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Monday, 3 November 2008

Thoda aur wish karo, Dish khareed ke roz roz maro!

I'm at my wit's end with this whole Dish TV ruckus!!!! It's been a hell of a problem since the day we got it installed. Apparently, to save ourselves from the greedy dogs, infamously known as cable agents, we'd decided to act really smart and install Dish TV. And this was during the days when Tata Sky, Airtel, Reliance etc. biggies were no where in sight. We didn't buy a service... we just bought ourselves a punishment, a very costly punishment.

Yes, I am ranting and this is seemingly, visibly a fire spitting, angry, post. so you may stop reading right here, if you choose to.

I won't get into details but their payment mode positively sucks!!! Having paid the annual subscription, they have the guts to cut off my connection saying it was due in October. No, it wasn't. I made the annual payment in MAY and it should work till MAY 2009, unless their year ends in 4 months flat!!!! Yes, I have tried keeping my cool by first trying to call them at their ever busy customer care. Never connects... unless they expect me to sit by the telephone 24*7 just to insert my complaint into their permenantly zapped zombies' brains. Then I also sent an email to the CC along with a polite reminder that in case no action is taken, I shall seek help from Consumer Forum. Yes, I received an apology, alright... saying they would "do the needful". Now, it has been 10 days of not receiving a ny communication from them, about what they'll do about it. And the obvious fact that needn't be mentioned here is that "There is no signal from Dish". Blood suckers!!

Seriously, these guys are challenging every management institute in this world who claim that "Customers are kings". In their case it is just the reverse. No, not "Kings are customers"...!!!

The TV still has the cable connection YET when I have paid Rs. 3240, I WANT THE SERVICE AT ANY COST! I have a very good reason to fume...this is not the 1st or the 2nd time I'm encountering problem with DISH TV. Damn! It is the 4th time!!!

Nevr mind which Bollywood star comes to your house selling you this piece of crap, DO NOT BUY IT! You might as well set afloat your money in the nearby river. I am sooo angry!

I have decided. If I do not get any reply and action from these guys, I am going to the Consumer Forum. Before that I would love to send them another mail. People please help me out with some nasty insults that u can think for Dish. Perhaps I should scream and send the audio across too, so that they know the amount of frustration that's built up in me.

This post cooled me down a bit. Thankfully. Will update on my updates.

P.S. No keyboard was made to bear the brunt of my anger by pounding into it. Though the temptation was too difficult to resist.

P.P.S. To those who have read this entire thing; You have a hell lot of patience!!!


  1. Girl, temme how to do the whole follower at my wits ends with these gadgets! :(

  2. excuse dumbness :) Am following you till the end! :))

  3. yes u have follwed me successfully, i can see that! why are u so confused??

    oh! do u by any chance mean the tag thing??

  4. Maybe next time someone asks, I could suggest Tata Sky PLUS!!! Anyway, with the power cuts everyday, I can't watch TV on weekends when the power is back at 7 because I am guessing, the cable guy has no power... thats DIGITAL TV I'm talking abt BTW... Hathway Set-top box!!! Considering how much that half hour annoys me, I can just imagine what you might be going thru... Stay strong baezz... Take care...


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