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Friday, 30 October 2009

Look n Laff

I won't blab much here. Just look at the snaps (Courtesy: my Sony Ericsson W580i) and decide whether to laugh or to cry.

Picture number 1

This paati (board, to all you angrezi understanding people) is put up on my building gate.

Nothing great, but I loved the audacious way of saying "Worries not allowed inside". If only things could be as easy as saying that!!!

Picture Number 2

Let this talk for itself.

This was a poster put up near my library. Couldn't help but capture this beauty!

Morya Aluminium, Manufacturing and Reappearing... eh?

Picture Number 3

Now this!!!! was at more. supermarket. So what does this mean? Any Guesses? Guesses should pour in at the comments section please. and my office people who have already seen this pic and have got the explanation from me, are not eligible for the guessing thingy. Let the others answer.

Picture number 4

God save the Flate selesman!

Picture number 5

I won't say where this was. But this is the latest LOL. And don't you people forget to "While Exiting Please Swith Off All Switches"! he he he he he he....

Picture number 6

This snap has been bothering me since it has been put up in the parking place in our office building. Take a good look at it and then look at what I have to say about it.

1. I have heard "Fire exit" and "Emergency Exit" but never "Fire Staircase". If it is really used anywhere, then I do not know about it. *Yeah right! It is used here! DUH!*

2. If it is a FIRE EXIT, then why the hell is the man climbing stairs?? Why would anyone in his right senses run upstairs in case of fire??

3. Look what's written above! TOILET! So when you are looking at it from far away, the "Fire Staircase" is hardly seen due to light angles. *Just like in this snap, the "CASE" part is not seen. So, doesn't it look like This person is running towards the toilet because he's facing an emergency situation???



  1. I know what that leaves mean. I think - don't remove the leaves of the cauliflower. That fire poster is total mental.

  2. no!

    am not commenting!! *pulls her fingers off the keyboard in a vain attempt*

  3. the last one is unbelievable... amaizngly funny :))))))

    Thanks for the spelling corrections purni... guess was still hungry after eating PAANI PURI.. .so decided to eat up some letters :)

  4. 1) profile is really nice.. wo kidhar ka hai?
    2) pic 1:- how cud ne1 post that wen the biggest worry of the soc stays inside that gate.. :P
    3) pic 2:- no comments.
    4) pic 3:- sp for wat SJ sed abt the leaves...
    5) pic 4:- prob he means that no is of monica seles (the great tennis player... :D)
    6) pic 5:- no comments again...
    7) pic 6:- fire staircase eh... wo bhi toilet ki direction me... simply cant comprehend...

  5. somebody is busy clicking!! the header pic is awesome. the the leaf cauliflower had me in titters!!

  6. Hehehehe…!!! Funny Paaties,

    Wud like to say that worries are optional and depends whether to allow them or not. Pics 2, 3, 4 and 5 hehehehe :) can’t help laughing. The last one is hilarious n beyond d intellectual capacity, I see it every day and LOL :p :p

  7. awesome!
    this happens wonly in pune, eh?! :D

    and dude... LOVE the header pic... where it is from?

  8. I want some mosquito net to (re)appear on my windows. There are so many of these buggers now-a-days.And the super market pic means Leave right now...cauliflower so expensive you cant afford to buy it.

  9. hehe...naice photus...

    the cauliflower one, i believe that the supermarket wale are pleading with the customers not to buy the cauliflower :P

    Please Don't Remove. Leave Cauliflower.


  10. @ SJ,
    he he he. yeash! tht is what the retards meant!

    @ Rach,
    *looks daggers at your comment*

    @ Tejaswini,
    Thankfully, you dint eat your whole comment! :P Last one is todal TOING!

    @ Amit,
    2. My point exactly!!!
    4. U r right!
    5. Ok try calling Monica and say Hi to her on my behalf.
    7. No one can comprehend that. Spare yourself!

    @ Sujata,
    yea. me busy clicking. thought of putting my cam cell to use. :)

    @ Shaili,
    let's LOLOLOLOLOL0L together! :)

    @ Firoz,
    last waale kya toh kya kehna!

    @ rayshma,
    seems like it. no wonder Puneri Patya are soooooooo famous.

    @ Aparna,
    U know, what you said actually makes more sense than what they really meant. nowadays, only the rich n famous can afford cauliflowers!

    @ Mithunda,
    :D :P hee haw haww...that was LOL. yeah. next time i won't go near the cauli.

    @ Amit, Sujata and rayshma,
    the header pic was clicked during my office trip to Mahabaleshwar. I believe its Koyna River. :)

  11. Thats a good collection I must say.

  12. Great Pictures cooooll 1n.
    I can say Zakkkkass :)

  13. It seems u can be a spy reporter..;)

  14. @ Haddock,
    thx! :)

    @ Jyotika,
    yeah..zhakaaas..specially the last one. :P

    @ Datta,
    nice idea! Kiran shud take tips from me! :P :P ;)

  15. LOL. Good thing I wandered in. So they now have touch me not cauliflowers too. heh heh

  16. The fire to exit is the idea???

  17. What cracked me up was 'Glasswork Mosquito net and kitchen trolley' ... ek dhandhe mein faida nahi hua toh backup do hain ... talk about jack of all trades :P

  18. @ The Holy Lama,
    Good u wandered in! so, Welcome here! Touch-Me-Not-Leave-Me-Alone cauliflowers it seems! :)

    @ Crazy Four,
    Hey! Your comment was LOL!! Fire to Exit- vaary troo!

    @ DDD,
    haan re! that fella's pursuing alternative career(s). aaj kal ke zamane main karna padta hai! :P

  19. Well, is the parking lot in your office building in the basement?? In that case, the fire "staircase" actually makes sense right???

  20. yea even if the fire "staircase" makes sense, the "Toilet" above the image makes no sense! :P

  21. These are usual errors, but you combined them in a fantastic way. In my office complex, i saw a board saying 'None Drinking Water'.

  22. @ Tomz,

    Thnx! n welcome here! :)


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