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Monday, 2 May 2011

Day 16 : I baked

this today. Of course, it was a cake mix and not made from the scratch, But I am still proud of it! :) and it tastes yummm!!


  1. WOW!..looks yummyyyyy....enjoy!

  2. Ok sweets, it looks good and all that... but putting up a picha of the cake u baked (without even the recipe) is not a blogpost... just a way to make people jealous!

    And no, your blog is not even on food photography... so don't try!

  3. that's awesome.. but this does not qualify for Day 16!!!

    Need more effort!!

  4. Uma: Thnx! It turned out well!

    Rach: I told u cake mix hai... recipe kaahe ka??

    and a picture is worth a 1000 words, and I have written 2000. Be happy!

    N: Of course, it does! I totally defend my post and it does qualify as one! I should have mentioned how I searched for the camera, then found out that the battery was not charged and then charged it and then clicked the snaps (5-6), chose the best 2 of those and then uploaded it.

    I understand brother. Jealous talks! :P

    Don worry though. there are more words to come. (yet, I suggest you read the comment for Ms. GPRS too.. pic and 1000 words wala)

  5. see.. at least you could've written about your "camera finding escapade"!!!

  6. Camera was easy to find. :|


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