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Monday, 20 October 2008


I have a confession to make. :( I just hope all you friends will not disown me after reading this.... but I guess this is the only way I can sift true friends from the whole lot. Yet, I have doubts... maybe you'll disapprove or worse, maybe you'll accept the whole truth outwardly and reproach me from within....

Resentment, hatred, pity, disgrace... I guess, I'll have to face them all. :( AND DOUBLE :((

This is it :

I'm turning into a Himesh bhai fan!!! :(( :((

Seriously, you know, I liked his music in "Karzzzz" and his voice :\ too. I adore the song "Tandoori Nights" and have downloaded it onto my W580i. Otherwise I would say my cell is virus-infected, .... but this time it's music to my ears.... I still hadn't accepted that I liked it.

Today while surfing net I heard his "hurry home, hurry home, hurry hoooooooooooooome" song on Tv, then I came to know it wasn't "Hurry Home" but "Hari Om".... and I had to give in to this temptation of turning a Himesh bhai fan.

... Jai Mata Di... Lets Rawwk.... Rawwk the World!!


  1. hehehe... Sadly I am one of those ppl who actually wanted to watch the movie... Knowing my friends,I know I'd never get any company... effectively, that's never gonna happen... Other than that, I like his music... just not the fact that he sings them...

  2. @Tejaswini,

    you shud've atleast asked me naa. we would be the only 2 looooser gals sitting the theatre watching the movie!!

  3. i like himesh. i hnk he shouldn't act & stuff... but otherwise, i think he rocks.
    jai mata di! :)


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