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Sunday, 15 May 2011

Day 29 : Roadies = Life?

Thinking of the show Roadies, don't you think it is a mini model of life? If you are familiar with it, you'll know what I am talking about.

There is a bigger controller,who stirs up interesting twists and turns in the whole game. The contestants have to perform tasks and excel at it to go ahead and stay in the game. And that is not all. They have to continuously come up with plans to make themselves immune from vote outs. Survival till the end is their biggest motive. There are no fixed rules to the game. They can be changed any time by the controller. Thus, whatever strategies the participants may have, are usually dismissed without a thought. There are friends, open enmity, indifference, attitude problems between participants. There is back stabbing, plans, fights, betrayals and sometimes love even.

I see so many similarities here. How many times do we plan our lives just to find ourselves slapped in our face with a new plan (perhaps for the good, or for the bad). We try and chalk out every small details and make rough attempts to predict obstacles in the way. It doesn't work every time, but the thing is, we can never call it unfair.

There are so many people we interact with. We never know which one is our real friend, or who wants to see you go down. While there will be some instances where you will feel like giving it all; there will also be times when being selfish is the only option available. You need to survive the worst of conditions. And survival becomes brutal.

As for the tasks, we perform them too. In everyday life, we are performing them. Some do it grudgingly, some do it willingly. Everyone does it though to go ahead. Sometimes we fail and sometimes we excel in it to such extent that we are immune to failures.

As for winning or losing, each one defines it in a different manner.

On a personal note, though I like the show, i would prefer they mind thier languages. It has become like an open sewer tank.

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  1. nice is a game afterall, no matter which side wins, the coins end up in the same box!


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