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Thursday, 22 January 2009

Ek daav... Dhobhi Pacchad!

Now that's what I call a movie, "Ek daav... dhobhi pacchad"!! And marathi movie at that! Beats many Bollywood movies that claim to be humorous. Confusing and hilarious seems to be the right masala to make a good paisa-vasool movie. And this was it! Boasting of a cast that underlines comedy, this was one film that concentrated on making the audience laugh and how!

With a rare mix of humour, a not-so-believable-yet-so-nice plot and some ingenious thinking on the part of the producer, this movie is a nice experience that sets all other intricacies that I always look for, into oblivion. The language, the comic timing and a blast of real good actors who know their acting, gripped me so hard that I didn't want to find faults with this movie. (not that it lacked any)

I very much recommend this movie to those who 1. enjoy good, decent humour, 2. love Ashok Saraf and 3. understand marathi, like properly, to get the undertones of many dialogues. That's about the movie, I give all thumbs-up!

Though I wasn't happy with three things at E2. The caramel popcorn regular costs Rs. 40(!!!!) with the box getting smaller and smaller and the caramel evaporating at the rate of petrol! And parking rates have gone up by Rs. 10. So now car parking will cost you 40 instead of 30 with no account for the increase of 10! And finally, they have become so chikkat that they have stopped showing trailers before the movie. Therefore, you have some stupid song playing and no ads! I sulk, positively!

Things I was happy at E2. They play our National Anthem before every movie. :D The periodic air freshner smells deeeeevine, as always! And it is still the closest multiplex to my house. heee!


  1. ha ha ha.. popcorn getting smaller it seems!

    and no i wont mind if you remembered that particular post of mine. If I would, it would not be up on my blog. :)

  2. WHAT is the point of a theater that doesn't show trailers before the screening?????

    i should catch this. will ask mom to get a DVD when she comes over! :)
    have u seen checkmate? one of the few marathi movies i've seen and liked.

  3. @ Jinu,
    :) I figured that out after I posted my comment.

    @ Rayshma,
    and I'll get DVD of checkmate for sure. And this one m sure u'll enjoy!

    @ Both,
    Recession Boss!

  4. popcorn @ Fame costs 60 ;(((((

    but i think i'll catch this one, over the upcoming looooooooong weekend... hee hee... thanks for the recommendation!

  5. cant. understand. marathi :( (i'm from mumbai, but dont tell this to Raj :P) and i absolutely adore ashok saraf..funny guy...he was in the only marathi movie i have ever seen, along with that bendre dude..absolute laugh riot that one :D

  6. @ Rach,
    thnx for that I'll neva visit fame.

    @ Mithun,
    U mean Berde, laxmikanth berde? And don't worry, I won't tell uncle. *rushes hurriedly to the nearest phone booth, clutching the phone book*


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