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Wednesday, 17 December 2008

:O I have 5 followers!!!! Mukta, Varsha, Shaili, Twisted Elegance and Jinu!!! Thank you, guys. I feel so encouraged.... and touched. *sniff*

Edited to add :: :'( How could I forget my gurini???! who is the absolute reason for me to restart my blogging life??? *Drum rolls* RAYSHMA!! I didn't know you had me on G Reader. And while you are reading this; can you please temme where to comment on your blog?? or some place where i can redirect my comments?


  1. oye!
    what abt me???
    i have u on reader... :P
    bhool gayi tum mujhe behen... no sniff even for me??
    *goes away to hide in a corner and sulk*

  2. @ TE,
    Yeah.. that's it :P

    @ Rayshma,
    aww, behen sulk mat. apka bhi ullekh kiya hai. :)

  3. @ Twisted,

    M so sorry to disappoint you... but I'm back to the same. :)

    I must have changed atleast 15-20 background, so i really do not know which one of them u saw and found it cool.


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