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Monday, 27 October 2008

V & Me

V :: Where's my red pen?

Me :: I dunno.

V :: There should be google no? type what you want in the search bar and lo! you get it.

Me :: No re. Not Google. Google would just give details of the pen, it's brand, colour, ball point radius etc. Google Earth. Fly to locate the product in which inconspicuous corner of the remotest and the last-to-be-searched drawer it would be found.

V :: hehehehe....


V :: .... you know if I'd got this done at Sg, it would have cost me arnd 450 S$. (referring to his newly made chasma)

me :: we'll do business then. you take orders from there and I get it done here. then you sell it there for 450 S$. lotsa money, what say you?

V :: you are bad at physics, chemistry, biology. and your maths sux.

me :: thats precisely why I did not opt for science, you see.

V :: but you are miserable at commerce too!!! who'll buy from me if I sell it for 450 S$.

me :: hehe hehe sooorry.. when you come my brain outsources it's thinking to you. :P


V :: you PC is ancient. it takes ages to load ....

me :: I warned you before and also said that I will not accept any complaints. I know I have to get it formatted.

V :: before you do that, take backup of the files n folders that you want.

Me :: I know it. I'm not so dumb, y'kno? I'll format and take back up.

V :: no no, you have to back up then format.

Me :: Thats what I said... I'll format and back up.

V :: stupppiiid!! back up first then format.

Me :: I know, I know!!!! thats what I was saying.... umm... just a slip of tongue.


  1. Remember ? One girl goes to buy bread with Rs. 10 note given to her by her mother. She buys a loaf for Rs. 5, comes home and announces to all and sundry that she earned Rs. 5 from the fellow at the bread shop !!! Wow - thats economics for you... hehehe... wonder who this girl was ???

  2. @ Vinanna,

    You dream! I never said anything like that. :P

  3. HAHAHHA!!! i have often wondered why google can't locate my misplaced mobile under the hoardes of clothes/books in my room! :D

    and do BACK-UP, THEN format! HAHAHAHA!!! :D

    welcome back! :)


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