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Thursday, 12 February 2009

Feb Tag

Rayshma tagged me to pick the 6th pic from the 6th folder from my PC. Display it here and write a short story behind that pic. So here goes :

Yup... so that is a beeeeeautiiful rose in my dad's factory wala garden. It was recently clicked when we had been there with some family friends. My dad's love for plants, flowers (specially roses) is evident once you are at the factory premises. There are like hundreds of roses; singles and in bunches, but this particular one caught our attention - It had a colour that wasn't exactly pink/ red/ maroon; it was somewhere in between. And that is my hand positioning the rose towards the camera. (and that is my FAVORITE Swatch ka watch; gifted by Vinanna for rakhi a few years back) Behind the lens is my best friend, Pallavi.

That done, now is the time for me to pass on the tag to others. So I tag, Ajan, Mithun, Shaili, Dewdrop and Aparna and anyone who wants to do this, please feel free to flick it.

P.S. I already see Nitin, Rachana and Tejaswini smiling that I have NOT tagged them! :) :D

P.P.S. Ok, btw, it IS my budday today. and I'm expecting wishes. ;) and gifts too are welcome! :P


    whatchu do on budday? tell tell!

    and i LOVE the watch... AND the pic... muah!


    And umm... I did the tag already, catty tagged me :D

  3. Oh! Sorry! There is another Dewdrop here :D Sorry sorry... I've been shortened to Dewdrop by so many people that I got confused. :)

  4. Hey Rayshma,
    Thx! I sat by the phone, answering it! and evening dinnered out with parents.... pretty exciting, no? will post in detail if mood prevails.

    @ DewdropDream,
    hehehehe... Lol, you realised it yourself. Anyways, when I tag you, I'll not forget to write your entire pseudonym. So don't eva worry abt the confusion!
    And thank you for the b'day wishes!

  5. Wish you a very happy birthday...
    Will answer the tag, as soon as I figure out which is the 6th folder and the 6th picture worthy enough of a mention :P

    As for the gift, chk ur blogwala email, maybe u'll like it :)
    psst, if u don't, don't tell me abt it :P

  6. @ Mithun,
    Thankieww!! I really wasn't expecting Gifts, u'kno! No sawaal of not liking creative gifts and I as much loved it. I can use it as my display pic now. :D I'm flattered! :D n waiting for the tag!

  7. HA HA HA!!!!! I simply could not stop laughing at that!!!!! Thanks a lot for that!!!!

    And yeah, belated birthday wishes again!!!!

  8. You are like the sweetestest person for not tagging me... So I tag you :)

  9. @ Nitin,
    I knew it! :)

    @ Tejaswini,
    Sweetie, I guess you aren't aware of my "a month, a tag" rule, are you? Feb Tag is dan-dana-done! :D But since I pretty much loved the intresting tag by you, I shall consider it.

  10. I have considered changing my name legally to DewdropDReam. I like it that much. :D


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