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Thursday, 1 January 2009

My Celebrations

Happy 2009, peeps!!!! Hope you have a great one with lotsa love, peace and may all your wishes come true!!!

Exactly 366 days ago, 3 mad girls decided to make the first day of each year special. (till atleast 2 out of 3 get married and move to inaccessible corners of the world). Hence the 3MGs, true to their word, did meet, caught up, teased, shut-ed-up, laughed at each other and redefined their friendship. Yes tis me and my 2 best friends, Pall and Sne; who have been the partners in crime with me during college and are the only ones who'll laugh at my rants and complaints. I'm so glad to have our friendship rejuvenating at the beginning of the year!! Love you loads, girls... though I know that you can't even spell b-l-o-g correctly!! :D
Here we go with a small snippet when I and Pall wanted to ask Sne if she was free for RNBDJ :

An sms from me to Sne : Hey! what shift hav you tom?

Sne : Y re? wt hpnd?

Me : Me n pall getting married tom morn. She @ her plc, me at mine. Plz come. Gifts accepted.

Sne :oh WOW! Congratssss! Who r da lucky guys?? hav eve shift, so u ppl btr mak it fast. I hav to go!

hehehe smart girl!

And... that isn't all. If all goes according to our million dollar plan, I'll be meeting them again on Saturday and watch "Rock on"..i.e. if all goes acording to our million dollar plan.

And again that's not all. I meet my 2 more best childhood friends, Tj and Shrads on Sunday for lunch!! Yay! That means they won't whack me and I can finally return Tj's book that been with me since ages. I'm soo very looking forward to meet you girls, that I almost fell off my terrace yesterday!

Here's something more :

Tj : so we meet this sunday?! Final??

Me : haan baba..pukka!

Tj : see this time you cancel plans, main tujhe phone par se haath daalke maroongi.

Me : HA HA HA HAHAA.. waisa hai toh, I have already cancelled plans. Please do the needful!

And that yet isn't all... Ji's coming this Feb. And we are gonna celebrate birthdays together!! I'm super excited since we'll be seeing each other after 3 years!!

Here's something that I shared with Ji and couldn't stop laughing : (psst... this copy+paste is w/o her permission, so if she's anywhere near planning to turn me black n blue in Feb; I'm keeping my passport handy :D)

Orkut scrap from me to Ji : Hey Happy new year, Ji!

Reply fm Ji to me : to you tooo!! oh btw since ur birthday is also in the beginning of the year.. i wanted to ask you does it giv u jitters to knw that you will be yet another year older?

Soo, it isn't just me who feels 24 yrs is like OLD!! that means.. I M NORMAL!!!

And the last but not the least "and that's isn't all" is that I'm gonna meet my batchmate, Pra, after 8 long years!! Date not yet fixed, but I'm gonna make it happen in Jan.


That means I have 2 month long dhaasu celebrations planned for this New Year! Do I still need to mention I love all of them?


  1. haha! am i almost always the 1st one to read ur posts? and i ain't beating u up black n blu.. we will celebrate womanhood at Pune... we aren't sick little girls scared to face the world! :D

  2. ur gettin married 2mrw??? WOW!!!

  3. U remember our plans...... how niiiiiiiiiice.... I'm honored... :P See u soon... Nice plans u got... Useless... couldn't come with Shrads and me to watch Rock-On eh???? Well enjoy...

  4. hahahaha!!! :D
    that's one helluva beginning to the year! hope it rocks on for ya! :)

    and where's my invite for ur shaadi, eh?!

  5. @ Jinu,
    I love you for more than 1 reason. muaah muaah! Goddess Prabhu is so divine!!

    @ Ajan,
    Yes! you coming with a huge gift right??

    @ Tj,
    :P see ya on Sunday!

    @ Rayshma,
    I hope so too! You don't need invitation, d'ya? Come with a nice, pretty, biiiig, costly gift! :) I neva reject lovely gifts from friends. hehehehehe...

  6. i donnoo!! im all confused up rey!!

  7. @ Ajan,

    Gotcha!! gift bola toh confused??? Please provide me with you new blog URL so that I can blog roll you.

  8. ahahah Happy Marriage Purnima! who's the bakra? :P
    btw, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  9. @ Shaili,
    would you believe if I said "I dunno"?.. b'cz I Really Dunno! :)

  10. Nice to have true blue friends around, hai na? Happy New Year!

  11. @ Dewdrop,
    Nice name you have there!! Yes, you are right...few but very close n true friends I have.

    A Very Happy New Year to you too!!
    And a warm welcome to my blog. you are my first new visitor (to have commented) in 09. So all the more welcome!! :)


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