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Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Day 18 : Digging up the past

I am in no mood to write something great today. Great is subjective as well as relative, mind you. Instead of digging in my mind, I thought of  unearthing some previous blogposts that I love (and wonder, for some of them, did I really write all that?)

Frankly, though I am in some royal mood to, I do not want to rant nonsense like this one which I didn't know how to name or this one, again which I was not sure what to call it

Here are some of my *personally personal* favorite posts that I love reading time and again. Listed as and how I found them, not by priority.

11. Dilemma

I believe, this manner of blogvertising is legit. ;)


  1. Hey Purnima, this is definitely a good way to dig up lost-in-the-rubbles posts. I read all the posts you mentioned here. All very good. Defending my space had me nodding "that's me" at many points. Also liked the silly stuff as a kid-lol @ being pregnant! as usual the fiction was gr8.
    Maybe I should also blogvertise..some good ones dont get the reader's attention and as they say you are only as good as the last post, so maybe this is a good thing to do once a while. Who cares if it's legit or otherwise..:-)
    Sorry for using up so much comment space.

  2. Trip down memory lane eh!! Good

  3. Uma: I loooove biiiiig comments... and I have pinky sworn not to sue anyone for their comments!! :)
    Looking at your comment I am glad I took the efforts to dig up my nice wale posts!

    N: yes! :)


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