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Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Current Status

Since past many days I have not been able to

- write a new blogpost
- comment on my favorite blogs... even though i did read them.
- think properly
- give time to myself
- talk to my friends
- change my faulty SIM
- think seriously about switching from vodafone to idea
- express myself openly
- voice my opinion against "people" i hate vehemently
- find answers to pricking questions.

Everything is fine.... except my physical health and my mood!


  1. What happened? Hope you feel better. With Pune having so many cases of swine flu and one death, I am terribly worried. Take care.

  2. Hope things are fine soon..take care of your health..the mood will get alright soon enough!!

  3. IS it work? Hope things turn for the better! Take care.

    PS-"voice my opinion against "people" i hate vehemently" If you want I can do this for you !!!! :P

  4. awwe, wut hapened to ur health?? get well soon and get back to ur high spirits sooooon. god bless ya

  5. @ Aparna,
    yep, I'm feeling better already. Went to the doc...he sed mild fever. rest is all i need. So I'm relieved! :) Thx sooo much.

    @ Sujata,
    Yes yes! things are fine now. n my mood is better too. :)

    @ SJ,
    no it isn't work. actually it is nothing but my health that has screwed up my mood too.
    and voice my opinion against "people" i hate vehemently, I will...eventually...muhahahahaha!

    @ Sawan,
    was feeling uneasy and weak since 2-3 days. and was feeling suffocated since I couldn't blog while blogger buddies were churning amazing post after posts!
    anyways, thnx for ur good wishes. I'm starting to get bk to my high spirits! :)

  6. Oye!! Kya ho gaya?! fever etc? Get well fast fast! (and start writing comments on posts :P )

  7. one flu over the swine's nest! :P

  8. hwy what happened to you , .. hope u r fine now...

  9. @ Jinu,
    yes yes. I'm getting well fast! and will comment too. from next week...or a week after that...or... :PPP

    @ Rachana,
    U attend Amit's Pathetic PJ classes or something?

    @ Suree,
    I'm fine now. Just thoda fever. thats it. :)

  10. awww... get well soon Purnima... take care... come back soon and ROAR :)

  11. Idea?? What happened to the DoCoMo Revolution???
    And yea, lets back at everyone.. I too wanna have some good cold revenge

    Get Well Soon!!!!

  12. @ Shaili,
    m fine, gal! hws u been? ROARing will have to wait for some days!!

    @ Ajan,
    I is fine now. :)

  13. I am sure loads of them might have changed by now!!!!

  14. I hope you are feeling better by now. Cheer up, it's Independence Day!!

  15. @ Nitin,
    well some have def. like chging fm Vodafone to Idea. Rest dunno...gotta think.

    @ Suchitraji,
    I'm good now. Thnk for ur wishes!


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