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Sunday, 28 June 2009

When I was a kid...

  1. mom told me that when a milk tooth fell, the only thing that would make it grow back would be more milk. So whenever I drank milk, I made sure I kept it in my mouth for a longer time than necessary because I thought it would solidify itself and I'll have a new tooth instantly. All this to save myself the embarrassment of being asked if rat ate my tooth!

  2. ...I thought that the sun dips itself into the sea and renews itself as the moon for the night and v.v. My theory was abandoned as my maternal grandpa told me about the world being round and its rotations and revolutions.

  3. ...I got drenched in the rain, ran a high fever+cold+indigestion and I threw up. I promptly asked my mom "MOM, am I pregnant?" Thanks to bollywood movies, I thought getting wet in rains and consequently, puking meant that the female's pregnant. Laugh all you parents did!

  4. ...I believed ghosts keep a watch on you everytime. If you were good, they were happy...if you misbehaved, they troubled you at night. So whenever I was naughty, I used to have a twitching feel while going in an unlit room.

  5. I wanted to marry Mithun. Mithun Chakraborty, for clarifications. When my mom told me that he'd be an old grandpa by the time I'd be of marriageable age, I said that I didn't mind at all. I guess, afterall, I initiated the trend of marrying older than necessary men. And, FYI, I don't now.


  1. hahahahah, Purnima that was fresh!! getting wait in the rain and puking=preggo.loved that!!

  2. LOL!!! @ Mithun Chakraborthy and 'mom am I pregnant" hahahahahaaa...

  3. if you don't want to marry mithun now... erm.. u "could" consider mimoh, u know!

  4. i fainted after i read the fifth point. After i came to, i read the second line of that point. woe is me :P

    oh, and i had a wacky theory as to how ppl got preggo too...must blog abt it :D

  5. hehehehe!! the pregs one was awesome.. though, my freaky incident :D
    Sixth std ending, the gal who had a crush on me said she liked me..and umm.. we kissed, still don't rem how it started..
    two days later, she calls up from her native and says.. Ajju, i guess i'm pregs..and I'm like "wow!soo fast!!"..

  6. Good one!

    In fact, we all have been given different stories for drinking milk. I tell my daughter to drink milk if you want to be energetic (and carry all the bags yourself) like dad. ;)

    Loved the rains and the pregnancy connection. :) Decades ago, I used to think marriage was the stimulant for pregnancy. A lot of movies where the couple get married and a song later, the puking starts. And you know the whole nine yards.

    Well. Good bet on Mithunda. He is still energetic and charismatic than Mimoh. My friends wanted to dance like him.

  7. oh GAWD you Psycho!!! :D u were always this cute it seems :)))

    When we grow old we will write elaborately about the wonderful lives of donkeys :P

    This post of yours can make a nice tag btw!

  8. @Sujata,
    hehehehe. Yeah I was just 5yr old then.

    My family still keeps teasing me for those two incidents. :) Thx for dropping by.

    Oh, Puhleeeeez! I'd rather settle for Mithunda. Mimoh, NO, NO, NO! :(

    why do you think I clarified it in the second sentence? you fainted anyways! :P hehehe...

    pretty interesting that! :)

    yeah, all kinds of tales just to gulp down that glassful of white calcium loaded stuff called milk!

    and I totally agree with you on Mithunda. He overshadows his son! :)

    Are you trying to camouflage the term "stupid" with the word "cute"? Still, I don't mind. :D

    yeeesh, I haven't forgotten donkeys!

    Take it up as a tag if u want to. would love to know what were your beliefs as a kid.

  9. heya rockstar!... good one :)

  10. Hehehehehehehe....

    a little more


    P.S. Mithun?.... ewww...

  11. Purnima, you have been tagged. Visit my post for further details.

  12. nice one re purni.. i rembrd one particular incident wen i was bt 4yrs old... had been to maternal's granny's plc... was full of ppl in summer holidays.... i smeared a whole bottle of Amrutanjan on my face.. and guess who won the race to catch falling mangoes on dat day... :P... all ma cuzs' and my mom still tease me bt....

  13. @ Rachana,
    Thats it? :PPP

    @ Jayded,
    *frowns, sulks & grumpily answers*
    don't 'ewwww' my first crush. I loved him, u'kno! :PPPP

    Other stuff you can bindaas HEHEHEHEHEHEHEEE...

    @ Aparna,
    I loved your tag. will do it over the weekend! :)

  14. @ Amit,
    HHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA...Ya right! You'd mentioned it on KIP too on our thread.

  15. @ Nitin,
    ya. Join the laughter club!

  16. OK... haven't admitted this before...

    Once we had been to mamama's and everyone was watching this movie... don't remember who was in it... some typical... rich girl poor boy movie... Amma had gone to sleep.. Watching with my pacchis...

    So anyway there was this scene when it rains and the hero and heroine kiss... and as you might guess the kiss went on for ages with the camera moving all around them for a few minutes... And I announce... 'Atta gurbini jatta pale ti'....

    Needless to say... my pacchis were totally ROTFLOL :(

  17. @ Tejaswini,
    atleast you were intelligent(?) enough to say that after you saw the kissing scene. I thought Hero +heroine +rain = pregs... even if they sang from a distance of 10 feet between them! :P

  18. I can't stop laughing..."pregs part takes the crown". U r such a sweet innocent child. :)

  19. Yogesh,
    :) yes. I know. sweet innocent and all! :P


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