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Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Tug, Tug, Tag

Shaili's tagged me, well... some time back. I'm doing it today, though. For some good news to bloggers, read the end.

The tag starts as ::

Ten things you wish you could say to people right now (don’t take names) ::

1. Pay me, NOW!

2. When do we go to Haka?

3. Oh no... I forgot... again!

4. I will return your book ... and soon.

5. You better know your stuff... else I shall be the same Hitler I was for the last few months.

6. You should have been honest... I did not appreciate that... for that matter, no one did.

7. I was passing by and thought of dropping in.

8. I am waiting for your phone call.... call me, call me, call me, call mee.... caaallll meeeee!!!

9. You forgot... yet again... aha!

10. Hmm... I see you have given up on manners, eh?

Nine things about yourself ::

1. I can laugh. No surprises there. Anyone who knows me, knows this.

2. I'm straight forward and tit for tat person. I will behave in the same way that you behave with me. Take it or leave it.

3. I'm paradoxical.

4. I'll always be the last one to finish a meal when with friends... coz I do most of the talking.

5. I can't take compliments. I rarely believe they are true.

6. I can be real quiet at times.

7. I'm very possessive about my soft toys and books.

8. I'm very close to my family.

9. I am very moody.

Eight ways to win your heart ::

1. Be honest, in whatever you think, say.

2. Have atleast a minimum sense of humour.

3. Be able to laugh at nonsense.

4. Be simple yet classy. Simple and sloppy is a NO-NO.

5. Be decent - while talking specially... I can't stand anyone who talks like filth personified.

6. Talk intelligent.

7. Respect for elders as well as younger people.

8. Have a sense of responsibility

Seven things that cross your mind a lot ::

1. Paris.. my mind wanders there at every given opportunity.

2. My everyday "To Do" list.

3. What I need to teach my students.

4. My future, in general.

5. My baby J.

6. Things that do not mean much to others.

7. I think I'll skip this.. too hard to think.

Six things you wish you never did ::

1. Spent money on unnecessary things.

2. Give in to what others said.

3. Not stay firm with my decisions.

4. Delete my earlier blog.

5. Think too much or too little.

6. Take things for granted.

Five Turn offs ::

1. Bad breath and body odour... listerin and deos are please use them!!

2. Disrespect for women.

3. People who take life toooooo seriously

4. Self-obssessed people.

5. Fake behaviour.

Four turn on’s ::

Choose any four from "eight ways to win my heart"

Three things you want to do before you die ::

1. Get married and have a family.

2. See the whole world.. First in the list is Paris of course.

3. Celebrate my 100th birthday with my parents, my brother n fly, My husband, my children, grandchildren, great grand children... yes yes, I wish for this!

Two things someone told you that you’ll never forget ::

1. "Excuse me, have I seen you on Television? Are you Sharvari Jeminis??"

2. "I don't know what you do in class, but you are one hell of a trainer! Students love you!"

One Confession ::

1. I have many confessions to make... one is just not fair!

Now for the good news, I tag no one. Yes, you heard me right. Although, anyone who's suffering from writer's block may flick this. I won't sue you for that.

Edit :: On special request by Jinu , I tag her. Now Jinu, you put me up to it.. do this.


  1. i'd done this tag... long back...
    the 9 things abt u would have a lot of commonalities with me! :D NOW i know why i like u! :D
    and don't talk of laughing at nonsense... i'm gonna get a PhD in talking nonsense AND laughing at it! :D

  2. I am surrounded by like -minded people!! Thank god for that!!

    and Rayshma, I thought u hated me... LOL, for calling you Gurini and stuff. ;) Thus even I know how come I am glued to your blog!!

  3. Oh no! I guess its really tough winning your heart :)

  4. I did this tag too! check it out! hehehaha :D

  5. ya man! but thanks to blogs, we at least know now! better late than never :) Ok listen i m coming to poona in feb..for about a week and we HAVE to meet ok? let's do like a 'just us' lunch and catch uuup! oh and thanks for reminding me of the Kumar's! I cant stop smiling!!! :D

    And why have you stopped tagging ppl btw? It's a nice thing to do!

  6. babes, sure... let's celebrate urs n mines birthdays together. what say?

    will keep u in mind whenever I plan to tag. I don't accept complains. :D


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