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Sunday, 12 October 2008

3 Cups Coffee, 3 Gals n Mad Conversations

What's the past tense of " to see -off someone"? Because I just saw-off/ see-d - off/ see- offed 2 of my best gal friends who'd come over for a chat. It was mighty refreshing as for the past one month my social life was nearing ZERO.... (Baby J, my niece, was here.. and she being the centre of all attention.)

The highlight of our conversation:

S: .......arreee, but why do you want to give off your jeans...??

Me: They fit you properly naa... then take.

S: But why?? they are nice.

Me: yeah they are... they don't fit me, anymore.

S: But you are not fatter than me. (* Imp Note: S isn't fat... that implies nor am I)

Me: They still don't fit.... and you know me, any discomfort to me and I don't use it...

S: Ok but you seriously wanna give them.... I mean kyun re?

Me: See, what another option I had? and I didn't want to give them to those street beggars. Imagine, next time I go driving on Univ road... they come begging for money wearing my jeans... imagine that???

S: hahahahahahaa... you are too much... what imagination!!

P: No Purni, they sell it y'kno?

Me: Yeah re right.. they sell them... imagine next time I drive by what if they come selling my jeans to me... aur woh bhi profit main?? :O

S: hehehehhe... I'm taking them alright!!


S: you giving away tops too?? are you mad??

Me: They are just 4 tops and I ain't forcing you.. pick the ones you like.... no compulsion at all....

S: hmmm...

Me: arre take.... If you reject them I will think of disposing it off in some other way.... so take the ones you like.

S: alright... how much do I pay you??

Me: pay me?!!!!?? I said, I'm giving off.. not selling!!!

S: arre tell naa.. how much??

Me: are you serious??? they are free for you...

S: pagal hai kya re tu?

Me: alright... 700 per jeans.... so into 3... that makes it 2100.. pay up.

P:tu kyun is se behes kar rahi hai... take no if you want.

S: alright alright... I take them....... free.

hehehe... mad friends I have. And yes, my cupboard is singing merry tunes. :)


  1. hehehe! crazy conversations huh?

  2. Girl I cant see your new blog! retype the thing and send..or maybe copy paste...

  3. hein? can't see?? :| will copy paste n send...

  4. WHY are u giving away clothes?! :D
    i did that when i got married... :0)

  5. @ Rayshma,

    Plz do not join the forces and ask me why I did that. I just DID it.

  6. Wow... u r mad. Only old clothes go out of my wardrobe... Others I keep if only to check if I can still fit into them a few years later :D Its torture enuf to shop for clothes,why make it harder by pushin myself to shop more after giving away my clothes? :P


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