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Thursday, 22 January 2009

Killer Silver

Our maid asked us yesterday; what I felt was out of sheer ignorance and full of superstition; "Abhi chaandi pehna toh marte hai kya? humare gaon main ye sab (pointing to the ringlet on her feet) nikal dete hai. Bolte hain chaandi jaan mangta hai." This was something new to us; and me, the educated, washed off all her doubts in no time by saying (and shaking my little finger in front of her) "Uma, main ab tak zinda hoon, mari nahi." and we all laughed. My right hand little finger adorns a cute little pearl embedded in silver. And yes, it indeed was true, I was alive despite the silver. :P

Come evening, 4 pm, I realise my ring has disappeared. Gone, poofed, gayabed!! And I definitely do not fall into the "careless" category. I never lose anything valuable. So here I was looking frantically for my ring, under the bed, in my purse and every place where I could have "lost" it. No luck for me. We figured out that since it was a bit loose, it must have slipped out of my finger while handling those plastic bags when we'd gone out. *I still do not buy this reasoning.*

Other than feeling miserable for losing my ring to which I was sentimentally attached, I was also wondering if there was any truth in what our maid said in the morning! I do realise (and I still do not see any reason) that a small piece of silver isn't capable of murder. It was a co-incidence yet, I cannot cease to think if in anyway it was "planned"? Of course, I'm not asking people to shed every bit of silver jewellery that they are wearing, but since yesterday, my mind is debating over whether it was just a co-incidence or something more uncanny?


  1. no way!!! i know these things kinda play on our mind... but i m quite sure it was a coincidence (rather i HOPE it was one!!)

  2. oh dont say tht purnima ma! i too wear a silver-pearl ring on my li'l finger... and im afraid, tht is NOT for a helthy long life, it's mainly to 'keep me cool'...
    you see, if silver can keep a volcano from erupting, it CAN kill, can't it? :O

  3. erm... i wear a silver anklet (sometimes, 2) and a silver band-like ring on my forefinger. anklets, since the past 9 years or so.
    i would like to believe i'm still alive.
    i started wearing the ring in 2002. again, based on a superstition that it was lucky for me. i even wore it at my wedding! :D

    i do hope u find the ring! i go ballistic when i lose something i like!

  4. @ Zeenu,
    I hope so too. But then as you said it is playing in my mind, since it HAD to happen the day she mentioned it to me.

    @ Shaili,
    I was wearing it for some reason too, I guess. But I soon forgot what it was for! :P so has it kept you cool atleast??

    @ Rayshma,
    No naa. No sign of ring anywhere! :'( I loved it since the pearl was loosely fitted into it and would make a sound when i moved my finger.
    and glad to hear that you are alive! LOL ;)

  5. Don't jump to conclusions!

  6. I hope gold is as killer. It will be a tad easier for me to explain why I keep losing it all the time. God wants me to live long.

    Sorry about your ring though..

  7. @ Ajan,
    I won't. Thankfully I have friends like you & the above, who'll convince me otherwise. :)

    @ Vinod,
    Welcome to my blog!
    and that was a good one! =)), though I really hope, gold doesn't kill! ;) And my ring, I have gotten over it, finally!

  8. So what does "Expert" investigation into the matter say?????

  9. @ Nitin,
    The case file's shut for good now, or that's what amma made me do. "Forget about it!"


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