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Monday, 27 October 2008

V & Me

V :: Where's my red pen?

Me :: I dunno.

V :: There should be google no? type what you want in the search bar and lo! you get it.

Me :: No re. Not Google. Google would just give details of the pen, it's brand, colour, ball point radius etc. Google Earth. Fly to locate the product in which inconspicuous corner of the remotest and the last-to-be-searched drawer it would be found.

V :: hehehehe....


V :: .... you know if I'd got this done at Sg, it would have cost me arnd 450 S$. (referring to his newly made chasma)

me :: we'll do business then. you take orders from there and I get it done here. then you sell it there for 450 S$. lotsa money, what say you?

V :: you are bad at physics, chemistry, biology. and your maths sux.

me :: thats precisely why I did not opt for science, you see.

V :: but you are miserable at commerce too!!! who'll buy from me if I sell it for 450 S$.

me :: hehe hehe sooorry.. when you come my brain outsources it's thinking to you. :P


V :: you PC is ancient. it takes ages to load ....

me :: I warned you before and also said that I will not accept any complaints. I know I have to get it formatted.

V :: before you do that, take backup of the files n folders that you want.

Me :: I know it. I'm not so dumb, y'kno? I'll format and take back up.

V :: no no, you have to back up then format.

Me :: Thats what I said... I'll format and back up.

V :: stupppiiid!! back up first then format.

Me :: I know, I know!!!! thats what I was saying.... umm... just a slip of tongue.

Sunday, 26 October 2008

Tag time

So this time I have an enthu set of people who want to do the tag... Infact, pressurized by one of them to fulfil my davaa of tagging them. I am not taking names though. ;)

Following are the rules for the tag.

1. No altering any question.
2. No passing of question allowed. That means all the questions are to be answered.
3. Pass on the tag to atleast 3 people with the same rules. Drop a comment in their latest post to let them know that they are tagged.

If the rules are not followed, bad luck will gherao your blog for 10 years and no one will comment on it for 10 years. This is true.

Finally coming to the tag. I give you random - human traits, situations, values, virtues, vices etc. You have to say how far or how closely you are associated with them and an incident that relates to it (duh! which features you, necessarily). In case you haven't understood, I'm doing my own tag... so read it and follow my footsteps. ;). It's gonna be long, but nevertheless, do it.


1. Laughter ::
This is one thing I cannot control even in the worst of all the situations. I have tremendous appetite for laughter, anytime, anywhere. I know its rude to laugh sometimes, but I am shameless too in that regard. And most importantly, I still enjoy a hearty laugh over a joke that was cracked 9 years ago by my dad at Goa.
Situation ::
Me and my mum had been to the building ka secretary to pay the society tax. Now, my mom can imitate exactly the way the secretary speaks. Thus, when she opened her mouth to speak, I started giggling. Not knowing how to disguise this laughter, I pulled out my cell and started playing with it as if someone has sent a hilarious sms. By now, mom was looking daggers at me, yet equally amused. This time I rushed out of the house even without saying "Excuse me". and My mum had to say "maybe an important call". I swear, I won't step again into that house.

2. Embarrassment ::
Everyone find themselves into an embarrassing situations once or the other. I fall in to embarrassing moments, thanks to my own stupidity.
Situation ::
On my way to the International Airport, Mumbai,
the car driver asks me : apko Sahar janaa hai??
me : nahi nahi... international airport.
As soon as I said that I realised my folly. Not to mention, the confused look on the driver's face.

3. Truth ::
Truth, as said, is bitter. Telling the truth may not always be rewarding. Probably it's the best way to suffer, as you have your conscience clean. So, yes, I take a dose of this medicine. And do the courageous act.
Situation ::
This happened when I was in 11th @ BMCC. It was the very first time I had bunked a lecture. It was Maths and I had the most dhakkan, mosquito voiced prof. called Pharande. I was hungry and we friends decided to head for the canteen. Last lecture, he'd assured us that we would get our Maths marks after 2 weeks and not before that. So I assumed it safe to chuck this lecture. I will not forgive that person for the rest of my life because he'd distributed the papers and even said "those who did not attend will not get to see them ever again!!!"
I cared less. And I couldn't even keep my big mouth shut. I came home and told this to my mum. The lecture thereafter, lasted for 1 whole hour.

4. Lies ::
Lie is not a lie if it benefits someone. Hell, it has benefited me every time. ;) True, I ain't no Gandhi to speak the truth and put myself into foot on axe situation. But then, I stop all small, negligible lies. For eg. I will never stoop to saying something outrageous to squirm out of something. I would rather face the music.
Situation ::
Again in college. Me and P, had a rendezvous with one of the Bank Branch Manager for our college magazine. This fellow was our princi's very close friend. We had tried our level best to get an appointment with him, which his P.A. kept post-poning. Finally, he gave us an appointment on the day we'd booked ticket to see KHNH. Result, we didn't go and didn't even inform that we wouldn't come. Result 2. Branch Manager sent a mail to princi saying students are irresponsible and have no value for time.
Next day, princi sent for us. And our prof in charge was shivering because she was at the receiving end of our princi's wrath. P hadn't attended the college that day, so it was up to me to save our skin.
Princi : I recd letter from Mr. R M. He says you did not go for the meeting? Is it true? (Kindly...he was always kind to students. No wonder he's still favorite among students)
Me : Yes Sir. I was about to come to you Sir. There was a lot of confusion on the part of his P.A. Infact, he never informed us when we should come.
Princi : Oh that's ok then. R is my friend... just give me your questionnaire, I'll ask him to mail me his answers.
Phew!! I was saved. It took every ounce of my courage... looking at him eye to eye and lying.

5. Loneliness ::
I don't feel lonely often. I enjoy my own company. So you keep me home alone for a month and I wouldn't complain.
Situation ::
Definitely doesn't mean, I never felt lonely. Just recently, when I got my DL results, none of my family members were here to share the joy. I had got good grades and I would have loved to see their reaction personally. I informed them by phone and only congratulations were given. I could see no smiles, no pride. That was the time I felt like crying out of loneliness.

6. Pride ::
I haven't achieved anything great to feel proud of myself. I guess, i need to do something BIG to feel my pride. The only time when I was proud of myself was when...
Situation ::
Mum was @ Singapore for whole 2 months. That meant I had to run my house. Right from dusting to paying bills and also attending my classes. I was so unsure of my capabilities, specially cooking. I couldn't even boil water. But I guess, I have inherited my mum's genes. My cooking was classique. ... It tasted exactly the way my mum makes it. BOY! was I proud of myself.

7. Forgiveness ::
I could/ can forgive, but can never forget. Specially when I am hurt/ felt offended and when I know that it wasn't unintentional, I definitely can't. I know this isn't something that I should brag about, but I am incapable of forgiving people for their wrong deeds. I will certainly find my way of soothing my burns by seeking a revenge. After all, I believe in Tit for Tat.
Situation ::
Exam time, S promised we would go together. I make it a point to reach always 1/2 an hr before. After repeated calls to her place, I come to know that she, supposedly, conveniently, forgot that she'd to pick me up. I ran helter-skelter to be on time for my exam.
Next exam, I gave her a dose of her own medicine.

8. Hypocrisy ::
I'm a hypocrite alright. And so is everyone.
Situation ::
Many a times I have found self-contradictions. I say something and I realise that it isn't how I behave. Can't actually remember a situation, reason being there are many. All the same, I stand guilty.

That's the end of my tag. For those who do not know, it's like question paper, people. It gets distributed and you write your answers, without copying.

I tag Mukta, Nitin, Jinu, Shantala and Ajan.

Monday, 20 October 2008


I have a confession to make. :( I just hope all you friends will not disown me after reading this.... but I guess this is the only way I can sift true friends from the whole lot. Yet, I have doubts... maybe you'll disapprove or worse, maybe you'll accept the whole truth outwardly and reproach me from within....

Resentment, hatred, pity, disgrace... I guess, I'll have to face them all. :( AND DOUBLE :((

This is it :

I'm turning into a Himesh bhai fan!!! :(( :((

Seriously, you know, I liked his music in "Karzzzz" and his voice :\ too. I adore the song "Tandoori Nights" and have downloaded it onto my W580i. Otherwise I would say my cell is virus-infected, .... but this time it's music to my ears.... I still hadn't accepted that I liked it.

Today while surfing net I heard his "hurry home, hurry home, hurry hoooooooooooooome" song on Tv, then I came to know it wasn't "Hurry Home" but "Hari Om".... and I had to give in to this temptation of turning a Himesh bhai fan.

... Jai Mata Di... Lets Rawwk.... Rawwk the World!!

Saturday, 18 October 2008

Vacation - Dilli

VACATION TIME FINALLY!!! Yes, it has happened and I am on vacation for full 7 days. Away from home, away from french, miles away from classes. I am at Delhi and will be going to some other places.

So, as I stepped on our national capital, I was elated.... for I came here 20 years after I had first visited this place as a tourist... as well as because after ages I'm seeing a new city. Yup! my friends have contra-complained; when I complained that I don't go anywhere... they say "you run to Singapore at every given opportunity, don't you?" Yes, I do but that's hardly vacation VACATION... its home away from home, thus I am not a tourist there!

Ok.. so here goes....

The foremost :: New Delhi is BEEEEAAUUUUTIFULLLL!!!! I'm impressed.... the roads are chaka-chak clean.. no garbage, no filth, no potholes.... Road signs everywhere and well maintained green circles. The feeling is just AHA! I loved, loved, LOVED it around here.

Me and amma were the tourist for the day since dad had office work and did not join us. My main aim was to go to the "PARANTHEWALI GALLI" and have the scrumptious paranthas there. Our driver cum guide chalked out a plan for us so that we reach the hotel by 6 in the evening.

Our first halt was at the "Red Fort". Nothing much to boast about the place except that there was cleanliness and no chaos even though there were hoards of people. We saw around for an hour - museums displaying the old scriptures/ tattered clothes of the mughals/ larger-than-necessary weapons etc. Frankly, I never really liked the idea of seeing what the dead people wore / used. Also lotsa firang population that seemed to enjoy the whole tour.

Then the cycle rickshaw took us to Chandni Chowk... the must hyped part of old Dilli.... The sights and sounds were similar to that of Tulsibaug back in Pune... except this was much more colourful. Shopping around there was virtually impossible due to the crowd and also our time constraint. Apparently, the only best thing to do was to head towards paranthewalli galli. Need I describe this part, because words fail me to do so. The paranthes were heavenly.... 1 mirchi paratha - made of green chillies entirely, 1 mix parantha - gobi/ aloo/ gajjar/ muli etc. and 1 papad parantha. I had my eyes on this place since I saw it on Discovery Travel n Living. I was mistaken though.... I was planning to hog at the "Karim" which is famous for the mouth watering, lip smacking kebabs and mutton curry and tandoor rotis...Disappointment was in store for me when I came to know that Karims is near Jama Masjid. Yet, I am adamant ... and will go there before I leave this city.

Then we fluttered from there to India Gate (where he said "ek ka pacchas", I snapped decisively "ek ka pacchis"... and we got our snaps for "saath[60] main do" =))) to Lotus Temple and finally to Qutub Minar. It was indeed pleasing to see all these places with my own eyes in front of me, for a change, than to ogle at them through Disc. TnL. Also noted one thing, entry fee for Indians at Qutub Minar and Lal Quilla was rs. 10 per head, whereas for firangs it was rs. 250/-... First I thought that was quite unfair to them... but then "its a few daalaas hiir n theyrr" (read it with American accent ;) )

At the outset, amma was really very worried and skeptical about the people here... basically she thought all of them are thugs...and we are just the two of us all by ourselves.... Fortunately it wasn't so! I found them rather, dilwale, these dilliwale. :) Many snaps, which I shall upload as soon as I reach home. My netcon here is dial-up... hence you gotta wait for the snaps.

Thus, was my one day Dilli Darshan... and I'm looking forward to my further travel plans. Until then Ciao.

Sunday, 12 October 2008

3 Cups Coffee, 3 Gals n Mad Conversations

What's the past tense of " to see -off someone"? Because I just saw-off/ see-d - off/ see- offed 2 of my best gal friends who'd come over for a chat. It was mighty refreshing as for the past one month my social life was nearing ZERO.... (Baby J, my niece, was here.. and she being the centre of all attention.)

The highlight of our conversation:

S: .......arreee, but why do you want to give off your jeans...??

Me: They fit you properly naa... then take.

S: But why?? they are nice.

Me: yeah they are... they don't fit me, anymore.

S: But you are not fatter than me. (* Imp Note: S isn't fat... that implies nor am I)

Me: They still don't fit.... and you know me, any discomfort to me and I don't use it...

S: Ok but you seriously wanna give them.... I mean kyun re?

Me: See, what another option I had? and I didn't want to give them to those street beggars. Imagine, next time I go driving on Univ road... they come begging for money wearing my jeans... imagine that???

S: hahahahahahaa... you are too much... what imagination!!

P: No Purni, they sell it y'kno?

Me: Yeah re right.. they sell them... imagine next time I drive by what if they come selling my jeans to me... aur woh bhi profit main?? :O

S: hehehehhe... I'm taking them alright!!


S: you giving away tops too?? are you mad??

Me: They are just 4 tops and I ain't forcing you.. pick the ones you like.... no compulsion at all....

S: hmmm...

Me: arre take.... If you reject them I will think of disposing it off in some other way.... so take the ones you like.

S: alright... how much do I pay you??

Me: pay me?!!!!?? I said, I'm giving off.. not selling!!!

S: arre tell naa.. how much??

Me: are you serious??? they are free for you...

S: pagal hai kya re tu?

Me: alright... 700 per jeans.... so into 3... that makes it 2100.. pay up.

P:tu kyun is se behes kar rahi hai... take no if you want.

S: alright alright... I take them....... free.

hehehe... mad friends I have. And yes, my cupboard is singing merry tunes. :)


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