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Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Day 24 : Goofed up song dedications

 He calls her. It was his night, her morning.

He : Hey honey... this song just for you!

"Naa hai yeh paana, naa khona hi hai", from Jab We Met plays from his end.

Among all the background noise of people talking and chattering, she listens to the song and goes all weak in her knees.

Next morning he calls her again.

She : I didn't know you were romantic and all. Song dedication eh?

He : umm-hmm...

She : I was in my office having a stupid grin on my face.

He : ummm-hmm...

She : I loooove the song so much...

He : umm-hmm...

She : What happened? Why aren't you saying anything?

He : Nothing. Kuch nahi.

She : kya kuch nahi. something something.

He : I don't remember the song which I dedicated.

She : What??!

He : Tell me na, which song was it.

She : No. Find it out yourself. how can you not know which song it was... meaning mann se nahi dedicate kiya.

He : Please tell na. There were a lot of people talking and distracting me. Wait, I will run the playlist again tell me which song...

Dil ne yeh kahaa hai dil se.... plays

Kuch kuch hota hai.... plays

Dil hai tumhara.... plays

Aaao naa, aaoo naa.... plays

You are my sonia.... plays

Chot dil pe lagi.... plays

She : !!!!

He calls her yet again. This time it was her night, his morning.

He : This is for both of us.

Yeh dooriyaan from Love Aaj Kal starts playing...

"Yeh Dooriyaan, inn raahon k..."

He : Hey, I got a call. Will TTYL.


She : !!!!!!!!!!


  1. Ha Ha Ha! Cut him some slack, will you?

    Atleast he's made the attempt... :)

    KK is still my favorite amongst you two :P


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