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Friday, 3 September 2010

Love that's brewing...


The situation

A boy and a girl were going to meet for the very first time in their life. The girl was anxious, nervous, happy with the fact that she is finally going to see the person she would be marrying in 19 more days! The boy was happy too, shy even, and feeling heady as he was to meet his would-be-bride-in19-days. And, he wasn't sure what was "romantic". Neither by words, nor by actions. So, in addition to being happy and shy, he was confused too. But, both were super excited and looking forward to the meeting event.  She was coming to pick him up from the bus depot. He had been travelling the night before.


The event (1) :: The bus depot

She came in a chauffeur-driven, swanky big car. She texted him. "Where are you?"

He replied, "I don't know.. but I guess we are in the city... I see a lot of buildings and shops etc. Where are you btw?"

She could no longer text. She speed dialed him. "Hey, hi! I have reached... how long will it take for you to get here?"

"This conductor says another 15 minutes. So I guess, you'll have to wait."

"Ok. fine. Just let me know where you..."

"Look, I forgot to charge my cell last night... I'll give you a call when I reach... ok?"

"What???! You knew you were travelling and you did not charge your cell? Oh! C'mon! How could you?"

"Seriously the battery is running low... I'll talk to you later?? Please? Bye"

"Alright, bye. But gimme a call, else I'll call you. Bye"

Finally, they did meet. He called her when he reached and they saw each other. Bells did not ring, birds did not sing. Violins did not play and the trees did not sway. It wasn't Bollywood. It was real life. Instead, infernal honks blared, dogs barked and rickshaw-wallahs haggled for a fair fare. Nevertheless, it was special.

"Hmmm.. you are not taller than me. I thought you were." he complimented. himself.

"That's why I didn't wear heels. Mind if we catch a cup of coffee before we go to my place?"

"No, sure... let's go?"

The event (2) :: At the restaurant

She : Let's just order for coffee? Mom's made proper proper breakfast at home...

He : No problem.

She : (silence)

He : (silence)

She : You are staring at me. You are embarrassing me!

He : No. I'm looking at you. You look so different in the snaps.

She : That's what everyone says!

By this time the coffee came and went, and he said "The coffee was YUCK!" She agreed, because it was.

The event (3) :: At the Men's wear shop

The salesman : Try this one, Sir!

He : Fine. Ray ban... do you like it?

She : Yeah.. if you like it then go ahead...

The cashier : That would be Rs. 4000, Sir!


(4 months after they got married)

She : You should take care of your glares... They cost a lot. Seriously, what was worth 4000 in it? Tell me. I don't see anything except the label "Ray Ban". They are so costly. Mine cost me only 1500. And look, there are good.

He : Yes, I know they were costly. You did not take me to a cheaper place!

She : Arre?! You said you wanted to buy right there. So I thought you will buy it there.. like there there.. that place itself.

He : I found it costly too. But I had to buy it anyway.

She : Why? We could have bought something elsewhere, no?

He : You were there with me.

She : I was there with you???! Lekin, I did not force you to buy! You bought it because it looked good on you.

He : Whoa! Look, I have this girl coming to pick me up in a biiig, shiny Honda City, with a driver, a jazzy cell phone in her hand, fighting elegantly with rickshaw-wallahs, throwing orders at the driver over the phone... I naturally thought you were a girl brought up in all luxuries, used to servants and brands and labels etc. You'd think I was a cheapskate if I didn't buy it because the price was HUUGE!

She : :O :O :O I had told you everything about me, no? I was not like that. I am not like that. I knew it! I knew I shouldn't have come in that car with a driver and all. But parents did not allow me to drive all the way in that horrendous place - full of dirty men and dogs and each one barking at another!! I knew this was what you'd think about me.  And did you know what I thought about you?

He : No, what?

She : I thought that since you have come from the States, you were running after labels and amounts that ran into thousands, just because comparing it with USD it would mean spending nothing. I also was devising ways to control your spending habit already.

It was time for him to be :O :O :O!!!

He : That's what we thought about each other?

She : I also thought you were rude. No make it crude. You told me the coffee was YUCK!

He : But it was! And you agreed too!

She : Yes, it was. I agreed and I still agree. But you could be a bit more courteous and say it was good, right? A little white lie wouldn't hurt.

He : I didn't know how to behave around a girl. You were my first, serious date.

She : You didn't/ don't know chivalry?

He : No, who's that??

She : Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh!

And there, she knew the core reason for falling head over heels in love with him.

----------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------

Any guesses on who's the "He" and the "She", here?

Edited to add : He says the Ray Ban was for Rs. 4370 and not just Rs. 4000. So there, she put down the value of Ray Ban by Rs. 370. Hence, she apologizes. ;)


  1. Bells did not ring, birds did not sing. Violins did not play and the trees did not sway......hahahaha I like it....

    I surely know u r not that gal.

  2. That was fun to read and it brought back a lot of memories. Hope 'he' and 'she'have a rocking marriage. They look good together!

  3. Thats cute!! Really liked the phone is low on the battery bit of conversation..seriously men just dont know the R about romance..

  4. Brought back some beautiful memories :)

  5. correction... it was 4370/-

  6. I know who the he and she are..!!! and truly lovely love story..! :) aur pyaar hogaya..:P

  7. @ Jindhu Jose,

    hehehhe... what we are speaking here is the area called Swargate in Pune. certainly no violins allowed there! ;)

    @ Aparna,

    'He' and 'She' are having a good time together. with lots of conversations like these. :)

    @ Sujata,

    well, on reading your comment, my husband has happily accepted the fact of 'not knowing the R abt romance' and made it a convenient excuse! :)

    @ Tamanna,


    @ KK,

    made the necessary changes! ;)

    @ Shrads,

    :D :D :D tujhe toh sab kuch pata hai naa! :)

  8. Very cute... Just reminds we really haven't met... and sat down and talked in a loooooong time :)

  9. gurl,

    we haven't met this whole year.. except briefly when I came over to invite you and later during the reception, innit?

  10. Hey Kiran & Purnima... Seriously did not know sooo may events happened... before d wedding.
    @ Purnima - the "bells not ringing, violin's not playing etc" part was d most hilarious... ! :)

  11. Keerthan:: I'm surprised Kiran did not tell you sooo many things. :P ;)

  12. Hry Purnima,

    Nicely written.. "Bells did not ring, birds did not sing. Violins did not play " Lol that was really funny ..

    And by the way congrats !!! I know its kinda pretty laaate But still ..

    Wishing you a happy married life :)

  13. M.Ananth.Pai:: Thanks a lot for your wishes! We are still happily welcoming them. :)


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