take care... MUAH!

  8. @ Tejaswini,
    We SP-ed! yet again! I can't tell you how I was feeling while writing all this. Laughing n crying at the same time - you sed it!

    @ Sujata,
    yes...m sure I have missed out many many more.

    I was here. Ghar pe hi, staring at my "create post" page. doing nothing. Procrastinatin... lazing... unable to think...suffering blogger's block!

    @ Amit,
    he he he he! I successfully coerced you to read, follow and comment on my blog. :) lekin dekh tere interest ka toh hai naa yahaan pe? I did not forget to menshun you, did i? ab treat de iss baat ki! :P

    @ SJ,
    Todally! how can you NOT bitch?

    and I pakaoo my friends till they atleast read my blog. try making puppy faces if they don't give in. try emosanal works!

    @ Aparna,
    yep yep! fully recharged. unclogged my brain. fresh maal ayega. worry nots! ;)

    @ Mukta,
    Thnx muli! where have u disappeared to?

    @ Nitin,
    all real life experiences. had to be accurate. warna yeh dost will kaccha eat me up!

    @ rayshma,
    i planned to do this long bk..on frandsheep day. zhala nahi. mhanun atta.

    i won't need the nagging. i'm bk to blogging.

  9. WOW, Love this Post...
    The laminating of Tissue Paper reminds me of what my friend did long back..hehehe!!
    As for the Morbid testimonials and fortune sms'n..hehehe! Don't talk about it!!!!
    Hmm.. And what else??
    Hugging each other and exchanging soppy romantic dialogues from movies.. ;)

  10. Way to go Kiddo...!!! :) U said it all...! "...glory bot their addiction..." Huh :P

  11. Friendship is ditching a friend because fone konks off while in poona and knowing she wont be mad :))

    Friendship is planning vacations and replanning them with old friends for over 3 yrs and giggling each time the plan fails.

    And THE most important as you said - bitching abt ppl we havent met. hehehe


  12. Superb.....!!!!!!

    YJ told me that Purn!ma has written on friendship….. I cannot wait for a single second to read it when I entered office & started PC…..Enjoyed every line and learnt many aspects of friendship…..waaoooo!!!!! I reminded one quote it reads ‘friendship is just like standing on cement, the longer u stay the harder it is to leave and u can never go without living ur foot prints’. Really friendship is something that u cannot have fun without it, friendship means u laugh without any reason, u walk along without any destination, u fight without any cause but still u enjoy it…

    The lines on friendship are just remarkable….. :)


  13. @ Shrads,
    U read my blog regularly but NEVA comment! This time you did... :D :D :D Aiyyem so so yappy! Yes, it is todally "US". Cheers to our friendship. *remember to clink ur coffee cups nxt time we meet*

    @ Ajan,
    yeah yeah. soppy romantic dialogues indeed! I n Shraddha did that very recently.

    @ Yogesh,
    well... you are not the only one who'd to listen to my lecture baazi, u'kno?

    @ Jinu,
    Friendship also means seeking pleasure in DONKEY business. ROFLOL!!

    @ Firoz,
    m glad you liked my post. Keep visiting.

  14. haha so true..
    u know FRIENDSHIP - it's like peeing in your pants... every can see it, but only you can feel the WARMTH of it :D

  15. @ Shaili,
    seriously.. very true!

    @ Rasna,
    as much as I hate PDAs... I lhaawuu you too! ;) :P


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