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Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Happy Makar Sankranth to all!

Wishing all my readers and everyone beyond them A Very Happy Makar Sankranth!!

And not just wishes, here's something for you:
Til Gul Ghya, Goad Goad Bola.
Home made til guls, by my mum with my only contribution of popping one til gul after another to confirm the taste. There's ample of them for each one of you, so please no fighting. :D
Vinanna, pick a handful of them for you, Whani and Baby J.
The breeze has already turned into a noisy wind which brings in with itself the smell of dried yellow leaves, dust and the sun which in turn paints a vivid picture of my school days, unit tests, fights with anna, playtime with friends and the countdown to Dhulivandan. AAh! The New Year, for me, has just begun!


  1. makkai jaaaaayi... remember the time when bapama used to make til gul... absolutely yummmm

  2. btw... HAppy MAjar sankrant to you too

  3. @ Tejaswini,
    You need to be invited to my place, eh? C'mon over before I empty the til guls. :D

  4. Yummy!!!

    Same to yoU!!! Should've tried makin em na!

  5. wish u the same!!!
    did u wear black? i got kites! :D
    and MIL made the ladoo! :D

  6. @ Ajan,
    you wouldn't see them round in that case!!

    @ Rayshma,
    I dint. :( I read u got kites! Nobody sends me couriers! :( *runs off to shed some tears*


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